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Ever since the concept “idol” was born, countless number of idols have appeared and disappeared. Within this group, there is a category of people who want to escape the restraints of an idol and there is a category who decide to settle. If the attempt at escape is excessive, it can buy the public’s repulshion and “kill” the idol, but those that just try to settle become boring and loose the public’s interest. It’s not easy getting on the smart road between these extremes.

Kim Jaejoong, who has both the good looks and wit generally demanded from idols and the musical capacity required for artists, was looking at his position as an idol in cold and objective terms. He was at the point where he was making his own principle in exchange of freeing himself from the commonly known “trained idol.”

Kim Jaejoong confessed, “as an idol, I thought I had my own image, unique to myself and different from others. I thought that I was the type of celebrity where people either really hate me or really like me, and I didn’t really want to change. I was also afraid that those that like me may end up hating me. For example, there are fans who cos-play [my look]. For then, that may be a joy and a hobby, but once I change, I can break that [joy/hobby].”

However, Jaejoong continued change and grow endlessly, and has attempted not only just singing, but composing, directing concerts, and acting. Kim Jaejoong revealed, “I was scared to change [that set image], but people that liked me continued to like me when I slowly changed. I’m just thankful.”

Recently, there was a controversy with the Chinese singer Ja-Ki-Park remaking, without permission, DBSK’s “Wasurenaide,” composed by Kim Jaejoong in Japan. Ja-Ki-Park’s remake was produced without discussion with Jaejoong and his reps and he received harsh protests from [Jaejoong’s] fans. Through a statement of his position, Ja-Ki-Park stated, “I know there is many stories and memories associated with this song, and I also like Kim Jaejoong’s talent and songs. I deeply regret my actions and I will solve all problems by negotiating with Kim Jaejoong himself.”

Afterwards, Kim Jaejoong revealed his thoughts on twitter by writing (in Japanese), “‘Wasurenaide’ isn’t my song or anyone else’s song. It is the 5-membered DBSK’s song. Therefore, I don’t want to sing it by myself or sing it as JY).”

During his interview, Kim Jaejoong confessed, “because it’s a common occurrence in China, I have no plans to take further action. However, I do hope he doesn’t sing [the song]. Regardless of it being a song that I wrote, because it is the 5-membered DBSK’s song, I am not singing it alone or as JYJ.

Furthermore, he explained, “I feel like [singing DBSK songs] would hurt fans who loved DBSK and continue to love DBSK. The nostalgic scent of the song is what the fans believe is was the most beautiful moment, and when someone else sings it without permission, fans become hurt.”

When I asked carefully, “do you have no plans of singing DBSK songs in the future?” Jaejoong quietly nodded and replied, “I would rather not…”

Kim Jaejoong communicates with his fans through twitter and reveals his thoughts. Sometimes he clearly expresses his thoughts in a very straightforward way, using firm tones. Although this may result in misunderstandings and animosity, he does not seem to mind.

He said, “I say what needs to be said. Although there may be negative responses, I don’t believe it’s wrong. I don’t write my personal opinion. I mostly write after thinking how would more people… everyone feel.” This can be interpreted as [Jaejoong] confidently revealing his beliefs after he thinks about it from an objective perspective, just as he looks at himself as an idol in a cold perspective.

On acting, Jaejoong, who is making his first appearance in a Korean drama, stated, “I’m was never greedy about being the leading actor, and it’s the same today. What’s important is how well you can bring your character to life. First, I want to receive recognition as a supporting actor who can colorfully bring life to a character. I don’t have the desire to play the leading roll using my fame.”


You can find the original interview here (in KOR).

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Vocal group JYJ’s member Kim Junsu will join the OST for SBS drama “The Scent of a Woman.”

According to SBS on the 22nd, Kim Junsu will join “The Scent of a Woman’s” OST and make a special appearance as a popular singer named “Junsu.”

In the OST, Kim Junsu plans to use his signature sweet voice to express the female character’s dear and sweet love, despite being terminally ill. The chorus especially (“You are so beautiful. You are so wonderful.”) will leave a strong lingering feeling and shake the hearts of women. A rep explained that the ballad, which has an overall fantastical feeling of someone whispering in your ear, matches perfectly with Junsu’s charming voice.

Through the relationship established through the OST, Junsu will make a special appearance in the 5th episode and appear in a scene where he enjoys a sweet date with the female main character Yeonjae (played by Kim Sun-Ah). During the date with Kim Sun-Ah, he will show off his sweet charm by personally singing her a song and taking pictures with her. Yeonjae, who has been sentenced a time-limited life will basically get to accomplish “have a date with Junsu” on her bucket list.

The producers revealed, “with the help of Junsu, who is extremely popular and as a great voice, the overall quality of ‘The Scent of a Woman’s’ OST will increase. Please look forward to Kim Junsu’s surprise appearance as an actor. You will be able to experience a bright and gentle heartwarming feeling.”



You can find the full article here (in KOR)

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The following is a translation of an excerpt from Jisung’s (Jisung is the other male lead actor in “Protect the Boss”) interview, where he talks about Jaejoong. :)

How Jisung became friends with Jaejoong…

Jisung explained, “before starting our shoot for the drama, the entire staff and cast went to a retreat together. I met Jaejoong for the first time there. I ended up sharing a room with Jaejoong when I went to bed after having a bit to drink with dinner. The room only had one king-sized bed. We didn’t really want to sleep on the floor, so we ended up using the single bed together. But because it was so hot, we both just went to bed in our underwear. We naturally grew closer together [after this] just as guys tend to become friends after going to a public bath together.”

Jisung’s opinion of Jaejoong and his acting

….Jisung wasn’t stingy with his praise on Jaejoong’s passion for acting. Jisung explained, “although Kim Jaejoong is at the top as a singer, Jaejoong thinks that this is his first step in acting and therefore is living up to his roll as the youngest on set. He analyzes his character diligently. He has the mind of a pro and is very responsible.”

Furthermore, he said, “because Jaejoong works so hard, everyone including me, seniors Park Youngkyu and Cha Hwayeon, and the staff try to help him get used to acting. Jaejoong is that much hard-working and is therefore loved by everyone on set. I hope he will be able accomplish his first try at acting smoothly.”


You can find the full article here (in KOR)

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