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3hree Voices is now receiving payments via paypal!

Order deadline is fast-approaching. Order your copy of 3hree Voices II before it’s too late!


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[TRANS] Although I am a day late for Parent’s Day [T/N: Korea’s equivalent of mother’s and father’s day put together], I came to see my parents at their house^^ The blossomed flowers in the garden seem to show that spring is really here~~^^ I fed the carp!! Wow the number of babies they had!! (more…)

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[JYJ World Tour Concert in Busan, Korea]

Awaited JYJ’s World Tour in Busan schedule is finally confirmed.

I am so pleased to let you know the information.

Date: June 11(SAT.) and 12(SUN.) 2011 at 7 PM 

Venue: Sajik Indoor Stadium in Busan

Official ticketing website is to be notified soon.

Thank you

Cjes Entertainment


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Group JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) successfully completed its Asia Tour.

The “JYJ World Tour 2011” which began in April in Thailand and crossed onto Taiwan and landed in China showed off the unchanged abilities of JYJ to sing live to about ten thousand fans who packed the Saotuji Gymnasium of Beijing on the 7th and received their heated cheers.

This Asia Tour, which created a procession of sold-outs for all concerts and drew approximately 43,000 people in four stops, became a topic of conversation due to having Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins collaborate. Further, it showed a perfect stage of live performances comprised of the songs contained in JYJ’s World Wide album “The Beginning” and JYJ’s self-made songs.

If one were to find the meaning of the Asia Tour that has concluded with the Beijing concert, it is that JYJ has succeeded in catching two birds—JYJ has revealed that they are alive and well as Asia’s stars and simultaneously had Kim Jaejoong successfully debut as a concert director.

Ahead of the tour, Kim Jaejoong announced the directing concept of “Creative Challenge” and revealed his determination to make a stage of a high degree of completion based upon the experiences on concerts that he had gained as a singer.

He directed a stage over the past four concerts that communicated with the fans through an organized composition and through performance and styling that could show the color of the music unique to JYJ. Each country’s media also heavily featured JYJ’s popularity day after day. (more…)

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Note: Translations from bottom to top

Chinese fans, I had such a good time. It’s Parents’ Day today, let’s be filial to our parents!

If the public were to want to throw trash away properly, doesn’t it mean that there should be many trash bins along the road? However, I think it’s wrong to impose a fine of 50,000WON  to the public because they threw those trash on the trash lids just because  there’s only that few trash bins available. I think, the public, all the more, requires an environment that allows them to show model behavior of an advanced country.

If there has been an environment that one can become a civilized citizen… even if that’s not within the capability of a country, the country can still make an effort (to achieve it). And, I don’t think it’s the country but the citizens who could work together to make the country to progress into an advanced country.

Like that of a person liking another’s song and imitating it and progressing it.. I think this is the basic instincts of all the citizens of a country. Let’s love, protect and share with each other..

Frankly, I love my friends and fans of all countries… Of course there will be the pros and cons of differences in all cultures.. however, having nothing to do with cultures, but of all things that (people) want and wishes to protect… I hope that (the country) can, not of the excuse of our wants, but the ability to get hold of a strong country’s very own culture’s self-esteem.

Source. @mjjeje
Translated by. inhye87 of withJYJ
Shared by. withJYJ

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Junsu appeared very briefly on the “Emptying and Sharing” program:

 These are earrings that I received from someone very valuable to me, and fully putting (into these earrings) the feelings I had at that time, I will pass these onto the next person.

Source. DBxTOHO9
Translated by.  JYJ3
Shared by. withJYJ

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