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Zhang Keun-Suk and Park Yoochun, “Heat Up the Archipelago”

Actor Zhang Keun-Suk and Park Yoochun are showing off a popularity that won’t cool in Japan.

The dramas in which they respectively starred as leads, “You are a Good-Looking Man” and “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” will have exclusive screenings in 60 Warner · Mical theaters all across Japan… The “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” through which Park Yoochun successfully transformed into an actor, has in 2 hours and 8 minutes the implications of the 20 episodes. The organizers emphasized: “This is not a digest. We re-edited so that it is a completed story of one episode.”

(unneeded parts omitted)

Source. Hankook Ilbo

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From JYJ3: Elle, which has produced a beautiful footage starring Jaejoong, wrote an article that discusses future stars. Among the idol-turned actors, one of the top candidates is Yoochun.


Among the Idol Members Who’ve Tried Their Hands at Acting, Who is the Best Acting-Dol Who Will Settle Himself as an Actor?

Kim Sunyoung, TV Critic: My faith is going to Park Yoochun, who has shown a stable vocalization and an ability to pull off the lines in his debut as lead…

Choi Jieun, Reporter at TenAsia: Park Yoochun, who unfolded a stable acting in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, has as his strong points an agreeable face and a full expression of emotion.

(Parts that are not on Park Yoochun are omitted.)

Source. Elle

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JYJ’s member Kim Jaejoong. When [I] met him before the interview, he had a bright expression and his voice was full of energy. [He] said during a previous interview, “[I] had a few glasses of beer,” and this interview will be [his] ‘second round.’

The place where he ended his interview with a different media was a cafe in Shinmuro, Seoul. [We] moved to a bar at Samsung-dong, where he used to live. In the car ride together, he talked about his current interests to ease the mood. It was about the earthquake in Japan and the truth and lies about nuclear radiation. [Jaejoong] showed quite a bit of knowledge. When [I] asked, “do you read newspapers or books often?” he replied, “I learn most things from people, rather than books.”

When we arrived at the bar, [Jaejoong] placed several cell phones on the table which was made out of aluminum. There were six cell phones, some of which were used in Japan. [Jaejoong] said he doesn’t necessarily make a distinction on each phone being work-related or for family. [He] has also deleted many of his contacts, which at one point were for more than 1,000 people.

“Since I’m pushing my way through with my own strength, there were people who grew distant one by one. People around me might have become fewer because I’ve stopped contacting them because of the disappointment [I’ve felt]. However, I have the members and fans.

There was complexity mixed in Jaejoong’s statements. In his twitter (@mjjeje) profile, he has written “JYJ from 東方神起 (DBSK)” and on the day of the interview, he tweeted “JYJ.” Perhaps his past and present, dreams and reality are mixed in [his tweets]?

“The fact that DBSK was my first is obvious, and does not change. I didn’t put too much meaning [behind my tweet]. The fact that I tweeted “JYJ.”, it’s because when I woke up in the morning, I suddenly had the feeling that everything in my life was ‘JYJ.’ The period? Um, that really didn’t have a specific meaning…. haha.”

On this day, Kim Jaejoong also openly revealed private stories such as the fact that he has “had four girlfriends” during the interviews that he had with several medias. He talked about his complicated family story as well, but what what he really wanted to talk about was “music.”

I learned a lot of things by directing the entire stage performance in the Thailand Concert. I had a lot of concerns after receiving the title overall director. I worried that if all things went well, it would have been because of the staff and if everything went badly, it would have been my fault. I had already made up my mind and I wanted to be responsible for everything. I went before the concert and carefully checked things from the position of the stage to the way the [artists] would move. It’s a relief that everything went well, but honestly, it was largely thanks to Junsu and Yuchun. Haha.”

On April 2nd and 3rd, JYJ met 22,000 fans through <World Tour 2011> at Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand. Kim Jaejoong created everything such as lights, designs, costumes, etc with the staff. He ran around with a stopwatch in his hand to check the time it takes to prepare for the next performance beneath the stage.

“Because I’m an artist who sings, many times I thought, ‘ah, what if we had this part.’ If I continue to direct often, shouldn’t I be able to create a more perfect performance”

This World Tour will go around Asia and major North American cities and have its grade finale on June 11th and 12th on a Korean stage. Kim Jaejoong was confident that although he was still a novice, he will slowly become better and [the stage] will become more complete in the future. The surprise revelation of JYJ members’ own songs were also a unique gift for the fans at the concert.

“I’m sure fans have noticed, but I think our musical style has changed a bit recently. There wasn’t a song like <Fallen Leaves> before. It’s true that we wondered if we could perform a song without a beat. Because I always pursue change, I’m thinking about learning harmony. Since I’m making songs, I feel that I need a theoretical background.”

As time passed and the soju glasses became empty, his words expressed more of his inner feelings than jokes. He talked of his feelings on the situation regarding his old management company, a few colleagues and juniors who are slowly changing, and about the wall against the outside world which began to grow without his knowledge as others hurt him. Furthermore, he repeated more than once that he wants to have diverse activities like the other members.

Jaejoong had thought that when the conflict with his old management company died down, he anticipated that he would be able to meet with his fans more frequently through TV. However, his expectations are not being fulfilled. I thought of the tears Jaejoong sometimes showed during fan meetings. When asked if he was lonely, he instead replied with laughter.

When and how will I meet the fans? This is what most of my concerns are about these days. I believe everything will be okay. I plan to live the rest of my life singing, so I can’t get worn out. Haha.


Source. http://sports.hankooki.com/lpage/music/201104/sp2011041106021995510.htm

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