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The Friendship of Hero Jaejoong and Nexen Oh Jaeyoung


It was the Nexen-LG game in Jamshil on the 1st. On the broadcast screen is Hero Jaejoong. It turns out that he has come to see Nexen’s Oh Jaeyoung pitch. The story is like this: During his elementary school days, Oh Jaeyoung changed schools from one in Seoul to Joongdong Elementary School in Gongju, Choongchungnamdos (T/N: Gongju, Choongchungnamdo is Jaejoong’s hometown).

Those who have switched schools know—just how awkward it is at first. The very first friend Oh Jaeyoung made was Kim Jaejoong. This friend comes to be called Hero Jaejoong in the future. However their friendship was not able to last for long. Oh Jaeyoung again had changed schools to one in Seoul.

Like that, their communication had ended, but in 2004 when 10 or so years had passed, the two reunited–  because Oh Jaeyoung gallantly took the “Rookie of the Year” award in 2004, and Kim Jaejoong began his activities as TVXQ. It’s that the communications were able to resume again as both received the attention (from the world) as the new stars of Sports and Entertainment.

Oh Jaeyoung laughs, saying: “If I want to catch up to Jaejoong, I have long ways to go.” Who cares if that is so (or not)—because there is no friend better than a childhood friend. Oh yes, the Joongdong Elementary School which brought them together is also the alma mater of Park Chanho (T/N: a well-known Korean baseball player).

Source. Sports DongaDongha
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Jeju “7 Wonders”– JYJ Members Appointed Hononary Ambassadors


Jeju Special Self-Governing Provice revealed on the 3rd that it appointed JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) as honorary ambassadors of the Jeju-World 7 Wonders Foundation. It revealed that it will embark on activities for (gathering) votes (for Jeju) abroad for the remaining time (for gathering the votes), about 200 days.

JYJ is a 3-man group consisting of Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu. They released the first world wide album “The Beginning” on October of 2010.

JYJ, which is supported by a variety of fans from those in their teens to those in their fifties domestic and abroad are currently enjoying the highest of popularity through the continued performance activities in Korea and abroad.

JYJ3 T/N: Currently there is a campaign in Korea to make Jeju Island voted and designated as one of the 7 Wonders of the World. The above photo is one of the actress Koh Deu Sim and the soccer player Park Jee Sung that encourage the public to vote for Jeju for one of the 7 Wonders.

Source. OhmyNews and Newsis
Translation by. JYJ3
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Ripley’s Park Yoochun-Lee Dahae, Goes into First Filming, Boasts “Perfect Harmony”


The new MBC Monday-Tuesday drama “Ripley”—Lee Dahae and Park Yoochun have begun their first filming. Ripley, which will air for the first time on the coming May 30th, has the best actors of the Republic of Korea confirmed to appear, forming the uber-powerful “Ripley line” and rising as the hot issue of the broadcast circles.

Lee Dahae has taken the role of Zhang Miri who falls into the fatal bottomless pit due to a single lie and plans emit an attraction of a femme fatale. Park Yoochun has taken the role of Yutaka, the son of a well-known resort company in Japan, and shows off the sides of a romantic man who gives it all for the woman he loves, Zhang Miri. The “powerful harmony” that Lee Dahae and Park Yoochun will show is already gathering much anticipation.

The first filming of Ripley which was proceeded on the MBC set on Yongin, Kyungkido on the 22nd of last month opened fire with the scene in which Lee Dahae and Park Yoochun first meet.

In the drama, Yutaka (Park Yoochun) is in the situation in which he has volunteered to live in a one-room examination-study-place (T/N: a shabby motel-like structure often used by poor students) in order to have experiences in Korea despite being the son of the CEO of a large company. The scene is one in which Yutaka runs into Zhang Miri (Lee Dahae) who is coming out of the elevator and and has a fateful meeting after he arrives in the place and unpacks the luggage he has brought from Japan and while he is talking on the phone with his mother Lee Hwa (Choi Myungil).

On this day’s filming, Lee Dahae had on a black baseball cap and leather jacket and had her hair in a seemingly-mussed natural long waves and gave off the aura of secrecy. Park Yoochun had a “straight young man” image, wearing a white V-neck shirt and a hood jumper and matching his jeans. That the mysterious combination that the two opened made the set heat up is the afterword.

In particular, even though this was the first filming Lee Dahae and Park Yoochun showed off a splendid harmony by pulling off the remarkable first meeting. It’s that the two put (into the camera) tough emotion-scenes naturally and quite encouraged the atmosphere of the film set.

Park Yoochun, who above all meticulously checked and again checked the script ahead of the first filming, showed his enthusiasm to complete the character of Yutaka by having in-depth conversations with the PD Choi Yisub time in between the filming and such. The message is that due to the enthusiastic attitude that Park Yoochun showed, the scene of the first filming became warm.

Ripley’s producer Curtaincall Media relayed: “Lee Dahae and Park Yoochun showed a perfect harmony which was hard to believe as their first time (filming together) despite the delicate emotion-scenes that were proceeded from the first filming. Since we see them pulling off their respective characters perfectly from the first filming, we anticipate that the best project will be born.”

Ripley is a drama in which one woman falls into the pit of endless lies by having one lie that she told unintentionally bear other lies, and in the end faces the crisis in which she may lose everything due to the lies. Further, it is an authentic melodrama in which the two man who comes to love this woman with greedy desires come to have a conflict and also reconcile in the space between love and destruction.

Source. OSEN
Translation by. JYJ3
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Source. DC TVXQ Gallery
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Announcement on the Additional Ticket Sales/Lottery

On the holding of “JYJ North East Kwandong Large Earthquake Victims Aid Charity Event” we have given you much inconvenience and worry and so we are extremely sorry. We will hold the event on June 7 as was planned. Because we’ve now come to register for the ticket’s additional sales, we are making an announcement…. (information on how to register omitted)

[Overview of the Event]

Appearance: JYJ (Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong)

Venue: In Tokyo or in the outskirts of Tokyo.
(The venue will change from Saitama Super Arena. But we are currently examining many venues inside Tokyo and around Tokyo, including outside venues. On the formal (notification of the) venue, we will announce it with the mailing of the ticket on June 2, and we ask for your understanding.

Schedule: June 7 (Tuesday)

Starting time: Afternoon Session– 2PM start; Evening Performance—7PM start.

Price: Per ticket, 9,750 Yen (including tax).
(Breakdown: Ticket cost 8,500 Yen + Handling fee for applying/issuing/sending ticket 800 Yen + System usage fee 450 Yen).
*The remittance change is also that of the customer.

All seats are designated (The seats are by lottery).

Duration of the Application (for the tickets): May 2 ~ May 6, 6PM


On the refund due to the cancellation or the delay of the event, the amount refunded will be (the full amount) less the refund handling fee of 300 Yen (approximately 3.70 USD).
We ask for your understanding.

(Other irrelevant information omitted)

Source. Zak Corporation

Translated by. JYJ3

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The MBC Mon-Tues drama Ripley’s lead actors’ appearance in variety programs has become aborted and the background that led to it is gathering attention.

According to multiple broadcast affiliates, the lead actors of Ripley such as Park Yoochun, Lee Dahae, Kang Hyejung, and Kim Seungwoo have examined/felt out appearing in the MBC variety program “Come to Play” since the end of last month, but in the end, the appearance fell through.

On the surface, “Come to Play” (first) raised the reason that because one of the leads Kim Seungwoo appears as the MC in the program “On the Roll” by the rival broadcast company KBS, the possibility of the four main actors appearing together was low.

However, after even Kim Seungwoo showed the intention to appear (despite the) difficulty, it suggested the plan to have only the 3 excluding Park Yoochun appear. In the end, the appearance by the Ripley cast on “Come to Play” has become naught.

Further, the MBC Entertainment Program “Section TV Entertainment Communication” also cancelled the interview of the set of the photographing for the Ripley poster that took place on the 29th of last month. On the set of the poster-making, only MBC’s “Feeling-good Day” and “Entertainment Plus” teams proceeded with the interviews. “Feeling-good Day” is categorized as a Cultural program (T/N: That is, not a “variety program”).

Generally, it was the custom of the entertainment news programs that they progress with the interviews at the set of the poster-filming for the promotion of the drama of their own company. Furthermore, “Section TV Entertainment Communication” had set aside (in their schedule) the Ripley Interview beforehand but suddenly cancelled, which adds questions.

Relating to this, “Section TV Entertainment Communication” saved their words, saying that “it was because on that day we were flooded with items to air.” However, inside MBC’s variety department, the word that in the end SM Entertainment’s influence had a play is circulating openly. One PD of the variety department who requested that he remain anonymous sighed, saying: “Why do you ask when you already know. We’re also in the position in which we have to be wary (T/N: literally, attempt to read one’s mind in order to do what he wants).”

Park Yoochun also hardly could appear in variety programs of KBS at the time when he appeared in his past project, the KBS drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” which was a huge success. He has sometimes appeared in news programs or current events programs on public television after his conflict with his management agency, but the reality is that he is unable to climb over the wall of the department of variety programs.

Source. No Cut News

Translated by.  JYJ3

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The Appearance in “Come to Play” of Park Yoochun and the Ripley Cast Falls Through… Why?

The appearance of the main leads of the MBC’s new Mon-Tues drama “Ripley” has fallen through and that is attracting attention.

According to multiple drama affiliates on the 3rd, Kim Seungwoo, Kang Hyejung, Lee Dahae, Park Yoochun and such Ripley’s main cast have examined appearing in “Come to Play” from the middle of last month in anticipation of the first airing of the drama.

Even Kim Seungwoo, whose possibility of filming “Come to Play” had been uncertain due to his filming of “On a Rol,l” had made it so that he’d appear in “Come to Play.” While discussing the appearance of the 4 people, however, the Ripley cast received the answer from the producers pf whether it would be okay for them if only the 3 excluding Park Yoochun could appear. The affiliates explained that in the end, the entire case had decided to treat the appearance in “Come to Play” as something that never happened.

Park Yoochun, who has withdrawn from TVXQ and is now active as a member of JYJ, has switched into acting after, and is receiving attention by being cast on the level of leads in last year’s KBS 2TV’s “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” and this year’s “Ripley.” However, after his dispute with his management agency, Park Yoochun, despite the continued appearance in dramas, is hardly able to appear in variety programs of the 3 (main and public) companies, including MBC. Even when he was the lead in “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” it was difficult to find him in KBS’s variety programs.

At this, there are some speculations as to whether the former agency SM’s influence has been at work. However, even within the same broadcast company the positions are different, such as between the variety department and the drama department. The other broadcast affiliate did not spare his criticism, saying “Does one need to be wary of and catering to the mega-entertainment (T/N: literally, attempt to read one’s mind in order to do what he wants) even for the promotion of the drama of their own company?”

At this, an affiliate of “Come to Play” explained: “Because there was already much material already filmed that are waiting to be aired and so it was not easy to adjust the schedule, the Ripley team came to be unable to film Come to Play.”

Source. Star News
Translation by. JYJ3
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