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It looks like Junsu will perform a total of eight times, on…


Fri 6/17, 8 pm

Sun 6/19, 3pm and 7pm

Tues 6/21, 8 pm

Wed 6/22,8 pm

Fri 6/24, 8 pm

Tues 6/28, 8 pm

Wed 6/29, 8 pm



“Mozart” will be performed 2011.5.24~7.3 at Sungnam Art Center Opera House in Korea.


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This news article refutes the one that was posted earlier, which stated that Yuchun was still at the hospital, and supports the first article which stated that he was out of the hospital. Looks like C-JeS released a statement to refute an article which made Yuchun appear sicker than he was. Whichever one is right, we hope Yuchun will make a speedy recovery T_T. Take care of your self, Yuchun!


“It’s a mild case of enteritis.”

On the morning of the 27th, one media group reported that boy group JYJ Park Yuchun visited the emergency room because of an acute pancreatitis.

On that, one agency rep stated, “it’s only a mild case of enteritis. Park Yuchun visited a hospital, was treated, and went home and is resting.”

It was told that this was due his body’s immune system weakening because of the recent continuing schedules with MBC drama “Ripley” and world tour performances.

Furthermore, the rep added, “[he] will continue his planned schedules after recovering his health. It’s just a mild case of enteritis, but seems to become known blown out of proportion.”

Source. TV Daily
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JYJ sings during their concert on April 3 in this file photo. The group will tour North America in May, holding four concerts. / Courtesy of Prain

By Kwon Mee-yoo

K-pop group JYJ will head to North America in May after finishing its Asian tour, appearing in Vancouver, Newark, Los Angeles and San Jose.

The three members, Jun-su, Yu-chun and Jae-joong, started their world tour in Bangkok, Thailand on April 2 and then headed to Taiwan.

They held a concert at Taipei Dome, Taiwan, on Saturday drawing some 10,000 fans.

The boy band sang songs including “Empty,” “Be My Girl” and “Be the One.” They also presented songs in the form of music essays “Their Rooms,” such as “Mission” and “Fallen Leaves.” They also introduced new songs “In Heaven” and “Get Out” for the world tour.

Jae-joong directed the concert with the concept of “Creative Challenge.” He came up with a cross-shaped stage to communicate more with fans.

The 120-minute concert excited the audience. Taiwanese actor John Shen said via Twitter that he really enjoyed the concert and JYJ is his role model.

JYJ thanked their fans who sang the songs aloud. “We feel the quality of our concert was raised with the Taiwanese one,” the group said in a press release.

JYJ’s next concert will be held in Beijing, China on May 7.

The group’s North American tour starts in Vancouver, Canada at the Rogers Arena on May 20. Tickets for the Canadian concert are available at http://www.ticketmaster.ca.

The tour continues on to the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J., on May 22; the Nokia Theatre LA Live, Los Angeles, Calif., on May 27; and finally the Event Center at San Jose State University, San Jose, Calif., on June 3.

They will wrap up the tour with a date in Busan on June 12.

For more information on the concerts visit www.jyj3.com.

Source. Korea Times

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(T/N’s Note: Readers, this article contradicts the previous article, which is puzzling since both of them claims to have phone conversations with the affiliate. For the sake of Yoochun, we hope it’s the previous article that is accurate. But in any case, let’s thank the heavens that this is not a serious disease and let’s all wish Yoochun rest and health)

Park Yoochun, Acute Gastro-Enteritis, Goes to the Emergency Room. All-Stop on the “Ripley” Filming


JYJ Park Yoochun is currently hospitalized for Acute Gastro-Enteritis.

Park Yoochun’s entertainment company’s affiliate revealed in a phone conversation with Newsen: “On the 25th, Park Yoochun pleaded a stomachache and headed to the emergency room. He has come down with acute gastro-enteritis and is currently hospitalized. He is resting and has even postponed the drama filming schedule.”

He further explained: “Park Yoochun is currently filming the MBC’s new drama ‘Ripley.’ It seems that due to the continuing filming of the drama and doing the concerts for which he went and out from the country caused his body to over-exert and lower its immunity.”

Park Yoochun plans to take steps to leave the hospital after watching the situation. After that he will seek stability by staying at home and will return to filming the drama on the coming weekend.

At the same time, Park Yoochun is currently filming the Drama Ripley with Kim Seungwoo, Lee Dahae, and Kang Kyejung and the like.

Source. Newsen

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Singer and actor Park Yuchun (JYJ) is resting after suffering from enteritis (intestinal inflammation).

During a phone conversation with OSEN on the 27th, JYJ’s rep stated “Because of enteritis, Park Yuchun visited the hospital on the 25th and is resting at home since then. Because his condition isn’t sever, he wasn’t admitted and came back after receiving a day’s worth of treatment. He seems to have gotten enteritis because of reasons such as fatigue accumulation.”

He further added, “because MBC “Ripley” currently hasn’t started full-scale shooting, there isn’t a problem with the drama schedule.”

On the other hand, there is news that Park Yuchun, who is spending busy days with his world tour concert and drama preparation, has recently quickly risen as a blue chip in commercials.

Recently, Park Yuchun has been picked as Dong-suh food’s Ice Tea Tio model, transformed into female high school student’s forever love flower-boy student teacher, and is acting in his first-solo commercial shoot.

In the ad, Park Yuchun provokes womens’ hearts by clearly showing off a pure handsome teacher image. A rep stated, “Park Yuchun’s effect is so great that the ad directly led to sales and is surprising us. From my knowledge, a lot of advertisers currently have an eye on [him]. JYJ is probably the only celebrity that distinguishes itself in commercials despite not having appearances on television.”

Source. OSEN
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Looks like Jaejoong took a mini-vacation and traveled to Busan after the Taiwan Concert!

…with Song JoongKi and Im Yohwan as a matter of fact! The two must have radiated bright lights everywhere they went, blinding the girls in Busan! >_<


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the fish is super big!

I’m so looking forward to Busan’s concert. Yoochun-ahh let’s quickly recover


Yuchun seems to have gotten sick. T_T He must be exhausted with the concerts and “Ripley” shoot. Get well soon, Yuchun!!

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