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Park Yoochun, “Flowing in Japanese Lines– JYJ, I Thank You!”


Singer / Actor Park Yoochun is displaying the Japanese skills he acquired as a Korean Wave singer to his heart’s content.

Park Yoochun, who has taken the role of the Japanese Yutaka for the new MBC Mon-Tues drama “Ripley” that begins airing on the 30th have a command of the Japanese akin to that of a native. The production team confirmed the Japanese skills of Park Yoochun which was higher than their expectations and increased the portion of Japanese lines.

Park Yoochun has taken the role of the successor to a famous resort who was born under a Japanese mother and grew up in Japan in his second drama as a lead, “Ripley.” He has a warm character but when working he is cool-headed. In expressing this uniqueness Park Yoochun speaks much of the lines in Japanese. Park Yoochun, in being active as group JYJ, has acquired abilities that are to the degree of appearing with his members in Japan’s popular variety programs and have a battle of words.

One production affiliate revealed: “Because Park Yoochun has for a long time been active in Japan and released albums, his Japanese abilities are significant. In the beginning the Japanese lines were few but after the author saw his abilities in almost every episode there are some Japanese lines.” (more…)

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“Power of Park Yoochun” Each Drama In Which He Appears, Advance-Sale to Japan


It is fitting of a Korean Wave star famous in Japan. The new Monday-Tuesday Mini-series of MBC “Ripley” will be exported to Japan. From the last year’s KBS Drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” to this “Ripley” have been advance-sold to Japan due to the sole reason that Park Yoochun is the lead.

The production team of “Ripley” let it out that recently the airing rights to Japan has been sold. “Ripley” is a drama that will handle the story of a woman who is destroyed to lies that beget another. Due to the reason that it was planned on the inspiration of the incident in which Shin Jungah fabricated her academic credentials, it became a topic of conversation among viewers. Park Yoochun appears as the lead who loves the woman (Lee Dahae) who is caught in the lies.

“Sungkyunkwan Scandal” in which Park Yoochun first showed himself as an actor was also sold at an unconventional price (estimated to be approximately 3,000,000,000 KRW) prior to its airing last year (T/N: approximately 3 million USD). When taking into account the fact that “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” was a 20-episode work, “Ripley” which is a 16-episode work is estimated to be exported for 2,500,000,000 KRW (approximately 2.5 million USD). (more…)

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Korean Wave Stars JYJ and Han Hyejin to Participate in “Asian Dream Cup”


The Charity Foundation established by the Manchester United FC Soccer Player Park Jisung, JS Foundation, revealed that on the coming June 15 in the 1st Asian Dream Cup, JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) will participate as the artists who perform in the half time’s celebratory concert and the actress Han Hyejin will participate as the “festival lady.”

JYJ, which is navigating Asia and North America with its “JYJ World Tour 2011,” is famous as artists whose usual love for soccer is uncommon, to the degree that the member Kim Junsu is captain of FC MEN.

JYJ will not merely perform in the congratulatory concert during the half time but will also participate in the “Vietnam Male Youth Soccer Clinic” and will heighten the meaning of the participation in the Asian Dream Cup.

Also, Han Hyejin who visited the drama scene in a long while by appearing in the KBS 2TV drama “Thorn Tree” was selected as the “festival lady” of the Asian Dream Cup thanks to the popularity of the MBC drama “Jumong” which has led the Korean Wave fever in Vietnam. Han Hyejin will attend major events of the Asian Dream Cup and will act as the “face” of the Asian Dream Cup. (more…)

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Japanese Newspaper Asahi Coverage of Jaejoong directing of the LG-Whisen Rhythmic All Stars: 

“JYJ” Jaejoong, Director on the Big Stage of Rhythmic Gymnastics

It has been shown that the popular Korean group JYJ’s Hero Jaejoong will handle the stage directing of the performance in which the “princess of the rhythmic gymnastics” Sohn Yeonjae participates.

According to Prain that handles JYJ’s promotions, Jaejoong will direct the “LG Rhythmic All Stars 2011” that will be held on the coming June 11th and 12th in Koryo University and will handle everything from the selection and the arrangement of music, stage effects, choreography, costumes, to styling.

In this event, along with Sohn Yeonjae the world champions of the rhythmic gymnastics field will attend.

Jaejoong who is participating as director this time has displayed his skills as a stage director by taking on the role of the executive director of the “JYJ World Tour 2011” and such, and is becoming recognized in his abilities.

Furthermore, in this event, the male singer Tei’s congratulatory concert is also planned to be held. (more…)

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[TRANS] Fighting for today as well..!


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JYJ Kim Junsu, “Being an honorary ambassador is such an honor” …a nominee for “best male actor” in Musical Awards

Note: Information not regarding Junsu has been omitted

Kim Junsu, who is a member of boy group JYJ as well as a musical actor, talked about his thoughts on becoming an honorary ambassador.

Kim Junsu was overwhelmed with honor to be an honorary ambassador at the press conference for the 5th “The Musical Awards” held on the 12th at 2pm in Seoul Mapo-gu Hongdae Nanta Theatre.

On this day, Kim Junsu stated, “I am honored and very happy to serve as the honorary ambassador. I am very happy that they gave me such a great gift to be the honorary ambassador who can let others know about musicals.”

Furthermore, he revealed his strong ambition, stating “above all else, they gave me such a task despite the fact that I’ve only completed two works. To be fit for [such a role], I will use my strength so that our country’s musicals are known throughout the world.”

Kim Junsu, who received the “best male rookie actor award” last year for “Mozart!” has been confidently nominated for “best male actor” for “Tears of Heaven.” (more…)

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Loving Junsu in a black suit!


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