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Most viewers gave favorable reviews to “Protect the Boss.”

In the first episode of the new SBS drama “Protect the Boss,” which aired on August 3rd, the first meeting and current situation of No Eunsul (Chae Kanghee), a woman who is having trouble finding a job, and Cha Jihyun (Jisung), a sharp tempered man who acts as he pleases, was explained.

This episode especially caught people’s attention by comically portraying an incident in which a head of a company assaulted a group of individuals in a retaliatory manner. The incident was portrayed with comical elements so that you could laugh and watch light-heatedly despite [the serious nature] of the actual incident.

While the episode was aired, viewers mostly showed favorable responses through SNS, stating things such as, “this has the smell of a hit,” “Protect the Boss is good,” “why is this so funny,” “I see scenes which I seem to have seen on the news,” “my boss is handsome,” “this is really funny. BB cream is only for business,” “Jisung is cute and funny,” “is this the story of the president of a certain company?” “flourish,” “I don’t watch dramas but I have to watch PtB,” “PtB is a drama which pinches the society. No Eunsul seems like us.”


You can read the original article here (in KRN)

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Vocal group JYJ’s member Kim Junsu will join the OST for SBS drama “The Scent of a Woman.”

According to SBS on the 22nd, Kim Junsu will join “The Scent of a Woman’s” OST and make a special appearance as a popular singer named “Junsu.”

In the OST, Kim Junsu plans to use his signature sweet voice to express the female character’s dear and sweet love, despite being terminally ill. The chorus especially (“You are so beautiful. You are so wonderful.”) will leave a strong lingering feeling and shake the hearts of women. A rep explained that the ballad, which has an overall fantastical feeling of someone whispering in your ear, matches perfectly with Junsu’s charming voice.

Through the relationship established through the OST, Junsu will make a special appearance in the 5th episode and appear in a scene where he enjoys a sweet date with the female main character Yeonjae (played by Kim Sun-Ah). During the date with Kim Sun-Ah, he will show off his sweet charm by personally singing her a song and taking pictures with her. Yeonjae, who has been sentenced a time-limited life will basically get to accomplish “have a date with Junsu” on her bucket list.

The producers revealed, “with the help of Junsu, who is extremely popular and as a great voice, the overall quality of ‘The Scent of a Woman’s’ OST will increase. Please look forward to Kim Junsu’s surprise appearance as an actor. You will be able to experience a bright and gentle heartwarming feeling.”



You can find the full article here (in KOR)

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The following is a translation of an excerpt from Jisung’s (Jisung is the other male lead actor in “Protect the Boss”) interview, where he talks about Jaejoong. :)

How Jisung became friends with Jaejoong…

Jisung explained, “before starting our shoot for the drama, the entire staff and cast went to a retreat together. I met Jaejoong for the first time there. I ended up sharing a room with Jaejoong when I went to bed after having a bit to drink with dinner. The room only had one king-sized bed. We didn’t really want to sleep on the floor, so we ended up using the single bed together. But because it was so hot, we both just went to bed in our underwear. We naturally grew closer together [after this] just as guys tend to become friends after going to a public bath together.”

Jisung’s opinion of Jaejoong and his acting

….Jisung wasn’t stingy with his praise on Jaejoong’s passion for acting. Jisung explained, “although Kim Jaejoong is at the top as a singer, Jaejoong thinks that this is his first step in acting and therefore is living up to his roll as the youngest on set. He analyzes his character diligently. He has the mind of a pro and is very responsible.”

Furthermore, he said, “because Jaejoong works so hard, everyone including me, seniors Park Youngkyu and Cha Hwayeon, and the staff try to help him get used to acting. Jaejoong is that much hard-working and is therefore loved by everyone on set. I hope he will be able accomplish his first try at acting smoothly.”


You can find the full article here (in KOR)

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The following is an excerpt from a news article based on Radio 21’s special on JYJ, which aired yesterday. Director Lee JaeEun of Prain (JYJ’s publicist) gave an interview during the radio program and here’s what she said:


JYJ rep, “KBS had said that ‘there was absolutely no external pressure…'” Director Lee JaeEun, “already reported to Fair Trade Commission, album late this year, and preparing for tour.”

Prain’s Director Lee JaeEun, who in charge of JYJ’s overall communication, gave an interview after reporter Kim and expressed her frustration that “what she can understand the least is the basic purpose of this [Jeju] broadcast.”

“When we received an offer to appear [on the program], I specifically told KBS Jeju that ‘because there are times when [the network] is pressured externally [to cancel on the artist], in order to protect the artist, I will not make a decision unless [JYJ’s] appearance on the program is a sure thing.’ [In response], KBS Jeju replied that ‘such a thing would never happen’ and that ‘this broadcast is a special program to promote Jeju, and since JYJ is its honorary ambassador, why would we have problems?’ But despite such a promise, we received a one-sided cancellation notice 4 days before the concert, after we had already received cue sheets.

Director Lee received attention by revealing that they had already reported this incident to the Fair Trade Commission and received an official document registering the report. Director Lee stated, “the investigator in charge told us that there was more than enough proof” and emphasized, “the problem is that this incident isn’t the first, but currently such situations are occurring repeatedly. Although the courts have made the decision that we should receive compensation when the ex-management company unfairly interferes with [JYJ’s activities], unexplainable incidents continue to occur over and over again.”

Furthermore, Director Lee stated, “every time such unjust situations occur, no matter how small or how big, C-JeS entertainment has filed complaints and lawsuits. All will become evidence in the original lawsuit. On this matter, we have taken all action that we could, and from now on we will concentrate our efforts in quickening the ruling in the original lawsuit.” However, Director Lee did draw a line by stating, “this isn’t about raising questions on the position of honorary ambassador or the island of Jeju.”

Currently, JYJ is planning the release of a new album and the start of another world tour during the later half of this year. Director Lee stated, “because [JYJ] is such a worldwide group, the scale is enormous and we’re looking at the entire second half of the year to plan [their new schedules]. Because it hasn’t been long since the world tour ended, we were thinking of taking a breather, but because [JYJ] is being sought-after greatly within not only Korea, but also North America and Europe, we decided to go right into preparing.” [JYJ] is also preparing their second Worldwide album as well.

When asked how JYJ members were doing, Director Lee replied, “the members are more brave than anyone else. They are making good progress in their planned path. However, they are very worried about their fans, who are forced to go through such injustices because they are JYJ fans. They are trying to stay resolute for their fans.”

The feelings JYJ have for their fans are special. Furthermore, they have great pride for their fans. When I see them use the phrase, ‘well, our fans are…’ after each sentence, I get the thought that they’ve become firmer and closer together by experiencing difficult situations. I am so thankful that there are fans who love JYJ’s music and their dream, and I hope you don’t become too upset because of this recent matter.”

Lastly, Director Lee asked for the support of the Korean public stating, “during this recent matter, not only fans, but the general public including the people on Jeju Island gave us their support. In fact, there’s a side of thankfulness because this incident helped spread the news that JYJ is fighting against injustice. Because this incident is unrelated to the task of publicizing Jeju, JYJ will continue to do their best in promoting Korea’s excellence and Jeju’s beauty to the rest of the world as world stars.”


You can read the entire article here (IN KOR).

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This is C-JeS Entertainment.

We are announcing our stance on KBS’s one-sided cancellation notification of JYJ’s appearance in KBS Jeju N7W Special Promotional Program.

Mid-April, through a phone call with the Jeju provincial government, we received their wish to appoint JYJ as an honorary ambassador to promoting Jeju’s selection in New 7 Wonders. The date in which we officially received the roles of an honorary ambassador and their reason for selecting JYJ through e-mail was April 26th.

However, it is customary for honorary ambassadors to begin their promotional activities after being appointed through an appointment ceremony and official press statements are released. Because the time in which we received the offer was during JYJ’s World Tour, we first politely declined their initial offer because we would be unable to hold an appointment ceremony.

However, the local government of Jeju-do stated that they were preparing a special broadcast program in July and that because they are preparing an appointment ceremony to be held then, they proposed that JYJ begin their promotional activities [before the ceremony] since they urgently needed publicity. JYJ, as Korea’s artist, accepted the position of honorary ambassador with responsibility in letting the world know of the domestic brand and Jeju’s 7 Wonders.

On May 4th, the Jeju local government notified the appointment of new honorary ambassadors through the press and [JYJ] officially began their promotional activities. JYJ, who was at the time holding their world tour, promoted Jeju Island and actively cooperated by filming videos encouraging on-line and phone voting as honorary ambassadors. Furthermore, last May, Jeju local government sent us a thank you mail stating that Jeju N7W were being publicized nationwide thanks to JYJ. In addition, the special broadcast program was decided to be held on July 20th, and JYJ was supposed to perform two songs and be officially appointed as honorary ambassadors.

However, on July 16th, 4 days before the concert, we received sudden one-sided notification that our appearance on television has been canceled.  The reason was, “if JYJ appears, the program itself may not air,” a final notification without specific explanation. Today, although KBS claimed to have apologized to JYJ, we have only received one-sided cancellation and never an apology with official explanation.

We believe the broadcasting networks have the right to decide on the people that appear for the sake of their program. However, as this program was a special program wishing for Jeju’s appointment as the New 7 Wonders, and since JYJ has been selected as the official honorary ambassadors and have been holding promotional activities for three months, we insist on an official position from Jeju government and KBS regarding this one-sided cancellation notice.

Furthermore, C-JeS Entertainment will report the organizer, who has one-sidedly (without previous consultation with the artist) sent us a cancellation notice 4 days before the performance to the Fair Trade Commission, and will take legal action against this incident where the party promised JYJ a special broadcast program on their appointment ceremony, but deceived the artist by one-sidedly cancelling their appointment ceremony after using them for promotional activities.

Finally, JYJ’s current lawsuit is a civil suit regarding unfair contract with their previous management company, and is in reality, a weak artist’s fight against the unjust nature of exclusive contract, and thus is not a lawsuit which causes social problems or has moral issues. Furthermore, the courts have already decided that while this lawsuit is undergoing, JYJ has the right to resume their activities as free artists.

Most importantly, we apologize to JYJ fans who have received great shock through this unacceptable situation, and regardless of this situation, JYJ will continue to support promoting Jeju’s N7W as Korean citizens.

Thank You.


The original announcement can be found here (in Kor)

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Group JYJ is unable to hide their confusion with the sudden notification canceling their appearance on a broadcast program promoting Jeju’s 7 wonders of nature.

C-JeS Entertainment, company in charge of JYJ’s management, revealed on the afternoon of the 16th, “JYJ was about to appear on a special broadcast program as honorary ambassadors to Jeju’s 7 wonders of nature, but received a cancellation notification today. We ask for your understanding in this sudden cancellation announcement, and will make further announcements as soon as we confirm the details.”

Furthermore, a JYJ rep stated, “we received the cancellation notice today (16th), just four days before the concert. We had already bought plane tickets and received cue sheets. More importantly, because two members are filming dramas, we told the production company and had made time in their schedule [for the appearance in Jeju]. Even the members couldn’t hide their confusion when they received the news.”

He also added, “furthermore, because of JYJ’s appearance, fans passionately participated in the promotional voting for Jeju’s 7 wonders of nature. Domestic fans participated passionately in such ways, and there are fans from Japan who are coming to Jeju Island just to see the concert on the 20th. We are disappointed and sad that they sent us a cancellation notice without basis.

“because it’s not a regular program like variety shows, we had prepared passionately with the thought that we are participating in enhancing the nation’s image. We can only be saddened by this unreasonable one-sided notification and can only feel apologetic for fans.”

Beforehand, Jeju Island revealed that they had picked JYJ as honorary ambassadors for foreign promotion of Jeju, which has been picked as a candidate for the world’s new 7 wonders of nature. Jeju Island’s reason was that they predicted JYJ will have a great effect on increasing foreign votes.

The host had emphasized through promotional videos that JYJ is active as honorary ambassadors for Jeju in N7W, and had advised people to vote for Jeju for globalization of the Korean brand. By appearing in “Wishing for the 7 Wonders, KBS special live broadcast” on the 20th, JYJ had planned to add strength to Jeju’s selection as one of the world’s 7 wonders.


You can find the original article (in Korean) here.

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One sentence summary (thanks to @inheaven_wJYJ): “Honorary ambassador who can’t attend promotion events for their cause… basically people just wanted to take advantage of JYJ’s big i-fandom.”

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Injustice, once again. It looks like KBS notified C-JeS of this sudden cancellation today, without explanation.


Hello, this is C-JeS Entertainment.

JYJ was supposed to appear on television in a special program on the 20th as honorary ambassadors to Jeju Island for N7W, but received sudden notification today that their appearance has been canceled.

We have requested the exact reason behind  this sudden cancellation.

We ask for your understanding in this sudden cancellation announcement, and will give additional announcements with confirmed details as soon as possible.

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