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Hello everyone, I hope you’ve all been having a great summer so far.

Unfortunately, the summer is nearing its end and after much thought and consideration, I’ve decided to bring somewhat significant changes to withJYJ.

I never meant “withJYJ” to be a permanent site. I knew starting this fall, there would be a major change in my life and I would become extremely busy. I therefore started the blog earlier this year largely to promote JYJ’s upcoming world tour. I wanted to help foreign fans receive news about JYJ and encourage more to attend their concert to experience for themselves how talented and special Jaejoong, Yuchun, and Junsu are.

The World Tour has now officially ended and a decision had to be made. For a while I considered closing down the site completely, but I felt that would be inconsiderate for those that showed so much support in what I was doing… However, I also knew that it would be impractical to assume that I would be able to keep running the blog at the current pace.

After much deliberation, I’ve decided to keep the blog runnning with some important changes.

Starting today, the blog will transform into my “personal” blog. This doesn’t mean “withJYJ” will become a site for my personal random rambles. The blog will remain dedicated to JYJ and I will only upload JYJ-related posts (including translations). However, I will be a bit more “selective” in what I choose to upload. Because of the time constraints I will soon be facing, I will no longer feel obligated to upload ever single news/photo taken. In short, I will only upload news/pictures/videos/etc. that make me so excited that I have to “run with it” and express my love for JYJ. ^^; Furthermore, because withJYJ will become a “personal” blog, I will be a bit more “free” in what I choose to say. You can assume that my “filter” has become a bit less selective and I will be less restricted in expressing my personal opinions. Finally, because of such changes, certain posts will be marked “DO NOT RE-UP/MOVE THIS POST.” You will be free to share the link of such posts, but please refrain from re-uploading the post on other sites, such as other wordpress blogs.

I felt the changes I listed above were necessary to keep the blog running. What will remain unchanged, however, is my love and support for JYJ. :)

Because after all, “in the end, it’s JYJ!!”

그래, 결국은 JYJ!!!!!!!!

– with (Founder and admin for “withJYJ”)

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