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 JYJ’s Kim Junsu tried to smoothen his mind with regards to issues about Japan’s Sendai huge earthquake.

If Kim Junsu who has been scheduled for a role in MBC new drama ‘Goodbye Miss Ripley’ had  followed the production crew, Kim Junsu would have had a filming that was scheduled around the vincity of Sendai which an earthquke occured during early March. However, because of his schedule, he filmed at Tokyo instead and was thus able to escape the disaster.

 When the filming production crew visited Japan on the early of last month, Kim Junsu who was stucked at Japan airport due to its closure he revealed his regrettable feelings through twitter saying, “Today. I experienced the shake that I’ve never experienced up till now. ”

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu had the glory of achieving the #1 spot for idol group member for having the best singing skills from a survey by some media.

Source. Star Today

Translated by. inhye87 of withJYJ

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(JYJ Park Yoochun)

It’s become so that [Kim Seungwoo] and Park Yoochun will appear together in the MBC Monday-Tuesday drama “Miss Ripley” that is being newly prepared. Park Yoochun, even though he debuted as an actor (only) last year through ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal,’ showed off superb acting abilities and even received the Best New Actor of the Year award. Kim Seungwoo revealed his faith in those abilities of Park Yoochun. “I only met him three or four times now,  but I get similar feelings (from Yoochun) as I do with Top. I felt a certain seriousness and gravitas (from Yoochun). In Yoochun’s face, there is drama. He will definitely become a good actor.” Kim Seungwoo laughed heartily, saying that he joked as soon as he met Park Yoochun: “You have good luck, to meet a sunbae (T/N: an elder, this time in the same industry) like me.”

[…many parts omitted…]

Source. Chosun

Translated by.  JYJ3

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The charity event to be held by male group JYJ to support victims in Japan is met with a high public interest.

Tickets for charity event in Saitama Super Arena, Japan on coming June 7th to support the earthquake victims in North Kanto area were reportedly sold out at the same time for both 14:00 and 17:00 shows.

An official confirmed, “This will be their concert in Japan after one year, since June last year. Because JYJ hasn’t performed in Japan for quite a long time, thus the anticipation from fans seems to get even higher.”

Saitama Super Arena is a venue that is able to accommodate approximately 35,000 people.

Just recently JYJ said through their official site, “We want to give a little courage for all disaster victims in Japan,” as the goal of their charity event.

According to the official, fee and proceeds generated from the concert will be donated to the earthquake victims.

Source. TV Daily

Trans by. sharingyoochun

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JYJ Instantly Sold 7000 Tickets, Fans Willing to Give Their All for Their Idols

 It was suddenly announced that idol group JYJ would hold a concert at Taipei Arena at the end of this month. Tickets started selling on the noon of April 8th and according to the promoters, Brokers Brothers, over 7000 tickets were already sold by that evening. Even though the sudden concert announcement came as a surprise, it still generated a fervent scramble for tickets among fans.


After it was announced on April 1st that the concert will be held on April 23rd, JYJ fans have had super headaches for not only were the most expensive tickets NT$5000 (aprox. $170 USD) but fans also had to figure out how to line up for tickets. Some fans even queued in line as early as 2 days before the tickets went on sale. It could be said that for their idols, these fans are willing to devote their entire hearts. JYJ [JYJ World Tour 2011 ASIA] in Taipei will be held on the evening of April 23rd at Taipei Arena. Please contact promoters Brokers Brothers for ticketing information.


Source. Yahoo Taiwan

Translation Credit. @Cecilia9095

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Yuchun just tweeted the following on 4:30am, 4/9 (Korea):

[Trans] I’m busy… but I can’t be tired for being busy. Right now, I’m still really happy… thank you so much everyone our fans!! Jaejoong-hyung Junsu! Gunyoung hyung, Yoonyoung hyung! Mindy hyung~ Shinwoo hyung Kihoon~ Yuhwan~ Sangho hyung~ Changjoo hyung~ Yup hyung~ Jaeho hyung~ Jongwook hyung~ Heeyoung noona~ Thank you so much!!


Source. @6002theMicky

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Source. Hold On, Baby

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After a long time away from home, Jaejoong is finally back home with JiJi! >_<



[Trans] Glad to you Jiji




It looks like Jaejoong’s older sister recently came over to visit Jaejoong and JiJi as well! >_<


On April 6th, she tweeted:

[TRANS] (For the first time in) a long while.. I went to Joongie’s house..*^^* Jiji, too… how happy he was to see his dad hehehehe Joongie… Because his older sister (T/N: Suyoung) was hungry.. He made curry and tonkatsu too, for me…. It was so delicious kekekeke My younger brother Joong… I ate well today, (thank you) hehehehe


And on April 8th, she tweeted:

[TRANS] Joongie… In his house, already sakura blossoms are in full bloom… (T/N: It is a few weeks before they start to bloom in earnest in the real world) Pretty…. Should I do so for my house too??



Source. @mjjeje, @Shie486

Trans by. withJYJ, JYJ3

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C-Jes posted the following notice on their official website regarding 3hree voices:



[C-JeS notice]

“JYJ 3hree Voices Ⅱ” will be released on 5/11/11. Whereas “3hree Voices” was released in Japan only in 2010, 3hree Voices II, 2011 will be sold on http://www.3hreevoices.com for Asian fans with Japanese, Korean and English subtitles.

On 4/10, a Korean site will be open for two weeks for pre-order, and Japanese and international sites will be open later on.

In Korea, a small screening event is being prepared for 30 people who won in a raffle/lottery, and there will be events for Japanese and international fans as well.

Please stay tuned.

Thank you.




Offical 3hree Voices Teaser:



JYJ: Hello, this is JYJ.

JJ: This is Jaejoong

YC: This is Yuchun

JS: This is Junsu

JJ: Our 2011 3hree Voices II

YC: Yes, that’s right

JJ: …is going to be released!



Video Source. C-Jes,

C-Jes Notice from c-jes.com

Translation by. @Spring_Breezes, withJYJ

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