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The following is an excerpt from Jaejoong’s recent interview, in which he talks about his feelings for Junsu and Yuchun. In this interview, you can really get a sense of just how important JYJ and its members are to Jaejoong. :)


What is JYJ to Kim Jaejoong? “I live because of Junsu and Yuchun.”

There are two names which make Jaejoong smile even wider. It’s his team members Kim Junsu and Park Yuchun. Kim Jaejoong’s laughter increased every time their names were mentioned.

Kim Jaejoong is also a member of FC MEN, a team in which Junsu actively participates as its captain. However, Kim Jaejoong has never been on the field. On this, Jaejoong playfully made fun of Junsu, saying, “Only my name is participating. The captain wrote down the names of athletes Yuchun and Jaejoong, but has never used us [on the field]. We are only used for promotional purposes.” After finishing this sentence, however, Jaejoong busted out laughing.

After laughing for quite a while, Jaejoong charmingly finished with the sentence, “but I love Junsu,” and showed off his love for his younger brother.

Kim Jaejoong is the oldest of the three JYJ members. However, Jaejoong depends on the two younger members as much as the two younger members depend on him. At the time we were conducting the interview with Kim Jaejoong, JYJ were going through a hard time due to the sudden cancellation of their appearance in Jeju New 7 Wonders Special broadcast.

I asked Jaejoong what his driving force was when he was going through difficulties and wanted to give up. Jaejoong immediately replied with the names of JYJ members.

It’s of course my members. I think it would be too difficult if I was walking this road by myself. This is a road I can take because Junsu and Yuchun is here. We divide our difficulties and divide our success. I want to put meaning on the fact that whatever we do, we do it together. It’s the same for the fans and staff.”

What are the two members to Kim Jaejoong? On this question, Jaejoong couldn’t answer easily and had to think about it for quite a while. After thinking about [the question] for quite some time, Kim Jaejoong made everyone laugh by answering with a statement which parodied a TV ad. He said, “Ah I really like them… but there’s just no way to explain what they are [to me].” After the laughter, Jaejoong continued with a serious reply which seemed like a confession.

Truthfully, there’s so much meaning behind the two members that it’s hard to explain. I can’t compare them with anything. In one way, the two are like my two arms. You can’t live when you lose any one of the two arms, right? It’s like that. I can live because I have them.”

Jaejoong’s voice seemed to shake and he seemed to choke up when he expressed his feelings toward Kim Junsu and Park Yuchun. However, Kim Jaejoong soon regained his cheerfulness by debating JYJ’s position on various parts of the body.

The title of the drama in which Jaejoong takes his first step as an actor is “Protect the Boss.” Then what does Kim Jaejoong want to protect?

I want to protect the current relationship with my members. And I want to protect all the music, stage, and memories I’ve had since my debut. And I also want to protect, as much as I can, the fans that love us (laughter).


You can read the full article here (in KRN)

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The word “versatile” fits perfectly with this man. He has been showing off his abilities as a singer since his debut in 2004 and now has even laid his hands on directing. Starting in August (forewarned to be extremely hot), he will covet the title of an actor. He’s a man with lots of ambition.

By now, fans have probably guessed this interview’s main character. This man, Kim Jaejoong, has appeared after fighting through a monsoon.

At the moment we exchanged our greetings, I couldn’t even remember [Jaejoong] as the past young man and picked “Jaejoong-sshi” (“sshi” is added to the name of someone older) instead of “Jaejoong-goon” (“goon,” on the other hand, is added to the name of someone younger) In response, Jaejoong playfully said, “I’m still young. I like Jaejoong-goon. Haha.” This response had a great effect in brightening the mood, which was a bit gloomy because of the bad weather.

Starting now, I will unravel the honest and cheerful conversation we had with laughter from start to finish.

# Actor: “I feel burdened because Yuchun and Junsu have been doing so well.”

Starting August 3rd, Jaejoong will star in SBS’s new Wed-Thurs drama special “Protect the Boss” (written by Kwan Kiyoung, directed by Son Junghyun) and start his real attempt at transforming into an actor. Although he has acted before in “Postman to Heaven” (2009) and “Because I can’t be honest” (2010), it is Jaejoong’s first time acting in a Korean drama and thus likely that he is both excited and feeling tension and pressured at the same time.

Honestly, [at first], I felt no burden. Because people looked forward to [me acting], I did feel that I should work hard and there was that tension at experiencing new situations and environments. However, I started to feel burdened when people started to tell me that Yuchun’s drama did very well and Junsu attained great success through muscials. Sigh~

The character Kim Jaejoong will play, Cha Muwon, is being introduced as a “prince of finance” with great abilities. When I told him that such a title fit with his looks, Jaejoong shook his head and left a ludicrous statement.

No absolutely not. In my point of view, my face is sometimes ‘too much’ (T/N: JJ is referring to the fact that his features are very strong and well-defined) because I have a unique look. When I saw myself sweating profusely at a concert, I wanted to break my mirror. I’m uncomfortable with the way I look. I had this conversation with Junsu and the CEO of our agency told us that he’s going to record [the conversation] and release it into the public. You think it’s a ludicrous statement? But I want to show off a pure and gentle look instead of [my] strong face.

If you think about it, Cha Muwan is similar to Mondo Group’s Director Song Yuhyun, played by JYJ member Park Yuchun in drama ‘Miss Ripley.’ When I pointed this out, Jaejoong shared an anecdote after replying, “yes, they are similar. When I saw Yuchun’s drama, his company was more well-off than our company in our drama. They had helicopters… maybe we should fly one too (hahaha).”

I met Yuchun at our hair salon wearing a suit. Yuchun was wearing a suit as well. The moment we saw each other’s face, we had a play where we referred to each other as ‘Director Cha’ and ‘Director Song’ from the dramas and said ‘long-time no see.’ It was fun (laughter).”

# Director: “Now I want to try Idol Groups”

Jaejoong has also done stage directing. He had his debut as a director in April through JYJ’s World Tour Concert and right away showed off such skills through Son Yeonjae’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Gala Show. At the time, he received a lot of attention just by the fact that Kim Jaejoong and Son Yeonjae were meeting.

I ended up directing Son Yeonjae’s gala show through my agency. I ended up participating after attending a meeting, but didn’t have a lot of time. Thankfully, Son Yeojae’s side seemed to be happy with it. Oh~ I also participated in music editing. You know right?

There must be fans who are looking forward to Jaejoong working with other sports stars. It seemed likely that Jaejoong thought about doing a gala show for some other athletes. But at the moment Jaejoong became an inexpressive person (T/N: I think what the interviewer means is that Jaejoong froze at that moment). To help him, I mentioned other famous sports stars, but Jaejoong made me laugh with an unexpected answer.

Park Taehwan? I want to do a Park Taehwan gala show. I want to design swim suits with a new feel to it (Ha ha).

Jaejoong expressed his desire to continue performance directing outside of gala shows for sports stars. He showed off his versatile talents by revealing his desire to “also [direct] performances of idol groups].

# Singer: “We will release a new album within this year”

Although he has started his real attempt as an actor and has also directed on stage, Kim Jaejoon’s main job is singing. Last October, he released his first album, “The Beginning,” as JYJ and held [promotional] activities. However, the problem was that it was difficult to find JYJ on television.

Jaejoong expressed his hopes, saying “even now, we haven’t let go of our efforts to appear on music or entertainment programs. I hope that it becomes possible for us to appear when our new album is released.

Recently, the Korean music industry has been heated since the story of kpop enjoying great popularity in Europe hit the news…. Because JYJ also is receiving a lot of love outside of Korea, I felt this must be of interest for them.

Beforehand, we had thought of a showcase in Europe. Because of time, we couldn’t go to Europe, but later, if we have the time, I do have thoughts of wanting to go there. Am I afraid? I think I would have had a hard time instead of being afraid. Going somewhere for the first time is really difficult. Like how BoA hardened the road for us by going to Japan. I’m happy because I feel like they’ve opened up a road for us.

Since “The Beginning,” there hasn’t been news of a next album for more than a year now. I asked because fans were probably also curious and Jaejoong replied with a news like welcome rain. We are preparing for it. First of all, good songs must be written. Of course, within that, there would be songs that I made. The album will probably be released soon… within this year… preferably quickly.”

8 years since his debut. Now, Kim Jaejoong is living his second life from Hero Jaejoong to Kim Jaejoong. Compared to the past, he must show that he is more mature inside.

The name Hero Jaejoong itself is the name of DBSK’s member. If I was still using the DBSK title, I would be Hero Jaejoong even if I was doing other work. However, I became Kim Jaejoong the moment I became JYJ. I think the improved part of myself is that I can find and do things on my own. Because this isn’t yet perfect, I am also both looking forward to and worried about the future.”

Along with this, he needs a blueprint which he will follow. Jaejoong responded, with an unchanging serious expression, “there’s no change because I’m going to live as a celebrity. Our fans now seem to want to make our future for us. Because I see and feel things like that a lot, I want JYJ to succeed and live a life without regrets.

Through the many difficulties he had experienced, I could verify a Kim Jaejoong who has matured and become stronger. As he said, he reached this point because of his fans, and it’s time for him to show something to repay them. It’s show time, Kim Jaejoong was looking forward to the curtain to quickly rise.


You can find the original article here (in KOR).

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The following are excerpts from Jisung’s interview with “Oh My News” where he speaks about Jaejoong.


Jaejoong is a famous singer who is now JYJ after going through DBSK. But he’s not just rushing into this light-heartedly, with the thought ‘why don’t I just try acting now,” but actually has his own philosophy on acting and a firm goal. The entire thing can be scary and frightening, but I was impressed by how Jaejoong thought of his role as an honor and prepared for it.”


According to Jisung, spends time with Jaejoong by inviting him to his house and eating and reading the script together. Despite the all-night filming that has already started, the two are getting along like real brothers. Jisung stated, “all I can do is help Jaejoong feel comfortable and natural. Through <Protect the Boss>, I really hope Jaejoong will get the ‘you’ve made the right first step as an actor’ response.”

Through Jaejoong, it seems likely that Jisung may see himself when he was younger. However, Jisung stated, “because I had nothing back then, I was different from Jaejoong. There’s a definite difference between just saying that you want to do well and actually trying to do well. And Jaejoong, despite being so popular, always bows and greets people and works really hard, so I can’t help but like him.”


You can read the entire article here (in KRN)

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Ever since the concept “idol” was born, countless number of idols have appeared and disappeared. Within this group, there is a category of people who want to escape the restraints of an idol and there is a category who decide to settle. If the attempt at escape is excessive, it can buy the public’s repulshion and “kill” the idol, but those that just try to settle become boring and loose the public’s interest. It’s not easy getting on the smart road between these extremes.

Kim Jaejoong, who has both the good looks and wit generally demanded from idols and the musical capacity required for artists, was looking at his position as an idol in cold and objective terms. He was at the point where he was making his own principle in exchange of freeing himself from the commonly known “trained idol.”

Kim Jaejoong confessed, “as an idol, I thought I had my own image, unique to myself and different from others. I thought that I was the type of celebrity where people either really hate me or really like me, and I didn’t really want to change. I was also afraid that those that like me may end up hating me. For example, there are fans who cos-play [my look]. For then, that may be a joy and a hobby, but once I change, I can break that [joy/hobby].”

However, Jaejoong continued change and grow endlessly, and has attempted not only just singing, but composing, directing concerts, and acting. Kim Jaejoong revealed, “I was scared to change [that set image], but people that liked me continued to like me when I slowly changed. I’m just thankful.”

Recently, there was a controversy with the Chinese singer Ja-Ki-Park remaking, without permission, DBSK’s “Wasurenaide,” composed by Kim Jaejoong in Japan. Ja-Ki-Park’s remake was produced without discussion with Jaejoong and his reps and he received harsh protests from [Jaejoong’s] fans. Through a statement of his position, Ja-Ki-Park stated, “I know there is many stories and memories associated with this song, and I also like Kim Jaejoong’s talent and songs. I deeply regret my actions and I will solve all problems by negotiating with Kim Jaejoong himself.”

Afterwards, Kim Jaejoong revealed his thoughts on twitter by writing (in Japanese), “‘Wasurenaide’ isn’t my song or anyone else’s song. It is the 5-membered DBSK’s song. Therefore, I don’t want to sing it by myself or sing it as JY).”

During his interview, Kim Jaejoong confessed, “because it’s a common occurrence in China, I have no plans to take further action. However, I do hope he doesn’t sing [the song]. Regardless of it being a song that I wrote, because it is the 5-membered DBSK’s song, I am not singing it alone or as JYJ.

Furthermore, he explained, “I feel like [singing DBSK songs] would hurt fans who loved DBSK and continue to love DBSK. The nostalgic scent of the song is what the fans believe is was the most beautiful moment, and when someone else sings it without permission, fans become hurt.”

When I asked carefully, “do you have no plans of singing DBSK songs in the future?” Jaejoong quietly nodded and replied, “I would rather not…”

Kim Jaejoong communicates with his fans through twitter and reveals his thoughts. Sometimes he clearly expresses his thoughts in a very straightforward way, using firm tones. Although this may result in misunderstandings and animosity, he does not seem to mind.

He said, “I say what needs to be said. Although there may be negative responses, I don’t believe it’s wrong. I don’t write my personal opinion. I mostly write after thinking how would more people… everyone feel.” This can be interpreted as [Jaejoong] confidently revealing his beliefs after he thinks about it from an objective perspective, just as he looks at himself as an idol in a cold perspective.

On acting, Jaejoong, who is making his first appearance in a Korean drama, stated, “I’m was never greedy about being the leading actor, and it’s the same today. What’s important is how well you can bring your character to life. First, I want to receive recognition as a supporting actor who can colorfully bring life to a character. I don’t have the desire to play the leading roll using my fame.”


You can find the original interview here (in KOR).

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the following is an interview released today. I’ve translated most of the interview and rearranged it slightly by giving it subsections. (Parts that were omitted are marked with “….”)


On the character Cha Muwon…

When asked if he was similar to Cha Muwon in any way, Jaejoong first said that he didn’t think he had any similarities with him, then answered modestly when the reporter insisted.

“Cha Muwon is very much a cool person. Of course he has great ambitions, but he is kind to everyone and is a person with a large bowl, who seems to look at everything in the world. Instead of saying that there are ways I’m similar to such a character, there are things that I want to be like [Cha Muwon]. If there are things of myself that overlap with Cha Muwon, if there comes a time when I can shine the light in my eyes freely, than it might be that moment.”

With such a reply, I come to have great expectations for the character Cha Muwon and Jaejoong, who will act for the character. However, he says that in reality, he doesn’t have the confidence to grab Chae Kanghee, who will be part of a love triangle with Jaejoong and Jisung.

“If it was me, I would go to Jihyun, Jisung’s character. If you spend a lot of time together, you grow fond of each other, and like the saying that a fondness that results from fights lasts longer, it looks like the characters Jihyun and Eusul, played by Chae Kanghee, grow fond of each other after bickering amongst one another.”

Jaejoong’s opinion on older women…

In reality, Chae Kanghee is also a woman that’s older than Jaejoong. Kim Jaejoong gave noonas a message of hope, saying that he is okay with both dating and marrying older women.

“If I think about marriage, right now I think I am okay with women that are up to ten years older.”

Working with older actors on set…

…it’s Jaejoong’s first time in a Korean drama. Therefore, there’s that much more tension and anticipation. However, thankfully, he’s getting passing scores from fellow actors. Senior actors like Park Younggyu and Cha Hwayun, especially, showed their high expectations for Jaejoong, stating that he is “someone that will become great in the future.”

“It’s hard and there’s lots of learn. I’m trying to quickly adapt to the atmosphere on set. But more than that, I get strength because the senior actors on set really care for me. They also give me lots of advice. Senior Park Younggyu, especially, makes me feel really comfortable, reading the lines with me multiple times, despite being tired after a night-long shoot.”

Jaejoong’s physical fitness…

….On the question if he is confident in his physical fitness, Jaejoong said that contrary to what others may think, he isn’t too confident with his physical fitness.

“The filming itself is progressing with a happy atmosphere with everyone looking after each other. Also, I’m not the type to have great confidence in my fitness, but because I do have basic level of physical fitness, I’m trusting on that. I’m not too confident about night-long shoots, but I’m going to try my best, and because senior actors really don’t show how tired they are, I keep thinking that I must work even harder.”

….I was curious what the biggest difference between singing and acting is.

“First of all, singers spend all of their energy on the two, three hours that they are on stage. Actors, on the other hand, regulate their use of that energy [for a longer period].”

Jaejoong thinks he’s UGLY?!?!?!

I was really curious about Jaejoong’s (who’s the first in “airport fashion” and an icon of fashion) everyday look. But while talking about this, Jaejoong said something completely unexpected… that he is ugly. Staff nearby made an out cry and asked if he was purposely making a ludicrous statement.

“I think I’m ugly. My personality itself is very free and unaffected, but the reason why I couldn’t say this was because if I said that I thought I was ugly, I would feel sorry for fans that like me. But now I can say it without concern (laughter). I think most of my fans like me for my easy-going personality, and only a few like me because of my looks.”

These statements would most likely be surprising for fans, because he’s so milky and full of charm. But his ludicrous(?) statements continued. We couldn’t help laugh in this part of the interview. The words that he said as if nothing was wrong was quite fun to hear.

“When I am working as a singer, my hair style is very fancy and I wear a lot of accessories and my skin’s very white, so I cared more for the clothes that wear… but now, I go around in very comfortable clothing and look. And once in a while, I look at myself in the mirror and think, ‘You’ve lived well by decorating yourself well.'”

Two sides to modesty…

Since he debuted in 2004, 10 years is fast approaching. What’s changed the most since then?

“Of course on stage, I am now more relaxed. My surroundings have changed quite a bit… and in my opinion, I think I’ve re-found my sense of modesty. But there’s both a negative and positive side to that modestly, and in my case, I feel like it may be more negative. It’s good to have confidence while having modesty, but modesty which takes away even your self-confidence I think is a bad thing. I think at one point, I had become modest, but lost my confidence. Right now, I’m trying to recover.”

How Yuchun’s success affects Jaejoong…

JYJ members are all distinguishing themselves in acting. Park Yuchun, especially, have been receiving high scores as an actor. It seems like it would both encourage and pressure you.

“It does stimulate me a lot and also pressure me as well. Yuchun is a senior actor and I think it’s a good thing that he started. I am starting now as well. I am really going to try my best.”

The words that Jaejoong lives by…

….Jaejoong says the words he lives by changes constantly, and revealed the phrase he currently has in his heart.

“It’s to live the best as I can. And to not become greedy. I think that those that become too greedy may end up getting punished.”

Jaejoong’s dream

…I asked what his dream was. I was given an unexpected reply. I felt his passion and confidence to do the best he can today from his reply that he doesn’t have a dream.

“I don’t have a dream. My goals constantly change as well. Up until this point, when I set a goal for myself, I accomplished it. I had as much luck as how hard I worked. It was also possible because of the fans’ love. In different moments, I get different goals, and as I work hard to accomplish these goals, my dreams become a reality.”

Last but not least, Jaejoong didn’t forget to promote his drama. I highly anticipate the color of the new world that he will showcase at this new starting point.

“My dream ratings is 50% (laughter). Our drama can be watched by teenagers and older generation. I ask for your love.”


The original article can be found here (in KOR)

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Senior Actor Yuchun’s Advice to Jaejoong

In “Protect the Boss (PB),” Jaejoong has been cast for the roll of Cha Muwon, a director of headquarters and “prince of finance.” He’s Cha Jihyun’s (Jisung) cousin and will compete with him to take over a large company. JYJ members were, of course, the ones who were happiest with Jaejoong’s casting in PB. “Recently, I met Yuchun at a hair shop and he started creating a made-up situation.” Coincidentally, Park Yuchun currently plays director of headquarters Song Yuhyun in MBC’s “Miss Ripley.” “We’re both director of headquarters. To me, he said ‘Director Cha. I am Director Song. It’s been a while, Director Cha.’ (laughter)” Jaejoong also said that Yuchun advised him to take care of his health since he won’t be able to sleep a lot and [filming] will be difficult.

Staying physically fit is essential for actors who star in dramas. Recently, Jaejoong has become interested in “Gong-jin-dan” (type of traditional medicine)…. “I’ve been eating ‘Gong-jin-dan,’ given to me by fans, regularly. It’s supposed to be very expensive and when I eat it, I feel like I’m getting healthier.”

Atmosphere on Set is Great!

The prediction that because it’s still in the early stages of filming, actors will be awkward with each other was quite inaccurate. Apparently, the PB team has already been to a retreat due to Jisung’s suggestion. “The atmosphere is really great. At the retreat, the actors and staff became close by exchanging phone numbers. Since then, we’ve been sending each others text messages. I’ve slept on the same bed with senior Jisung at the retreat. (Chae) Kanghee noona told me, ‘I’ve heard quite a bit that Jaejoong’s a bit ‘out there’ [T/N: more accurately, she used the Korean phrase “4차원,” which means that you have a unique/strange way of thinking] and you really are’ (laughter).”

Although Jaejoong is the youngest on set, the person who creates the happy atmosphere is Jisung. “Since script reading, Jisung has been making a fun atmosphere for everyone. I’ve very thankful that Cha Hwayung and Park Youngkyu have been giving me lots of advice. Because the genre’s romantic comedy, laughter doesn’t stop during script reading.”

Which female character in PB is closer to JJ’s Ideal Woman?

In “PB,” Jaejoong acts with Chae Kanghee (character No Eunsul) and Wang Jihae (character Suh Nayoon). Which character is more similar to Kim Jaejoong’s ‘ideal woman?’ “Eunsul is easy-going and blunders a lot. Nayoon has ambition and is proud and harsh. If I must compare the two, Eunsul is more closer to my ‘ideal woman.’ If [my girlfriend] was very ambitious and possessive like Nayoon, I feel like it would be difficult. Of course, the best is a mix of the two.”

For a while, Jaejoong has said that his ideal woman is ‘a woman who gives him a good first feeling.’ “When I was young, I watched the drama ‘Petticoat Government’ and got very into it, so my ideal woman was seniors Kang Sooyeon and Jun Inhwa, who star in the drama… and there hasn’t been much change since then.”


The original article can be found here (in KOR)

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Last year, during their interview, group “JYJ’s” members Junsu and Yuchun called Jaejoong as a “hyung with lots of talent.” They also guaranteed that because he has so much talent, starting next year, his true worth will be revealed one by one. Their predictions have hit the mark. Although Kim Jaejoong started his solo activities the latest amongst his members, his activities are most diverse. After acting as the overall director for “JYJ’s” World Tour Concert, he also directed “gymnastics fairy” Son Yeonjae’s “gymnastics gala show.” While he is at it, he plans to show off his talent as an “actor” this August. Kim Jaejoong will knock [the doors] of household theaters as “Cha Muhyun,” the son of a leading domestic company group in SBS’s Wed-Thurs drama “Protect the Boss” set to air on August 3rd. [“Cha Muhyun”] is a flawless man with good looks, wealth, and personality.

“Although he is called a ‘cold city man,’ he’s not always cold and cool-headed. He has a rivalry with older cousin Jihyun (Jisung) during work, but is a naive man who shows a cutely strange side when he’s with him. He’s cold only in his exterior and his actually a person with a warm heart when you get to know him.”

The love triangle surrounding the female lead Chae Kanghee’s character Eunsul is also something to see.

“Because it hasn’t been long since we started shooting, the character Cha Muhyun isn’t quite clear yet. Inside me, its unfocused and messy. I had many conversations with the director and writer. I think they looked for Cha Muhyun inside me through not only acting-related topics but also through ordinary conversations. Starting from episode 3~4, you should be able to catch a glance of real Kim Jaejoong inside Cha Muhyun.”

This isn’t [Jaejoong’s] first time acting. In 2009, He took his first step in acting through the movie “Postman to Heaven” and worked with Japanese stars in Japan’s FujiTV drama “Because I Can’t be Truthful” in 2010. However, he emphasized that his real start as an actor is through “Protect the Boss.”

“Although ‘Postman to Heaven’ is my debut piece, I wasn’t prepared as an actor. I started shooting just after memorizing my lines, without any preparation… so I didn’t have the proper courtesy for acting. I’m satisfied with “Because I Can’t be Truthful” because I filmed it with sufficient preparation. However, there is a slight dissatisfaction because the ratings weren’t as great as I had hoped. ‘Protect the Boss’ is a piece that I’m starting after a course of preparation so there’s great attachment to it, and the thought of presenting in front of domestic fans makes my hear flutter.”

I’ve dismissed the thought of doing too well. I’m satisfied if I’m not awkward and can just harmonize with the other seniors starring in the drama. Jaejoong’s acting teacher Ahn Naesang told him, “you shouldn’t act like you’re acting. Don’t act like you’re acting.”  Although the meaning behind the advice is vague right now, Jaejoong plans to keep thinking about it as he acts. Right now, his head is full of acting.

“The members and I watched the first episode of Yuchun’s ‘Miss Ripley’ together. But I’m never going to do that. There’s still great tension when I’m showing [my acting] to the members. I’m just going to watch it alone in hiding. Haha.”

For Kim Jaejoong, who has said that it took him so long to pick which music style he liked, the question about what kind of actor he wants to become is still difficult.

“This is just the beginning. Right now, because it’s the start to a new challenge, I want to take it on gradually and learn.”


The original article can be found here :)

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