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JYJ Fans place a protest AD in the newspaper, satirizing interferences in JYJ’s activities on TV

(Seoul=Yonhap News) Report by Goeun YUN

Fans of JYJ (Jaejoong/Yuchun/Junsu) from TVXQ placed a full-page advertisement in free newspaper [Metro], titled ‘Who wants to sing on TV? You?’. It satirizes the reality that JYJ has been excluded from broadcast media including music/entertainment programs. The publication of the advertisement was mainly led by DNBN(TVXQ’s fan-site) and it is in the form of advertisement for a hypothetical book named ‘101 Ways to Drive JYJ Out of  Media’.

Staff from DNBN commented that “JYJ has been excluded from almost every entertainment program on broadcast media. As fans supporting JYJ, we’ll keep informing the public about current unfair situation and calling for remedy.”

JYJ is currently in the dispute with SM Entertainment, former management company, over their exclusive contract. Because of this, they have not been able to appear on TV except on news programs and dramas produced by subcontracting. Broadcasting companies say “We regulate appearances of artists who have controversial issues.”

“We are planning to print more advertisements (more than twice) regarding the protest and criticism for the reality that JYJ is hindered in their free activities. We raised 20,000,000 KRW of funds to do this during two-weeks period in March.” said DNBN.

Original link: http://app.yonhapnews.co.kr/YNA/Basic/article/new_search/YIBW_showSearchArticle.aspx?searchpart=article&searchtext=jyj&contents_id=AKR20110427194500005




<Advertisement Image in Korean>

Text Translated to English: text from the top

*This advertisement is a virtual advertisement based on an actual case.*

Sing on TV?

A guide of the management company, by the management company, and for the management company!
Hot issue just among themselves! Moon Son Yeon* and Lee Don Man** duo’s

For celebrities who have forgotten their position as the inferior
Perfect way to block their media appearance

Chapter 1 – Public TV networks are on our side, unite under associations.
Chapter 2 – Impose pressure from multiple angles in a collective action
Chapter 3 – Do not be afraid to send out official documents
and many more!
Know-hows proven effective in real-life all included!

<Special Appendix>
Ironclad defense against activities of JYJ who has the court’s favor
‘Exclusive look at the most talked-about official document’

<Epic Bestseller – The real story about JYJ hidden from all media>
Their debut album sold over 300,000 copies!
World Showcase Tour in 6 different countries, 10 locations in total!
70,000 fans gathered at Seoul Jamsil Olymic Stadium concert
And now, World Concert Tour in 5 different countries, 8 cities

JYJ’s new leap forward that can’t be stopped even in 101 ways!

* pun on Munsanyeon, or KFPCAI
**Pun on Lee Soo Man + Don(money)

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(From JYJ3) Currently, the Petition is for the Japanese fans only but may be opened up to international fans later. The petition site can be found here and you can view the full petition here in Japanese. The petition started today and will last until 5/31.


A Demand Letter from JYJ Japanese fans to Avex

We, Japanese fans of Jejung, Yuchun, Junsu (hereafter, JYJ) hereby make the following demands of JYJ’s current management company, Avex.

In September 2010, with sudden announcement from your company, JYJ’s activities were suspended, and the opportunity to listen to JYJ sing was deprived from us JYJ fans. Since then, JYJ’s activities in Japan have remained suspended till this day. During this entire time, we have kept waiting for the resumption of JYJ’s Japanese activities, and have continued to send such demands to your company, but even now have not received an acceptable explanation for the suspension of their activities.

Moreover, on the matter of the earthquake relief charity event that JYJ is to hold, the representative of the venue where the event was going to be held has recently made an announcement citing contract problem with your company as a reason that has cast doubt on the materialization of the event as planned.

This event represents JYJ’s well-wishing for Japan after many years of doing activities here, and is a charity event they are to voluntarily come to Japan to conduct, as a segment of their effort expressed immediately after the earthquake to support the disaster-stricken areas. To prevent even an event purposed to revive (Japan) from happening, during a time when we as a nation need every possible effort to recover from the aftermath of this unprecedented earthquake, is an action that we feel is very questionable.

We hope for the prompt resumption of JYJ’s music activities, and hereby make demands of your company in regards to the following points.

1. C-JeS is a business entity officially registered in Korea in December 2009, its size and organization composition can be viewed by anyone on the company registry. Furthermore, your company’s Vice President has, on his Twitter, revealed his close relationship with the representative of C-JeS. Thusly your company’s assertion that you did not know about the past of C-JeS’s representative before signing the contract is entirely unconvincing.

If (despite the foregoing) your company still insists that you did not know about the past of C-JeS’s representative, and uses such as a reason to suspend the contract, then was it not a neglect of duty on your company’s part as a public listed company to do due diligence on your business partner before the fact?

2. In Korea, JYJ has been appointed to promote the G20 Summit, to promote the Overseas Korean Trader Association as honorary ambassadors, and to promote other internationally recognized Korean enterprises. Their entertainment activities have not been hampered by the fact that C-JeS is their management company.

To use a reason that did not cause any problem in (JYJ’s) home country, that the representative of C-JeS has himself denied, and to give the Japanese society false and negative impression of JYJ, we find your ground (that the reason was based on) to be very questionable.

3. When JYJ began their Japanese activities in April 2010, the problem regarding the affirmation of the three’s exclusive contract with SM was already resolved by the October 2009 court decision. Consequently, the reason your company used to suspend JYJ’s activities, “Depending on the progress of the exclusive contract affirmation lawsuit between JYJ’s three members and SM, there is a possibility that their exclusive contract with our company may become invalid” (quote from Avex’s official statement) has been rendered a non-issue.

Rather, it (the contract issue) was a problem that your company needed to resolve, as your company signed exclusive contract with JYJ while the contract signed (by Avex) with SM as Tohoshinki remained in effect, we feel your logic to make the issue a problem with JYJ is very questionable.

4. When your company, in spite of the aforementioned circumstances, used corporate compliance as a reason that your company would no longer provide management services to the three, it meant that the contract could no longer be maintained as per normal. To restrain the three with the contract while not letting them to engage in entertainment activities, we must say is very socially unjust behavior. We find it very hard to understand that in spite of the fact that both JYJ and their fans desire for (JYJ’s) Japanese activities, such a condition (the suspension of activities) has continued for as long as 8 months.

5. Moreover your company, while suspending (JYJ’s) activities in such a manner, continue to sell JYJ’s music CDs, DVDs among other products.  What is more, these products were what Oricon addressed in their explanatory note as “products that were determined by your company prior to their sales to not be reflected on the Oricon ranking chart.” Notwithstanding the fact that those products were subject to such extremely unusual measures, with no advance notice given, (the action by Avex to disallow sales results of those products to be reflected on Oricon ranking chart) disappointed fans who despite feeling it’s questionable to sell (JYJ’s) products during their activity suspension, bought the products in an effort to support JYJ, and also made JYJ miss the opportunity to show their high popularity to the general public.

In April 2010, when the announcement to halt Tohoshinki activities was made, your company has declared, that “Our company intends to continue fully supporting respectively these five individuals, who are extraordinarily talented young people with a future”.

Yet for us fans who have devotedly waited for JYJ’s return since last September, we have already been deprived the chance to be close to JYJ’s music for 8 months,  while your company has in effect relinquished the management of the three.

We as consumers and fans, seek (your company’s) explanation for this inconsistent situation. If there is no possibility of improvement of the current situation, (we ask you to) please as soon as possible resolve the contract problem (work out the validity or invalidity of your contract with the three), and return JYJ to their supporting fans.

We wish for the three young people with extraordinary talent, Jejung, Yuchun, and Junsu to be granted freedom to embark on a new journey of music activities, for us fans to be able to freely enjoy their music.

Note: we have not consulted Cjes or JYJ’s three members prior to writing this demand letter, the letter is presented by the Japanese fans who volunteered to participate. We ask for your understanding of this fact.

April 19, 2011

JYJ’s Japanese Fans

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Actor Chae Myunggil will become mother and son with JYJ’s Park Yuchun.

Chae Myunggil will star as Park Yuchun’s mother and leading chaebol [T/N: rich high class in Korea] and Mondo Resort’s vice president “Lee Hwa” in MBC’s new Mon-Tues drama “Ripley” set to air late May. “Lee Hwa” is intelligent, beautiful, and have a classy outward appearance, but is a two-faced individual with greed and hypocritical inner side.

“Lee Hwa” harbors a malicious determination after undergoing continuing hardships when young, and doesn’t hesitate dirty and carefully thought out plans for her successful life. Ultimately, “Lee Hwa” lives a changed life after marrying Mondo Resort’s President and “Yutaka’s” (Park Yuchun) father. “Lee Hwa” becomes a new mother for “Yutaka,” who was born from his Japanese mother. Nevertheless, “Lee Hwa” raises “Yutaka” as her own child and “Yutaka” also follows “Lee Hwa” more than his biological mother, and Chae Myunggil and Park Yuchun will act out a close mother and son relationship.

(Details not relating to Yuchun omitted)


The drama is sounding more and more interesting with each detail released regarding the characters/storyline of “Ripley.” I can’t wait until the end of May!!! >_<

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Famous Korean community site “DC Inside” conducted a survey on the topic “Male Celebrities with super-fine legs which out-shine those of women” for a the past week (19th until the 26th).

Not surprisingly, Jaejoong made the list! He ranked #4 :P (behind SHINee’s Taemin, Big Bang’s G-Dragon, and actor Kang Dongwon).

I wonder how Jaejoong will take this news… he did say his skinny legs was his complex during a recent interview!! ;)


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[TRANS] Oh no.. the work has gotten too serious. [T/N: The word “il” (일) can mean work/affairs/business or the number 1. The way JJ uses it in this sentence, it’s suggested that the word means “work.” When translated literally, the phrase “일이 커져버렸다” means “work has gotten big.” However, Koreans normally use the phrase to indicate that a situation has gotten too serious]


O_O has something happened to Jaejoong?!


….nope. The tweet was a joke. Jaejoong was playing with words…. ^^;


[TRANS] Number one’s getting bigger lol [T/N: Jaejoong was playing with words. He fooled everyone to think that he was using the phrase “일이 커저버렸다” to indicate that his work/situation has gotten too serious. However, as indicated by the image he posted, he meant the literal translation of the phrase, that the number one was literally growing bigger… -_-;;;;]


Yes, there was nothing wrong. The number one was simply growing bigger….^^;;



And this tweet triggers a serious of other tweets :P

 (Note: the order of the tweets have been re-organized so that they read as a conversation)


(Shirota Yuu) @U_and_YOU: @mjjeje What’s that?…(your) Pic…is fixed!! (´Д` ) haha

(Fukutaro) @Fuku: @mjjeje Jejung hasn’t corrected it!! RT@U_and_YOU @mjjeje What’s that?…(your) Pic…is fixed!! (´Д` ) haha
(Jaejoong) @mjjeje: @U_and_YOU@Fuku That’s right!

(Naoya Urata) @UN1982: What’s this?

(Jaejoong) @mjjeje: @UN1982: ~ Nope, I’m probably wrong with the kanji~

(Naoya Urata) @UN1982:  I’ll say “yeah!” to that. I’m poor at kanji too~! haha RT@ mjjjeje Nope, I’m probably wrong with the kanji~

(Jaejoong) @mjjeje: @UN1982  Kanji is actually fun

(Naoya Urata) @UN1982: Really FUN!!! RT@mjjeje @UN1982 Kanji is actually fun

(Jaejoong) @mjjeje: @UN1982 Hey, I don’t know anything at all about what’s going on in Japan so teach me a funny gag ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ something that’s extremely funny..haha

(Naoya Urata) @UN1982: Things that are going on recently! I’ll make you a note! haha RT @mjjeje: @UN1982 Hey, I don’t know anything at all about what’s going on in Japan so teach me a funny gag ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ something that’s extremely funny..haha

(Jaejoong) @mjjeje: @UN1982 Please! Senpai (senior) ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

(Akio Iwama) @Akionosuke: @mjjeje 1?? What this mean? is a riddle?
(Jaejoong) @mjjeje: @Akionosuke  It’s a really boring Korean gag (T_T)


[TRANS] Kanji’s hard(difficult)- hard-! but fun~


(Yusuke) Yusuke_0414: @mjjeje You’ll forget it if you don’t use it! Don’t forget it ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

(Jaejoong) @mjjeje: @Yusuke_0414  Let’s meet, Yusuke

(Yusuke) @Yusuke_0414: @mjjeje I want to see you too! From Autumn last year to the start of the new year, I went to Korea every month (haha) Now, I couldn’t go so I’ll make plans soon (^^) I want to see Chun too!

(Jaejoong) @mjjeje: @Yusuke_0414 Chun always talks about how he wants to see Yusuke too o(^▽^)o


[TRANS] What’s the meaning of “dodosukosukosuko love chuunyuu (T_T)


T/N (smiley@OneTVXQ.com): Pls watch here to get the idea of “dodo~ love chuunyuu”

A fan was requesting Jaejoong to pour his love to them by using the famous phrase “dodo~” of a comedian. Jaejoong did not seem to understand the fan’s words, so he was asking the meaning of the phrase.


[TRANS] Now~ I’ll sleep a bit~ bye bye~ (laughter)


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