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JYJ’s official statement regarding KBS’s ban of broadcast appearances

[Park Jae Duk] First of all, in the case of lawsuit that KBS has made an issue of, the court already ruled last year that SM’s subordinate contract with JYJ was invalid as the court judged that the contract was unilateral and unfair to JYJ. Also last February, the court also acknowledged SM’s interference of JYJ’s entertainment activities and has issued an indirect compulsory order in support of the invalidity of the contract. Thus, KBS’s insistence is not logical.

In addition, as known, the court has dismissed SM’s application of provisional injunction regarding the ‘dual-contract,’ and also issued a judgment saying that SM should not interfere with JYJ signing a contract with C-JeS Entertainment and continuing their activities.

We believe that it was an inappropriate remark of KBS as a public broadcasting company, saying something is far from objective facts, as if JYJ, who have been in this lonely fight against a giant management company demanding a reasonable contract as an artist, have caused a social problem.

We strongly request that KBS formally rectify remarks to the public who’s not aware of the situation may misunderstand. (more…)

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KBS is severely criticized for its remarks regarding JYJ.

On May 17, 2011, KBS posted a response to a post titled ‘Request for an explanation why JYJ cannot appear on <Music Bank>’ on on KBS’s online production crew message board[on their official website.]

KBS remarked, ‘JYJ have been in the process of lawsuit with their former management company[SM], so KBS is closely monitoring the result of the lawsuit from an objective standpoint. It could influence on the current case if celebrities under lawsuit who is in the legal disputes appear on TV.”

JYJ instantly refuted this argument saying, “in the case of lawsuit that KBS has made an issue of, the court already ruled last year that SM’s subordinate contract with JYJ was invalid as the court judged that the contract was unilateral and unfair to JYJ.” They also emphasized that the court has acknowledged SM’s interference with JYJ’s activities and have been issued an indirect compulsory order.

Those in the judicial circles point out that KBS’s argument has many rooms for misunderstanding. Regarding SM’s insistence about ‘dual-contract,’ the court ruled that ‘in accordance with the judgment from the provisional injunction, SM, at this point in time, do not have any authorities to manage and/or administer the duration of the contract in Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun, and Kim Junsu’s entertainment activities regardless of the validity of contract.” (more…)

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Note: Translation is from bottom to top

Junsu: now that I’m at the lobby… I can get some wireless connection ㅎeveryone’s doing well right?

Junsu: Hello!!!!!! I think I got used to the time difference now ㅎ 메롱 (= :-P)

Junsu: It looks like there were some articles online when I got up this morning…! Let’s hang in there just a little more^^ OK!? Don’t be too upset…Someday they will understand and believe us^^ Until then, we will be happy just holding on to each other~Thank you always! (more…)

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KBS releases (illogical) official statement regarding JYJ’s broadcast appearances

KBS has released an official statement regarding their decision to bar JYJ from appearing on their broadcasts.

The statement was posted on KBS’s online production crew message board as a response to the many requests asking for the reasons why JYJ was not allowed to make an appearance.

KBS explained,

JYJ’s lawsuit has yet to come to an end and KBS is taking note of this lawsuit from an objective standpoint… From a business perspective, allowing a celebrity who is in the midst of a legal dispute onto a broadcast can have an influence on the current situation. Therefore, it is common to refrain their appearances while waiting for the results of their legal dispute.

Though it appears that JYJ has submitted a request to nullify their exclusivity contract with their existing agency, they made their own judgment to temporarily participate in activities on a case-by-case basis. However, JYJ has signed with another agency and are currently continuing their album promotions under two contracts.

Because of these issues, KBS has decided that currently, JYJ’s broadcast appearances may bring about legal problems and is threat to the culture industry. Until JYJ comes to a settlement or agreement with their agency, we will refrain from their broadcasts as a whole. Casting and guest appearances will be made depending on the outcome.

The post has since been removed while JYJ’s agency has countered with their own statement. (more…)

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