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Number 2: Kim JaeJoong
Number 3: Park YuChun
Number 4: Kim Junsu

[T/N: it counts as one vote each time the exact same name was used. For JaeJoong would be ジェジュン, YuChun ユチョン and Junsu ジュンス ^__^]

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Through pain, I learned life.

Parting with TVXQ…

Challenge to be a Musical Actor…



Exclusive Interview with JYJ Kim Junsu

“I’ve come to learn that all problems stem from not making myself grow but rather being satisfied, saying “this much, should be okay.”

Group JYJ’s Kim Junsu, who is broadening his domain from idol star into a musical actor, opened up his heart in the interview with Focus Shinmum on the 11th, saying “I, too, am a human being before I am a singer.” He has conquered the wounds he endured through the separation process with TVXQ last year by immersing himself into the Musical “Mozart.” Following that, through the musical “Tears of Heaven,” he flowered once more as a musical actor “Kim Junsu.” He said: “I became a much stronger, mature man.” Many people know him as born on January 1 of 1987, but in truth he is born on the year of the Tiger, on December 15th of 1986, as a twin (his older brother is Zuno). He debuted as TVXQ when he was a 2nd year student in high school and now, he’s become a young man of 25.

“While singing the “I needed to learn” in the first scene of the 2nd act of Tears of Heaven, I felt moved at the thought that ‘such is life.’  A situation in which one needs to kill another person in order for myself to live, in order to live and to meet a person that I love, is not something that only happens in war.”

To Kim Junsu, musical is a teacher that teaches life. “Sadder than the fact that it is a society of competition in which one must fight with the other to win is the (fact that we have) circumstances in which one must learn how to push others down in order to survive with those methods.”

Junsu thought of the “good sportsmanship” (T/N: literally, “competition in good faith”) as a method to cure the social conditions like today that goads one to become angry and lose his temper.

“I wish that in our society will operate with the rule in which even if one loses, if the other person has such great qualities that I can accept it, that one humbly accepts the results.”



Kim Junsu’s principle (T/N: This is the same word that is used by Jaejoong when he describes his tattoo on his chest) is to try his best. (Junsu says that) it is because if he does so, even if it does not work out, he will be able to begin something new. When (the newspaper) asked whether he has had anything that he tried but would not work out, he said it was studying.

“In particular, math—as we finished the quadratic formula and moved on to trigonometry, I said: ‘Studying is something that even if one tries it just won’t work.’ (laugh)”

Kim Junsu is currently challenging himself at Popera. Time to time he is taking voice lessons (T/N: the article uses the word 성악 which is traditionally used to denote the kind of singing often done by opera actors). The transformation into a Popera singer from an idol dance singer is, to Junsu, as fervent as the task (T/N: literally, “homework”) that has been thrown on his twenties.

“The sensitivities that a song that is flavored by the (opera) voice is going to be different.”

(Junsu said that) in his thirties, he wishes to be a musician who writes songs. He said that he wants to be a composer who brings the thought of ‘I want to sing Kim Junsu’s song” when he is facing a certain situation.”

In Musical “Mozart” there is a song called “Golden Star.” It is—that you should break out of the tall walls of the castle and find the dream in the wide world and achieve it. In musicals, there are (naturally) parts which overlap with the lives of the audiences themselves and make them reflect upon themselves and bring them to tears. I will always protect you by your side, as an actor who, through musicals, comfort your lives and give you courage.”

Kim Junsu said that he wanted to become a singer who sings life, a musician who arouses memories and inspiration.


Source. Focus Shinmun

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There’s news that netizens [T/N: Korean term for people on the internet] have tears hanging with the revelation of JYJ’s new photos.

It’s because in photos from JYJ’s recent photo book, [T/N: the writer uses the word “photo book, 화보” but is really referring to the photos from 3hree Voices DVD] Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun, and Kim Junsu have captured fans with their various charming qualities.

In the photo book, JYJ members evoked exclamations from fans by not only showing atmospheric images of themselves, but all three also show off their mischievous charm in the same bed and reveal relaxed everyday life.

Netizens who have seen the photos are rumored to be using the lyrics to DBSK’s “Hug” and singing “I want to be the bed of your room for just one day.”

Furthermore, they have also reacted stating, “it’s really heartwarming,” “I also want to squeeze in between [the three],” “it automatically heals my eyes,” and “beautiful three men.”


Source. http://mystar.mdtoday.co.kr/mystar/index.html?no=495521

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Watch the full commercial here: http://t.co/tsjoWvO

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YC [a student teacher, who appears to be new at an all-girls high school]: (on phone) Yeah it’s really tiring. Kids these days are scary. Mom you’re from an all-girls high school right? Yes… it’s different from back then. Kids are scary, scary! I want to switch schools!

Principle: You want to quit working at the school?

YC: (startled) No I like the school… all-girls high school.

Principle: are you doing laundry?

YC: Yes.

Principle: laundry? Ha. It’s a good time. Ha ha ha ha.

[Caption] Tio knows what happened to Yuchun this summer! It will be revealed next week

YC: (has a drink) Ugh. Ugh why is the summer so cold?!



An article on this ad can be read here :)


Video Source. JYJbest

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Boy group JYJ’s Park YuChun has shot a commercial by himself.

Recently, at DongSeo Food Products hompage, the new commerical that has Park YuChun as the lead for Ice TiO has been  published.

In the commercial that was being released, Park YuChun appeared as a student teacher. In the commerical, he was speaking over the phone with his mother about his unsatisfaction saying, “Kids these days are scary. I want to change to another school. Mom graduated from a girls school, right?”

Park YuChun was being found out by another teacher about his grumbling and being questioned, “You’re going to quit this school?”  and his reply was, “No. I really like it here.”  His sudden change in stand evoked lots of laughter.

Netizens who watched the commercial commented, “I’m so glad that I can get to watch him on national TV.” and “If there’s such a student teacher in my school, I’d have wanted to go to school.”

On another hand, “TiO”  means “Ti” for Tea and an exclamation of Oh! for “O”. It’s a name for the expression that one could have when they had drank the most delicious ice tea.

Source. TV Daily

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Boy group U-Kiss’s leader Soohyun joined the soccer team FC MEN which has JYJ’s Kim Junsu as its captain.

(non-JYJ related parts omitted)

Currently FC MEN includes not only JYJ’s Park Yuchun and Kim Jaejoong, but also Kim Hyunjoong, B2ST’s Yoon Doojoon and Lee Kikwang, 2AM’s Lee Changmin, Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo, model Lim Joohwan, comedian Park Sungkwang, actor Park Gunhyung and Lee Wan. Furthermore, soccer player Jung Sungyoung is serving as the coach and director and comedian Park Jisun as the manager.

(non-JYJ related parts omitted)

Meanwhile, FC MEN will have its initiation on the afternoon of the 15th at the ‘2011 Peace Star Cup Celebrity Soccer Tournament’ in Kyunggido Suwon World Cup Stadium and will play against Super Stars, which has actor Jung Junho was captain.


Source. http://tvdaily.mk.co.kr/read.php3?aid=1302500803148992003

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