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As many of you probably guessed from Jaejoong’s tweets, the boys were shooting for Nii yesterday and Nii has uploaded a picture of the three at the  photoshoot! :D

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Everyone,  know that you know that super arena didn’t permit the charity event .
However only received ZAK (selling promoter): said they are trying to hold the event so that they are still in discussion. Didn’t mean that really canceled.
This is a charity event to raise money for the victims,why they can’t sing ?
Didn’t admit the fact for raising money isn’t a behavior that anti the society?
Compare to help the victims , isn’t that is more important things?
So don’t sing and don’t appear in front of everyone is ok then?
No, if don’t sing , it is meaningless.
Because their songs didn’t just raise the money , and there is brining hope and courage to everyone.
No matter how please fighting !
Please transfer our mind ! JYJ’s mind!

Source. Hayato’s Blog
Trans by. @starsInLoveTVXQ
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Regarding the permit application from Zac Corporation for the event on 7 June 2011

With regards to the 7 June event stated on the homepage of Zac Corporation, although our arena is stated as the location for the event, we have not given any approval for the use of our area.

Although we have received the application for the use of our arena, due to the fact that the artist that was scheduled to perform is currently facing contractual issues, please be notified that it was decided that it would not be appropriate to approve this application.

Source. Saitama Super Arena Homepage
Translated by. dongbangdata
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 I think that the sky and the ground are close to each other.
That’s why no matter where I am, inside my heart, all people are under the same sky and above the same ground, so, I don’t think that we’re far apart.
And I don’t feel lonely.
For the first time, weirdly, I’m unable to take control of the sunset and like watching my shadow that’s drifting away from me, i’m lonely.

I just want to say that the world doesn’t work this way.

But, because there’s sunrays that sings, I say “it’s alright. it’s alright.” and meditate it over a few times to myself.
Even if I can’t see, I can hear it. And I can feel it too.
We feel each other and we’re in love with each other.

Source. @mjjeje

Translated by. inhye87 of withJYJ

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