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Also, [Lee Sangyup] was selected early on for the role of Yukata (Park Yuchun)’s best friend Ha Chuljin in MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Ripley” airing at the end of May. He meets Yukata at an American university and later becomes a business partner.

I think I got ‘slightly’ friendly with Yuchun, who I spend a lot of time with. At first, when my cell phone displayed the name ‘Park Yuchun,’ I got surprised and went ‘wow!’ [I was surprised] that such a big star idol was calling me. Of course, I tried hard to not show my surprise (laughter).”

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(+) HD Fancam of Jaejoong at Inchun :)


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LOL at the two fighting over Junsu! >_<


What the three first found was…
Guy with blue pants: aaaah~ wait a second! Here here~
Haruna Ai: eh, who’s your type?
(Caption says: JYJ handsome boys group)
Guy with blue pants: eh me? Eh what should I do?? Do I pick?
Haruna Ai: ready, set…
Both at the same time: THIS
Guy: what what!! No! this is mine!
Ai: no no! he’s mine! You, no way!! Really!!
Guy: why why? No way~ mine mine~
Third guy: any of them is fine isn’t it!!!!

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[Trans, bottom to top]

Junsu: Hup… my house… no this whole area has completely blacked out. I’m alone.. and the house is completely dark. lol I’m feeling chills for the first time in a long time.

Junsu: I’m going around in the dark depending on the cell phone light lol It’s like courage training and fun… good good I guess it’s a sign from above telling me to just go to sleep

Junsu: I’m just going to go to sleep under my blankets^^ everyone good night!!

Junsu: I think I’m hearing strange sounds from the other room lol is it the sound of the wind…


[Trans, bottom to top]

Junsu: but I like this very much right now lol its totally quiet and serene lol

Junsu: even if you guys all make fun of me, I honestly am not afraid of this kind of thing^^ I actually don’t believe in ghosts either since I was young…;; haha

Junsu: I’m an ideologist who believes that there aren’t ghosts… so I don’t even believe in souls^^ I also think that there aren’t aliens lol I believe there are only plants and animals in this world.. is this too inflexible…


[Trans, bottom to top]

Junsu: I don’t believe in ghosts.. but really like ghost stories.. ^^ lol there was someone. I should have told a ghost story.. I’m disapointed T_T

Junsu: oh yeah!! Tiger often jumps up onto the sofa or bed or desk and looks intensely at the ceiling.. and it’s certainly a ceiling without anything but he always looks in the same direction….


[Trans, bottom to top]

Junsu: oh oh the electricity is back!!!!!!

Junsu: for your information, all the cats are at my parents’ house and I was by myself^^ haha


Junsu: when I was young and sleeping alone you know the clock that swings back and forth I was really scared of its “Dang Dang” sound..


Junsu: ah.. it blacked out again after a strange sound from outside…….. urgh..


Junsu: outside our town seems to all be like it… lol what kind of situation is this…;; I should just go to bed T_T bye everyone!


Junsu: since I was young I loved watching Saturday Mystery and Goo-mi-ho (T/N: horror tail of a nine-tailed-fox-woman^^; who ate people) which was on every summer as well haha hm..the light is back again lol what is this..;;


(+) Junsu’s short conversation with FC MEN member:

Seokyung: hul a blackout?! Good night hyung~ lol

Junsu: lol right now this entire apartment complex is blacked out haha I don’t know where the circuit box is and am walking around



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