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I would like to express our deepest to earthquake disaster.
We sincerely sympathized with everyone who was affected by a massive earthquake this time.
We pray for, your safety and wish you recover as soon as possible.

                                                                                             – News Alert-
The opening of Official Shop of JYJ 3hree Voices II’s Japanese Official Shop will be delayed.
The pre-advance booking in Japan will be changed to 18th April.
There will be no changes to the date of sale i.e. 11th May.
We hope to get your understanding and give us a little more time.

                                                                                                       -SOMEONE AGENCY-

Original Message



   「JYJ 3hree Voices II」の日本語オフィシャルショップのオープンが

                                    株式会社 SOMEONE AGENCY

Source. 3hree Voice website

Translated by. inhye87 of withJYJ

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오늘 선물받은 지지옷.. 몇일전에 입양한 지지친구 요요도… 지지 옷을 입고…한컷한컷…!!! 둘다 귀엽닥….
Jiji clothes that has been received as gifts today… Yoyo, Jiji’s friend, who has been adpoted a couple of day back too… put on Jiji’s clothes… one by one…!!! both of them are cute…
Twitted by @Shie486 on 15 April 2011

[T/N: YoYo is a new cat that JaeJoong adpoted a couple of days back. ]

Source. @Shie486, @mjjeje on Twitter

Translated by. inhye87 of withJYJ

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Concerning the comment of April 14 (Thurs) which was stated from the venue (click here for the English trans), we are presently checking the details. 
Therefore, we cannot make an official reply even if you make inquiries over the phone. 
We will announce the results in this homepage when we confirm the discussion. Please wait awhile.

T/N: ZAK CORPORATION is the Japanese promoter for the JYJ charity event, scheduled to be held on June 7.

Source. ZAK Corporation, @shannon0225 on Twitter (Japanese Newspaper)
Translated by.  smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits. OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

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Kim Junsu, Thunderbolt Shot… Made the Winning Goal!

Two-Top with Kim Hyunjoong, Made Crucial Plays All Over the Field

(Gave) FC MEN Its First Win… Seized the MVP Award

Male group JYJ’s Kim Junsu showed off abilities in soccer that does not fall behind his abilities in singing. He exploded the winning shot (into the net) in the first game of Peace Star Cup.

In the 2011 Peace Star Cup Entertainers Soccer Tournament that was held in the Suwon World Cup Secondary Stadium of Kyungkido, the idol soccer team FC MEN collected its first win against Super Stars through Captain Kim Junsu’s winning goal, 1-0. FC Men, which has newly formed this year, has especially gathered attention because a host of idol stars are participating as members. The stadium of that day was packed with about 1500 Korean Wave fans which included those who came from abroad such as Japan and Taiwan and made one feel through his skin the popularity of the stars.

In the game, FC MEN put up Kim Junsu and Kim Hyunjoong as two-top. In particular, Kim Junsu used his great speed to aggressively weave (through the other players) and created many crucial chances. The male group B2ST’s Lee Kikwang, who was in charge of distributing the ball as a mid fielder, and Yoon Doojoon, also stood out in their soccer skills. In particular, Yoon Doojoon pulled off very high-level techniques freely such as “placing the wrong leg” and “cruip turn,” no worse than a professional player. (T/N: The original words for these soccer tricks are 헛다리짚기 and 크루이프턴—the are jargons, I apologize.) The play proceeded as a unilateral attack by FC MEN which received the overwhelming support of the fans. However, the goal would not come easily. 3 minutes into the second half, directly facing the “goal area,” Kim Junsu caught the fleeting chance Kim Junsu, in the intense situation, pulled out the first goal with a thunderbolt shoot after a short dribble. Hugging his colleagues, Kim Junsu enjoyed the ecstasy of the first goal.

Super Stars had its Captain Jung Joonho who became a newlywed recently, and Im Daeho, Lee Jongwon, Oh Manseok and others eyeing a counterattack, but lost crucial chances in the second half and the game finished as 1-0. As the game’s MVP, the hero of the winning goal Kim Junsu was picked.

Source. Sports World

Translated by.  JYJ3

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110416 JYJ 준수 Junsu – MVP FC MEN soccer event

110416 JYJ 준수 Junsu to star in musical Mozart once again

Source.  on Youtube

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Rogers Arena, Vancouver BC

Prudential Center, New Jersey
5/27 FRIDAY, 8PM
Nokia Theatre LA Live, Los Angeles
The Event Center, San Jose

Source.  @POWERHOUSELIVE, Powerhouse website

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What inhye87 from withJYJ had to say about JYJ in Taipei
There has been a change of stage plan. Extended stage has been added. Fans can see JYJ even clearer now. JaeJoong had said as his promise to fans that they will have the best of all for all fans so everyone can watch them perform on stage in an interview.

I have been to the Bangkok concert. Watched them sang. Watched them dance. Watched them have fun on stage. Watch how much they feel for the fans. See it for yourself! I always say – Regret you went rather than regret you didn’t. You choose!

JYJ will see all fans who is attending Taipei Concert on 23 April.

JYJ wants you there!

JYJ message to chinese fans

Source. Taipei Concert Official Website on youtube

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