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Fan’s expectations are becoming greater with the coming of the photo exhibition showing group JYJ’s everyday life.

With just the single poster which has been released before the photo exhibit, fans are curious about what will be shown and anticipating the exhibit.

In the poster for this photo exhibit, the three members are showing off their charm holding their individual cameras. Kim Junsu is looking far away holding his camera while Kim Jaejoong seems to be checking the photo he has just taken.

Park Yuchun also is looking around as if he is looking for the next subject for his picture. Although the three members each hold different poses in different surroundings, there is one thing in common–their looks as handsome as a statue.

The three member’s looks which shake the hearts of women and the masculinity which can be felt from a “flower boy” makes the heart of a person who is watching warm.

Netizens, who have heard of the news of the photo exhibit and seen the poster, are showing great enthusiasm and response, stating “even taking pictures of their everyday life will be like a photobook,” “I will go on the first day of the exhibit,” “even going everyday probably won’t be enough,” “I’m happy that I can see [JYJ] even through pictures,” and “when will they come to cities outside of Seoul?”

Meanwhile, JYJ will hold photo exhibit “Mine,” created to communicate with fans, for 10 days, starting on the 12th, in Seoul Jongro-gu Insa Gallery.

Along with the records of JYJ’s World Tour (which included 1o cities in the U.S., Canada, and Asia), JYJ’s photo exhibit holds pictures taken by JYJ in their everyday life and their stories.

JYJ’s agency revealed the purpose of this event, stating “we prepared this special photo exhibit because, despite successfully completing the World Tour, we don’t have a lot of chances to show off the results due to the limitations in [JYJ’s] appearances on broadcasts.”

For this photo exhibit, JYJ members have always had their cameras for two weeks and captured their stories and everyday life through the lens.


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The path JYJ, who’s been blocked from making appearances on national broadcasting networks, is taking should not be overlooked.

When Junsu’s song for the drama “Scent of a Woman’s” OST was revealed on the 5th, it swept across the top of all music chart and achieved an “all-kill” (T/N: term used to indicate that Junsu’s new song is ranked #1 in every major Korean music chart). Furthermore, Junsu proved the “Junsu effect” by personally appearing as a cameo in the drama and increasing the ratings by almost 3%. When you take a look at the August 6th ratings for “Scent of the Woman,” you can see that the ratings is highest during the moment of Junsu’s appearance.

Kim Jaejoong also cannot be taken lightly. Kim Jaejoong, who is starring in his first Korean drama SBS’s “Protect the Boss,” has been receiving favorable reviews despite the fact that his character has yet been fully explained due to the fact that the drama is in its early phase. Furthermore, because “Protect the Boss” is riding high propelled by the viewer’s enthusiastic response in just 2 episodes, Jaejoong’s future role is greatly anticipated. In addition, it’s been known that Kim Jaejoong will also participate in “Protect the Boss’s” OST, bringing further anticipation of another “all-kill” of music charts.

Part Yuchun, who played the role of a soft 2nd generation chaebol in MBC’s “Miss Ripley” (concluded on July 19th), shook the hearts of women by appearing as a young student-teacher in a recently revealed drink CF. With his sweet smile and natural acting, the commercial dominated all portal sites and received enthusiastic response such as, “where would we find a student-teacher like that” and “Park Yuchun is too handsome.”

With the dramas and OSTs being a great hit, fans are cheerful and saying that “there is now only national broadcasts left.” It’s because, as the response of the drama and songs indicate, network representatives are the first to feel that there is still great enthusiastic interest towards JYJ in the public.

With this driving force, JYJ is holding a photo exhibition and rushing to release their Korean album.

JYJ’s photo exhibition “Mine,” set to start on August 12th, has especially been prepared to create a window where JYJ, who has had a hard time communicating with fans due to their inability to appear on national networks, can share their feelings with fans.

[JYJ] is also speeding up their preparation for the release for their Korean album. Recently, Song Jihyo and Kim Junsu’s music video shoot has grabbed the attention of netizens by being revealed. Kim Jaejoong has also revealed that he is working hard to prepare for his album though various interviews. However, because Kim Jaejoong is currently appearing in a drama, the time of the release is being carefully determined. The public is also interested in whether JYJ will be able to appear on KBS’s “Music Bank” after the release of their Korean album. This is because last May, in response to the controversy over JYJ being on the banned list for “Music Bank,” KBS reps had replied that “when they release a new album, they can of course appear according to the producer’s discretion.”

JYJ is continuing their streak of hits despite being blocked from appearing on television. The public is curious about when JYJ will be able to free themselves from the illogical ban of allowing JYJ to appear on national broadcasts and hold their broadcasting activities freely.


We’re watching you, KBS.

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