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The following are gifts that fans received in addition to their membership card with C-JeS!

Look at all those new pictures of JYJ~ >_<



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Jaejoong recently uploaded a picture of his shoes!

[TRANS] neatly and honestly


…and there was a quick exchange between Jaejoong and Mr. Egg following this tweet :)

[TRANS, bottom to top]

Mr. Egg: nice shoes bro! It’s good haha see you ^^

Jaejoong: [Trans] I’ll see you in the U.S. hyung T_T

Mr. Egg: T_T (crying sounds)… okay thanks Director Kim ^^ Let’s see each other soon [T/N: the word he used was quickly (빨리), which when translated literally is “let’s see [each other] quickly,” a phrase Koreans use to express their wishes to see another person soon.]


…And Jaejoong has a new Twitter friend!


Youngbum: @mjjeje kiduek (T/N: a variation of laughing sound, like hehe or keke) Ah~ Jaejoong-ahng (T/N: he lengthens the pronunciation to show affection, but it also just seems to be his style of speech)! My stomach hurts so I’m resting at home! ㅜ.ㅠ

Youngbum: The weather is great!! Wow! My stomach hurts so I’m going to the hospital! Shots hurt~~ *sob*!! Ah today I had so much to do! ㅜ.ㅠ

Jaejoong: @bum1313 I thought very hard about whether to follow Hyung (T/N: Youngbum) or not heh

Youngbum: Ho~ I have to power up, huh? Right? Ooh~ I got a shot and it hurts~ㅜ.ㅠ

Jaejoong: @bums1313 To think that you’re still scared of getting shots! I’m still scared of going to the dentist, even now ,,, heh


Source. @mjjeje, @elbowyeish, @bums1313

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