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While many popular singers are continuing to participate in drama OSTs, JYJ is grabbing attention by reaching at the top of music charts.

Recently, the song JYJ’s Kim Junsu sung for SBS’s weekend drama “The Scent of a Woman,” has swept across all charts as soon as it was released. Kim Junsu’s “You are so beautiful” grabbed the number 1 position on all music sites such as Daum, Naver, Doshirak, Bugs Music, etc. the moment it was released on the midnight of the 5th.

Even after the 5th, “You are so beautiful” continues to be popular and is ranked amongst the top in main music charts.

Kim Junsu’s captivating voice has already gathered much attention by being played in “The Scent of a Woman’s” important scenes, such as when the main characters Kim Sun-Ah and Kim Dong-Wook accidentally sleep with each other and when Kim Sun-Ah is creating her Bucket List. Despite this, no one had thought the response would be this explosive. They had only predicted that Junsu’s charming voice and lyrical melody would be popular.

This past June, JYJ also enjoyed great popularity with Yuchun’s “The Empty Space for You” for the drama “Miss Ripley” by being ranked number one in all music charts.

Kim Jaejoong, who is currently being loved as Cha Muwon in drama “Protect the Boss,” is rumored to participate in the drama’s OST in the near future. If the OST sung by JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong becomes popular, the situation truly will become that “if JYJ sings it, the drama OST will reach the top of music charts no matter what.”

Drama reps gave thumbs up to JYJ’s drama OSTs, saying that “JYJ not only has great singing abilities, but also has great sensitivity. They don’t just help bring the emotion to life, but also have a positive effect on the entire drama.”

Meanwhile, along with the OST, Kim Junsu will also make a special appearance in the drama and work with Kim Sun-Ah as the popular singer “Junsu.” The episode of  “The Scent of a Woman” with Junsu’s special appearance will be aired on the the 6th at 9:50pm.


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