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~*We will always be with JYJ!!*~
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Announcements on Payment

To all JYJ’s international fans around the world


We thank you so much for all your concerns and interests in JYJ 3hreevoices II.
On the matter of the payment, as a lot of fans have suggested, we decided to adopt Paypal.
However, this is going to take some time and we are not sure at the moment when this is going to be available.
We will let you know as soon as we implement Paypal.
Meanwhile, we will omit the requirement “wire transfer within 3days of registration” for the wire transfer customers.
You will now have two options for payment, either Paypal or wire transfer, but the deadline May 15th still remains.



About Lucky Lottery Event

We also want to inform you about the Lucky Lottery Event.

You will be registered for the event automatically when you send your order registration email to us.

Prizes are

Autographed Polaroid pictures of JYJ
Autographed Polaroid Camera that JYJ used to take pictures while shooting videos for 3hree voices.
Yukata(Japanese traditional bathrobe) that Junsu wore.
Posters designed by Eto-san.

Further notice will be announced through our JYJ 3hree voices website. Until then, please check out website regularly for further announcements. Thank you.


Source. 3hree Voicess
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~*We will always be with JYJ!!*~
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Order: May 1st – May 15th

  • – Your order CANNOT be returned once the package has been opened
  • – Your order CANNOT be cancelled after May 16th

Price $ 99

Please fill out the registration form below in ENGLISH ONLY.
Once completed, email it to 3hreevoices@3hreevoices.com

Registration Form (ALL information MUST be filled out including emergency contact number)

1. Name:
2, Country:
3. Address (Including postal code):
4. E-mail:
5. Mobile phone number:
6. Emergency contact number (for shipping) (NOT mobile number):

*The registration form MUST be submitted in ENGLISH
PLEASE NOTE: Other languages will NOT be accepted

Wire bank transfer must be carried out within 3 days of registration


Note: It looks like international orders must be paid via a wire bank transfer. 3hreevoices.com doesn’t specify where international fans must wire the money to in the order form, so I’m guessing that you must e-mail the registration form first before you can pay for your order.



(+) I’ve noticed how some people were wondering if the product will be sold by other stores or merchants. According to the following notice which was posted in the Korean portion of the site, you WILL NOT be able to buy 3hree Voices II through other means. I can only assume that the same applies for international orders as well.


Hello, this is JYJ 3hreevoices.com

Because there as been many inquiries regarding re-print and regular edition, we are replying [with an answer].

After midnight on April 24th [T/N: this was the last date for pre-orders for KOREAN ORDERS], you will not be able to buy JYJ 3hree Voices II in any other place.

We positively have NO plans to sell [the DVD] on the market or to have re-prints or regular versions. Furthermore, please note once again that after this period, you will be unable to cancel your order.

Thank you.

Source. 3hree voices

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(Explanation on how to order for Japanese fans omitted) 

I hope that you gain courage and hope in meeting them—they are very cool.

I think that you will shout out

“Kyaa~!!!” 125 times,

“Cute!!!” 89 times, and

“So cool!!!” 62 times.

I hope that you will taste to your heart’s content their Japanese as well.

On the recommended order of viewing,

To watch from Junsu -> Jaejoong -> Yoochun may be the best.

Please prepare a handkerchief and tissues to watch.

Then, I will go to sleep now.

Good night…

Source. Hayato’s blog
Translation by. JYJ3
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[DVD] JYJ 3hree Voices Ⅱ

DVD Contents
Disc 1
1. JUNSU 50 min
2. JEJUNG 50 min
Disc 2
3. YUCHUN 50 min
4. MAKING 30 min

Price : ¥ 9,240 (Inclusive of tax ¥440)
Product No :880611
Sound : Sound Dolby Digital 2.0
Release Date : 2011.05.11

Other Details:
※ Full Import Set
※ First Press Preorder Box Set Version
※ Each person can order a maximum of 2 copies
※ First Press Goods for orders from Japan:
Special Booklet, Essay Collection “God of the Wind” (16 Pages)
※ 5 registered members will be selected randomly to get a polaroid photo

※ Once the order is placed, it cannot be cancelled. 
※ Once opened, the item cannot be returned
※ Delivery of item will start on 11 May


Source: 3hreevoices.com
Translated by: dongbangdata
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Source. 3hreevoices.com, JYJ3

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