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It’s beyond “Sports Idol.” One member is personally doing hat tricks as a soccer player running across the field, and another member is working as the director of a rhythmic gymnastic gala show. It’s an enthusiastic action beyond the level of hobby or appearance as a friend. Idol group JYJ from DBSK’s active crossover into sports is catching people’s attention.

JYJ’s Cross-over into Sports

JYJ is participating as a member of Park Jisung’s charity soccer Asian Dream Cup, which will be held on June 15th at Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. After participating as a coaching staff in boyhood clinic on the 14th, they are scheduled to perform on 15th, the day of the game, at half-time. Being passionate soccer-lovers and fans of Park Jisung, JYJ themselves volunteered for participation despite their busy world tour schedule.

Furthermore, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong recently transformed into the director for Sohn Yeonjae’s rhythmic gymnastics gala show. Kim Jaejoong, who showed off  his touch as the overall director for JYJ’s Asia Tour, is participating as the director of ‘LG Whisen Rhythmic All Stars 2011’ which will be held on June 11~12th at the special stage in Hwajung Gymnastics of Korea University. It’s become known that he is involved in directing all parts [of the performance], including music selection and arrangement, stage effects, choreography, and costume styling. He is showing great passion for his new job as a director, personally watching various rhythmic gymnastics videos to separately learn about the sport and thinking about ways to combine popular appeal with artistic expression. Because Son Yeonjae returned on the 17th after completing her appearance in the World Cup series for three years straight and JYJ is currently in Canada for the North American Tour which begins on the 20th, the director and the athlete have not yet met. Kim Jaejoong and Son Yeonjae is exchanging opinions for the best performance through JYJ’s choreography team leader’s e-mail. (more…)

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LOL~ Junsu’s expressions are so cute!! >_<

Source. Xiah Picnic, DC TVXQ Gallery
Translated by. withJYJ
~*We will always be with JYJ!!*~
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110506 MBC News – Kim Junsu’s “Mozart!” Sold Out In 4 Minutes

[TRANS] Idol star Kim Junsu once again showed off his ticket power. Kim Junsu stars as Mozart’s lead and the 13,000 seats for Junsu’s shows sold out in 4 minutes. (more…)

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@elvisoon is a reporter who plays for FC Miracle, the team FC MEN played a game with yesterday. Here’s what he tweeted about the game:


Reporter: Go, go to play soccer!!! A battle with Xiah Junsu FC MEN!!! Kekeke

Reporter: Due to the depletion of my stamina I thought I’d die for being out of breath… but the coach wouldn’t let there be a change… so I begged to return to the bench… kekeke I heard the fans of Xiah Junsu laugh… ^^* @mjjaje: @elvisoon You were funny a bit ago keke It was due for a substitution but … kekekeke We laughed so hard keke

Reporter: Main game 4:4 tie (Miracle FC: FC MEN)… The additional bonus game, we lost. ^^*

Reporter: I sincerely thank the fans of Xiah Junsu who shoutd out “Reporter Hwang (T/N: the writer), Fighting” during the game~~ kekeke @mjjajae: @elvisoon The fans asked (each other) who “visoon”-nim (T/N: Reporter) was and we laughed keke We were envious seeing you with Junsu oppa….

Reporter: Oh yes, after today’s game, to all members of both teams Xiah Junsu bought pork belly… It was delicious and I ate well~~~. *bow~!!!* ^^*

Reporter: Kekeke to be honest Junsu is much better…^^* @mjjaje: @elvisoon Yes! You were more flying (T/N: running well) than Junsy oppa haha You stood out more~ keke

Reporter: I’m dying of paying…. Kekeke Whoa~ Junsu, that fellow~ he ran quite well? Chasing him… my legs may break… kekeke

Reporter: Lol~ It really wasn’t anything… “Aren’t you tired?”… “Careful~”… “My blisters all popped…” The end… ㅡㅡ+  kekeke @ssong2_jyj: @elvisoon But it was very cool, your running and giving your all!! Hehehe Also saw you exchanging words with Junsu oppa ^^^^

Reporter: How the heck would I know? It’s not as if I took off his, Junsu’s, shoes… ㅡㅡ+ keke @tvxqtrust: @elvisoon: Are you saying that Junsu oppa’s blisters burst!?T_T What blisters T_T

Source. @elvisoon
Translation by. JYJ3
Shared by. withJYJ

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Click on the image to play the video of Junsu fooling around with Kyungsik (#17) and Seulong taking care of his hyung~ >_< 

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+) an enlarged photo of Junsu’s profile picture >_<

 Source. 봉추, 퍼플라인 in DC TVXQ Gallery
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“We just hope he won’t get hurt!”

Junsu’s unstoppable love for soccer has become a hot topic.

Kim Junsu, who is part of Suwon Blue Wings FC MEN, lead his team to victory with a hat trick and a final score of 5-0 on a game against Inchun Design High School women’s soccer team held on the 24th at Suwon World Cup Stadium. Junsu tasted twice the happiness by being picked as the day’s MVP due to his distinguished role.

FC MEN is composed of singers, actors, comedians, and models who love soccer and Kim Junsu serves as its captain.

Furthermore, the process Kim Junsu went through to participate in this game is remarkable. The day before the game, the 23rd, Kim Junsu stood on the stage for “2011 JYJ World Tour Concert in 2011” held at Taiwan Taipei Dome.

Kim Junsu who displayed passionate dance and singing throughout the entire 120 minute performance rode the plane alone, leaving early before the other members, and arrived in Inchun Airport. After arriving, Junsu directly left for Suwon World Cup stadium without having any rest and having time to only pack his uniform. [However], as soon as the game started, went across the field and displayed his best ability.

The agency marvels at Junsu’s unstoppable love for soccer. C-JeS Entertainment’s representative Park Chang Ju revealed,Kim Junsu’s enjoyment of soccer is a completely private affair. I want to actively support [his soccer playing] within the scope that it doesn’t interfere with his activities [as a singer]. Of course, in the agency’s point of view, we can only be anxious that he might get hurt during a game. We just hope that he won’t get injured.”


 C-JeS’s position on Junsu’s love for soccer, shows yet again how differently the boys are being treated. Unlike their old management company, C-JeS actually cares about the members and respects and supports their personal wishes and decisions. Away from their ex-managers, the boys actually have time for personal hobbies and activities! O_o I can only be too sure that FC MEN would have never happened in the members’ horrid ex-management company… and fans would have never seen Junsu smile so widely on the soccer field! T_T


Source. Nate News
Translation by. withJYJ


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