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The following is an excerpt from Jaejoong’s recent interview, in which he talks about his feelings for Junsu and Yuchun. In this interview, you can really get a sense of just how important JYJ and its members are to Jaejoong. :)


What is JYJ to Kim Jaejoong? “I live because of Junsu and Yuchun.”

There are two names which make Jaejoong smile even wider. It’s his team members Kim Junsu and Park Yuchun. Kim Jaejoong’s laughter increased every time their names were mentioned.

Kim Jaejoong is also a member of FC MEN, a team in which Junsu actively participates as its captain. However, Kim Jaejoong has never been on the field. On this, Jaejoong playfully made fun of Junsu, saying, “Only my name is participating. The captain wrote down the names of athletes Yuchun and Jaejoong, but has never used us [on the field]. We are only used for promotional purposes.” After finishing this sentence, however, Jaejoong busted out laughing.

After laughing for quite a while, Jaejoong charmingly finished with the sentence, “but I love Junsu,” and showed off his love for his younger brother.

Kim Jaejoong is the oldest of the three JYJ members. However, Jaejoong depends on the two younger members as much as the two younger members depend on him. At the time we were conducting the interview with Kim Jaejoong, JYJ were going through a hard time due to the sudden cancellation of their appearance in Jeju New 7 Wonders Special broadcast.

I asked Jaejoong what his driving force was when he was going through difficulties and wanted to give up. Jaejoong immediately replied with the names of JYJ members.

It’s of course my members. I think it would be too difficult if I was walking this road by myself. This is a road I can take because Junsu and Yuchun is here. We divide our difficulties and divide our success. I want to put meaning on the fact that whatever we do, we do it together. It’s the same for the fans and staff.”

What are the two members to Kim Jaejoong? On this question, Jaejoong couldn’t answer easily and had to think about it for quite a while. After thinking about [the question] for quite some time, Kim Jaejoong made everyone laugh by answering with a statement which parodied a TV ad. He said, “Ah I really like them… but there’s just no way to explain what they are [to me].” After the laughter, Jaejoong continued with a serious reply which seemed like a confession.

Truthfully, there’s so much meaning behind the two members that it’s hard to explain. I can’t compare them with anything. In one way, the two are like my two arms. You can’t live when you lose any one of the two arms, right? It’s like that. I can live because I have them.”

Jaejoong’s voice seemed to shake and he seemed to choke up when he expressed his feelings toward Kim Junsu and Park Yuchun. However, Kim Jaejoong soon regained his cheerfulness by debating JYJ’s position on various parts of the body.

The title of the drama in which Jaejoong takes his first step as an actor is “Protect the Boss.” Then what does Kim Jaejoong want to protect?

I want to protect the current relationship with my members. And I want to protect all the music, stage, and memories I’ve had since my debut. And I also want to protect, as much as I can, the fans that love us (laughter).


You can read the full article here (in KRN)

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