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Because Avex, the former agency, is thoroughly blocking JYJ (the 3-member unit resulting from the splitting of TVXQ consisting of Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu), it is incurring the anger of Japanese fans.

JYJ was enthusiastically giving their strength towards the restoration of Japan from the earthquakes, for instance putting forth the donation of 600 million KRW for the restoration of the northeastern region of Japan from the large earthquakes and also relaying the earthquake crisis of Japan in the World Tour due to start on April 2nd. There was also word that they will hold a charity concert in Yokohama Arena in June and would donate a portion of the performance fees and proceeds to the affected areas.

However, the news that Avex requested the Sports Newspaper (see http://wp.me/p1gQsC-2aY) and (other) influential newspapers that it wishes them to refrain from publicizing the news of JYJ’s concert and thus blocked them was reported in the daily newspaper Cyzo (see http://wp.me/p1gQsC-2gD) on the 24th.

According to the reporting, the Daily Spors Online which had posted this news deleted the news a few hous later, and it became so that in other newspaper agencies too, one could not find his news. That the news of a concert by JYJ, a group that receives tremendous support of fans, was not posted in any place whatsoever, makes it hard to erase the feelings that there were some backhanded dealings.

According to a records affiliate, Avex is restraining JYJ in order to promote/push the 2-person TVXQ which had its comeback. Avex believes that if JYJ, which has Jaejoong — the member who had the highest level of popularity in Japan – was to actively participate in Japan, it would interfere with the (2-person) TVXQ that had its comeback, and therefore aims to thoroughly block JYJ’s activities, it is said.

On Avex’s actions that interfered with JYJ’s activities, there is the uproar of the “JYJ Excluded from Records Charts” which Oricon confessed. (see http://wp.me/p1gQsC-1Gw) On the 7th, Oricon put up an announcement which said that it will “exclude the JYJ DVD and albums which were released on March 2nd.” As for the reason, it is because (JYJ) received a command from Avex, the rightsholder to the records, to cease all activities.

That (Avex) would release and sell new albums but will eliminate (all) promotions and rankings (charts) is without mistake an act of complete disregard for JYJ. However, there is high possibility that because Avex which boasts #1 power in Japanese music industry had requested, Oricon complied.

At the (current) “Kill JYJ” by Avex which comes at the heel of the Oricon incident, the Japanese have become extremely angry. They exploded in their complaints as follows:

“I don’t understand the reason to stop them from not just anything but this concert which (JYJ wishes to do in order) to help Japan. Is it more important for Avex to “Save/Put Life into 2-person TVXQ” than to restore Japan?”

“I don’t know whether this article is to be believed. But it is true that because there was the recent Oricon incident and such, there is suspicion. Without mistake, #1 in Oricon was as good as made.”

“(JYJ) even made a donation, but to have Avex think only in terms of money, Avex is too much.”

“As a Japanese (like Avex), I am ashamed.”

At the same time, JYJ’s agency denied the article saying that the June 7th Yokohama Concert was not in the schedule. Nonetheless, the anger of the fans hinges on more than the truth and the falsity (of this particular mater). They are expressing their disappointment, saying: “It cannot be helped but be suspected, as there was the Oricon incident also,” and “Already there is nothing but bad images for Avex. Avex’s power is all a glory of the past.”


Source. JPNews

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The following is C-Jes’s notice on the changes that were made to the Asia portion of JYJ’s World Tour. Please note that Singapore and Indonesia Concerts have been canceled. However, JYJ is now scheduled to perform in China and Taiwan!


Hello, this is C-Jes Entertainment.


Thank you for the much interest in JYJ’s World Tour Concert.

We are notifying you of changes to countries and cities on the Asia portion of JYJ’s World Tour.

We are very sorry for fans who were disappointed with the cancellation of Indonesia and Singapore performances originally stated in our first notice about the World Tour, and will make effort to visit fans with  better form in the future.

We are letting you know of the confirmed changes to the Asia Tour Schedule below.

We will notify you of the ticketing information as soon as it becomes confirmed through our homepage.

Thank You.



April 2nd, 3rd: Bangkok, Thailand

April 23rd: Taipei, Taiwan

May 7th: Beijing, China

June 11th, 12th: Korea, Busan



T/N: No word about the North American portion of the tour yet!

From @DCtvxq_gall: C-JeS said they will add the schedule for North America concert dates and venue later. So far they announced only schedule for Asia Tour.


Source. http://c-jes.com/w/144189#0

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Jaejoong looks so cute here! >_< all smiles~


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Male group JYJ’s Jaejoong revealed his (high) hopes after he finished the rehearsal for JYJ’s first world tour, ‘JYJ World Tour Concert in 2011.’

Jaejoong relayed his heart bursting with emotion after the rehearsal through his Twitter on around 7am KST (T/N: around 5am Bangkok Time): “The results of the rehearsal.. I believe that it will be a stage in which fans and we can become one, and I really got goosebumps due to the new songs which came out, and after seeing the staff & dancers who work so hard (for this).. and members who sing with passion, I believe that the start of the first world tour will be beautiful..”

At this, fans voiced their support, saying: “We hope that you finish the World Tour successfully!” “We are looking forward to the stage in which you will become one with the fans!”

JYJ will go through the Asia Tour which kicks off with the performance in Bangkok, Thailand on the 2nd, and after finishing in North America (US and Canada), will decorate its finale in Korea.

At the same time, this concert by JYJ will have member Kim Jaejoong himself take on the role of Executive Director and will be (an opportunity in which) fans can see a new side of him as a director.


Source. Star News

Translation by. JYJ3

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+_+ Jaejoong just tweeted Akanishi Jin, a famous Japanese celebrity!

Jaejoong’s network of friends… it just surprises me every time!


Btw, Akanishi Jin tweeted Jaejoong back!


(+) Jaejoong’s tweet about his rehersals

[Trans] The results of the rehearsal… I believe it will be a stage where us and fans can become one, and new songs were so good that it gave me goosebumps, and after seeing staff & dancers working hard and members passionately singing, I believe the start of our world tour will be beautiful.. everyone thank you.



Source. @mjjeje, @Jin_Akanishi

Translated by. withJYJ

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JYJsubs has hard-subbed the “Tonight Show” with Jaejoong! >_<


Part 1


Part 2



size: 252 MB; length: 19:22; format: .avi

Mediafire (2 .rar files. Download both parts and unzip part 1)
Part 1 of 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?7dw0hud8csm1w37
Part 2 of 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?j8ft7bmqg3abvmy


Source. jyjsubs

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The following pictures of the venue for the Thailand Concert was posted by @KungChalermchai, the CEO of 411 ENT in Thailand :D


Here’s what the stage looks like now!


Only days before, it looked like this:


Source. @KungChalermchai

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