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Continues in taking charge of the directing, from “JYJ World Tour” to Sohn Yeonjae’s gala show


“I dream of installing an extremely big electronic display in Namsan Tower (T/N: An iconic Korean landmark) and performing. The artists perform underneath the Namnsan Tower and the people of Seoul, whoever he is, from anywhere, can see the stage. I become happy just imagining it.”

The reporter just let out one question of whether “directing performances is fun,” but group JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong let his ideas forth one after the other.

Kim Jaejoong, whom this reporter met recently in a café in Shinsadong, was immersed in the fun of directing performances.

“I want to try doing a performance in which the stage and the set are made of LED and lights. I also want to do a performance in which the artist walks on the ceiling of the concert hall. I do get stressed, but there are just too many ideas that I have to pour onto the stage.”

He took on the role of the executive director for “JYJ World Tour Concert 2011” and continuing, will be in charge of the directing of the first gala show of Sohn Yeonjae, the “fairy of rhythmic gymnastics,” that will be held in Koryo University’s Hwajung Gymnasium on the 11th and 12th of next month.

In the two performances he not only directs the stage but also leads the music work, choreography, and costumes. Therefore among JYJ members and staff he is called “Kim Direct.”

JYJ has recently finished their Asia concerts that were in Thailand, Taiwan, and China. They have ahead of them the North America Tour that will circle the area, starting with the performance in Vancouver, Canada in Rogers Arena, then going to New Jersey, US in Prudential Center on the 22th, Los Angeles in Nokia Theater on the 27th, and San Jose University Event Center on the 3rd of next month.

Kim Jaejoong relayed his impressions: “Each country’s venue has its own particularities and concert regulations that create differences in conditions for production, and so I keep learning with each and every stage. There is the fun of the “trial and error” becoming reduced and the sense of satisfaction that I feel in standing with the members on the stage that I conceived is bigger than I can say.” (more…)

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