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Preview of next week’s episode w/ Junsu!

Junsu’s “You are so Beautiful”

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This is why I speak out against the “stalking pics” and the stalkers (FYI, Jaejoong was really upset when he wrote these tweets. The tone he used here is a tone he RARELY uses on his fans).

To those that stalk JYJ and/or post and share the “stalking pics” light-heartedly: JYJ themselves have spoken against stalking many times. Jaejoong is condemning it on twitter again. Can you not hear the pain in Jaejoong’s voice?! PLEASE STOP. STALKING IS NEVER OKAY. NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE AND WHERE YOU ARE FROM. Jaejoong himself has just said it. How can you so easily step on the freedom of those that you claim to like?

And no, being an i-fan does not make stalking okay. Unfortunately, i-fans have learned the worst things from korean fans. I am seeing “stalking pics” more and more from i-fans these days, not only when JYJ is visiting other countries, but also from i-fans who decide to stalk JYJ when they’re visiting Korea.

Therefore, i-fans need to understand that now, when JJ is referring to the “stalkers,” he is now referring to ALL STALKERS, not just Koreans. Please understand that more and more, i-fans are becoming a considerable part of the stalking problem in Korea. YES, KOREA.

I understand the feeling and desire to see JYJ as much as you can, but are you so heartless and selfish that you are willing to steal their freedom and make them suffer?

Fans, both Korean and international, need to take a stance and respect JYJ’s wishes. Fans should be the first to protect the star they love, not hurt.


NOTE: I am NOT saying that i-fans are the only ones to blame. We all know k-fans are the ones that started the stalking and those that continue to be at fault. I’m just trying to emphasize that more and more i-fans are starting to part-take in the stalking and that i-fans, ALONG WITH K-FANS, need to take the problem seriously and take action against it.

In summary, ALL STALKERS (korean and international) are at fault here and should not be tolerated/encouraged by k-fans and i-fans alike.


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You can download the video here :)

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[TRANS of JS’s message]  “This is Junsu^.^ I sincerely congratulate congratulate very very congratulate thank you arigato omedeto (ありがとうおめでとう) sawadikap Kakumkap Prain’s 11th year^.^”


Akkkk! So cute!!! LOL~


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The word “versatile” fits perfectly with this man. He has been showing off his abilities as a singer since his debut in 2004 and now has even laid his hands on directing. Starting in August (forewarned to be extremely hot), he will covet the title of an actor. He’s a man with lots of ambition.

By now, fans have probably guessed this interview’s main character. This man, Kim Jaejoong, has appeared after fighting through a monsoon.

At the moment we exchanged our greetings, I couldn’t even remember [Jaejoong] as the past young man and picked “Jaejoong-sshi” (“sshi” is added to the name of someone older) instead of “Jaejoong-goon” (“goon,” on the other hand, is added to the name of someone younger) In response, Jaejoong playfully said, “I’m still young. I like Jaejoong-goon. Haha.” This response had a great effect in brightening the mood, which was a bit gloomy because of the bad weather.

Starting now, I will unravel the honest and cheerful conversation we had with laughter from start to finish.

# Actor: “I feel burdened because Yuchun and Junsu have been doing so well.”

Starting August 3rd, Jaejoong will star in SBS’s new Wed-Thurs drama special “Protect the Boss” (written by Kwan Kiyoung, directed by Son Junghyun) and start his real attempt at transforming into an actor. Although he has acted before in “Postman to Heaven” (2009) and “Because I can’t be honest” (2010), it is Jaejoong’s first time acting in a Korean drama and thus likely that he is both excited and feeling tension and pressured at the same time.

Honestly, [at first], I felt no burden. Because people looked forward to [me acting], I did feel that I should work hard and there was that tension at experiencing new situations and environments. However, I started to feel burdened when people started to tell me that Yuchun’s drama did very well and Junsu attained great success through muscials. Sigh~

The character Kim Jaejoong will play, Cha Muwon, is being introduced as a “prince of finance” with great abilities. When I told him that such a title fit with his looks, Jaejoong shook his head and left a ludicrous statement.

No absolutely not. In my point of view, my face is sometimes ‘too much’ (T/N: JJ is referring to the fact that his features are very strong and well-defined) because I have a unique look. When I saw myself sweating profusely at a concert, I wanted to break my mirror. I’m uncomfortable with the way I look. I had this conversation with Junsu and the CEO of our agency told us that he’s going to record [the conversation] and release it into the public. You think it’s a ludicrous statement? But I want to show off a pure and gentle look instead of [my] strong face.

If you think about it, Cha Muwan is similar to Mondo Group’s Director Song Yuhyun, played by JYJ member Park Yuchun in drama ‘Miss Ripley.’ When I pointed this out, Jaejoong shared an anecdote after replying, “yes, they are similar. When I saw Yuchun’s drama, his company was more well-off than our company in our drama. They had helicopters… maybe we should fly one too (hahaha).”

I met Yuchun at our hair salon wearing a suit. Yuchun was wearing a suit as well. The moment we saw each other’s face, we had a play where we referred to each other as ‘Director Cha’ and ‘Director Song’ from the dramas and said ‘long-time no see.’ It was fun (laughter).”

# Director: “Now I want to try Idol Groups”

Jaejoong has also done stage directing. He had his debut as a director in April through JYJ’s World Tour Concert and right away showed off such skills through Son Yeonjae’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Gala Show. At the time, he received a lot of attention just by the fact that Kim Jaejoong and Son Yeonjae were meeting.

I ended up directing Son Yeonjae’s gala show through my agency. I ended up participating after attending a meeting, but didn’t have a lot of time. Thankfully, Son Yeojae’s side seemed to be happy with it. Oh~ I also participated in music editing. You know right?

There must be fans who are looking forward to Jaejoong working with other sports stars. It seemed likely that Jaejoong thought about doing a gala show for some other athletes. But at the moment Jaejoong became an inexpressive person (T/N: I think what the interviewer means is that Jaejoong froze at that moment). To help him, I mentioned other famous sports stars, but Jaejoong made me laugh with an unexpected answer.

Park Taehwan? I want to do a Park Taehwan gala show. I want to design swim suits with a new feel to it (Ha ha).

Jaejoong expressed his desire to continue performance directing outside of gala shows for sports stars. He showed off his versatile talents by revealing his desire to “also [direct] performances of idol groups].

# Singer: “We will release a new album within this year”

Although he has started his real attempt as an actor and has also directed on stage, Kim Jaejoon’s main job is singing. Last October, he released his first album, “The Beginning,” as JYJ and held [promotional] activities. However, the problem was that it was difficult to find JYJ on television.

Jaejoong expressed his hopes, saying “even now, we haven’t let go of our efforts to appear on music or entertainment programs. I hope that it becomes possible for us to appear when our new album is released.

Recently, the Korean music industry has been heated since the story of kpop enjoying great popularity in Europe hit the news…. Because JYJ also is receiving a lot of love outside of Korea, I felt this must be of interest for them.

Beforehand, we had thought of a showcase in Europe. Because of time, we couldn’t go to Europe, but later, if we have the time, I do have thoughts of wanting to go there. Am I afraid? I think I would have had a hard time instead of being afraid. Going somewhere for the first time is really difficult. Like how BoA hardened the road for us by going to Japan. I’m happy because I feel like they’ve opened up a road for us.

Since “The Beginning,” there hasn’t been news of a next album for more than a year now. I asked because fans were probably also curious and Jaejoong replied with a news like welcome rain. We are preparing for it. First of all, good songs must be written. Of course, within that, there would be songs that I made. The album will probably be released soon… within this year… preferably quickly.”

8 years since his debut. Now, Kim Jaejoong is living his second life from Hero Jaejoong to Kim Jaejoong. Compared to the past, he must show that he is more mature inside.

The name Hero Jaejoong itself is the name of DBSK’s member. If I was still using the DBSK title, I would be Hero Jaejoong even if I was doing other work. However, I became Kim Jaejoong the moment I became JYJ. I think the improved part of myself is that I can find and do things on my own. Because this isn’t yet perfect, I am also both looking forward to and worried about the future.”

Along with this, he needs a blueprint which he will follow. Jaejoong responded, with an unchanging serious expression, “there’s no change because I’m going to live as a celebrity. Our fans now seem to want to make our future for us. Because I see and feel things like that a lot, I want JYJ to succeed and live a life without regrets.

Through the many difficulties he had experienced, I could verify a Kim Jaejoong who has matured and become stronger. As he said, he reached this point because of his fans, and it’s time for him to show something to repay them. It’s show time, Kim Jaejoong was looking forward to the curtain to quickly rise.


You can find the original article here (in KOR).

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The following are excerpts from Jisung’s interview with “Oh My News” where he speaks about Jaejoong.


Jaejoong is a famous singer who is now JYJ after going through DBSK. But he’s not just rushing into this light-heartedly, with the thought ‘why don’t I just try acting now,” but actually has his own philosophy on acting and a firm goal. The entire thing can be scary and frightening, but I was impressed by how Jaejoong thought of his role as an honor and prepared for it.”


According to Jisung, spends time with Jaejoong by inviting him to his house and eating and reading the script together. Despite the all-night filming that has already started, the two are getting along like real brothers. Jisung stated, “all I can do is help Jaejoong feel comfortable and natural. Through <Protect the Boss>, I really hope Jaejoong will get the ‘you’ve made the right first step as an actor’ response.”

Through Jaejoong, it seems likely that Jisung may see himself when he was younger. However, Jisung stated, “because I had nothing back then, I was different from Jaejoong. There’s a definite difference between just saying that you want to do well and actually trying to do well. And Jaejoong, despite being so popular, always bows and greets people and works really hard, so I can’t help but like him.”


You can read the entire article here (in KRN)

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