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Summary of “JYJ-KBS incident”

[The below facts are presented in chronological order.]

1. On February 18, 2011, the court issued a judgement that ends JYJ’s dual-contract controversy. The judgment indicated that the subordinate contract between SM and JYJ had been invalidated by the previous ruling on the provisional injunction[on OCT 27, 2009], and thus SM cannot get involved in JYJ’s contract with C-JeS, which is not of an exclusive contract with subordinating nature.

2. On February 25, 2011, a viewer asked why JYJ still is not appearing on KBS programs despite the ruling from the court on KBS’s audience service’s inquiry board on its website.

3. Since then, there were many theories proposed as to why JYJ has not appeared on television, followed by heated controversy. However, for the first time, entertainment department directly expressed its stance on May 18, 2011, and the post seemed to be speaking on KBS’s behalf.

4. KBS’s official statement “The reason JYJ cannot appear on ‘Music Bank,’obstruction of order in Culture industry” (To read the full text translated, Click )

– The essentials of the statement were: 1) JYJ is in a legal dispute with its former management company, 2) there seems to be a dual-contract problem, 3) under the current circumstances, JYJ’s appearance on television will obstruct the order of the culture industry.

5. In regards to this statement, JYJ strongly refuted.

– “Dual-contract?” JYJ strongly refutes KBS’s response to a viewer that ignored the court’s decision. (To read the full text translated: Click )

– C-JeS refuted that the subordinate contract with the former management company already has been invalidated by the court, and the court also judged that there is no dual-contract. Also, it expressed its disapproval of KBS’s expression! of JYJ as an artist who aroused criticism, despite the fact that JYJ have been in this lonely fight against entertainment giants to protect rights of artists. (more…)

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T/N: The following is a good article about one of the key issues at stake here–the public’s right to demand, see, and judge for themselves an artist. What gave the national broadcasting companies (which are supposedly “public” companies and thus receive taxes paid Korean citizens, BTW) the right to arbitrary censor artists they deemed “might make someone angry?” Please read :)


The ironical situation of Park Yuchun’s casting in MBC drama “Miss Ripley” and his inability to appear on MBC entertainment programs at the same time… the situation arising from KBS’s restraint of letting JYJ on broadcasts… amongst Korean idols, there isn’t anyone who has as many controversies as JYJ.

There isn’t a single musical program who will allow JYJ to stand on stage, and although they say there aren’t any restrictions, we also cannot find programs trying to let JYJ on the air.

There isn’t direct evidence for the claim that SM Entertainment, JYJ’s ex-management company, has pressured the broadcasting companies in any way. However, it’s also true that all broadcasting companies are reluctant to allow JYJ, the group at the center of the controversy, on stage.

JYJ is being reviewed as having proposed a new model for idols. Unlike other idols who set their looks at their head, [JYJ] have set their singing abilities as their foundation and their performances and singing have achieved  steady improvement. Furthermore, each member’s musical capabilities are also excellent and thus the members are showing off their abilities in songwriting, and they are being recognized as real artists beyond idol singers, with JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong even acting as the director for the World Tour. (more…)

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Shortly after the release an official stance by KBS on the exclusion of JYJ from music show broadcasts and variety show programs on May 18th, JYJ’s agency, CJES Entertainment fired back with a heated response, claiming that their statements did not match up with the current situation. KBS had since deleted their post from their official site, which brought upon further speculations amongst fans.

The next day, KBS’s promotional team explained that their official statement was actually an outdated statement that was written back in February as a response to a question that was posted on their bulletin board that asked about JYJ’s lack of broadcast appearances.

KBS’s promotional team explained, “The statement was a reply to a question that our help desk received back in February, but because of a certain service error, the response was posted late, which is why we took it down shortly after.”

KBS also came forth to explain that the only reason why JYJ have not yet appeared on “K-Chart” or performed on “Music Bank” was simply because JYJ hadn’t released a new single or album since February.

They stated, “The group has only been releasing OSTs, not official albums. When they do release official albums, a decision on whether they will appear on broadcast will be made by the show’s producer.”

In contrast to KBS’s statements though, JYJ did indeed release an official album back in 2010, titled “The Beginning“, and also unveiled a ‘music essay’ back in January 2011. (more…)

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<Full Text Translated>

We appreciate that KBS officially stated its stance saying that JYJ will be able to appear on Music Bank when JYJ release an official album. According to recent cases, it is inevitable that artists are in inferior positions when a broadcast company refuses appearances on TV regardless of what the reason may be.

In Feb, the court acknowledged that SM interfered in JYJ’s album release by sending official document to Warner Music, production label of JYJ, and ordered SM to pay compensation for the interference. In the view of these facts, there still are many obstacles stading in JYJ’s way to release an official album. [Translator’s Note: In Oct 2010, SM sent an official document to Warner Music, asking not to distribute JYJ’s worldwide album <The Beginning>.]

But we will overcome this invisible external pressure for our fans waiting for us and release an official album. With this, we hope that we will meet the viewers via Music Bank.

And regarding the present situation, the issue is not only about JYJ’s appearance but also about the inappropriate post on a public online forum that damages JYJ’ name. Therefore we request that KBS rectify this in order to minimize misunderstanding that the post may ensue.  (more…)

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Okay, now this is just plain stupid.


KBS has revealed its official statement regarding group JYJ’s appearance in 2TV music program “Music Bank.”

Music Bank stated on the afternoon of the 19th, “because JYJ has not released new songs, they are not candidates for appearing in ‘Music Bank.’ On the topic of drama OSTs (T/N: Soundtracks), they are not candidates for appearances and [the singer] must officially release new songs to be considered as candidates.

T/N: By the way, does anyone remember ss501’s “Because I’m Stupid” and Taeyeon’s “What if”? They were major hit songs from dramas (oh yes, they were part of drama OSTs. ss501’s song from the drama “Boys Over Flowers” and “What if” from the drama “Hong  Gil Dong.” And guess what? BOTH singers appeared on KBS Music Bank and sang their hit songs from the DRAMA OSTs (and their songs, of course, were included in Music Bank’s K-Chart). Oh, and who can forget how KBS themselves counted JYJ’s “Found You” on their K-Chart, BEFORE the court’s decision on February 17th? KBS, are you seriously changing your own rules suddenly just to keep JYJ off the air and avoid admitting that you cower under these so-called major management companies of idol groups?

“Music Bank” replied, “before the decision was made on the lawsuit on February 17th, we excluded JYJ from appearing because it could have affected the lawsuit. Afterward, they weren’t candidates because they hadn’t released new songs, not because we specially regulated their appearance.”

Furthermore, they revealed “later if [JYJ] releases new songs and it’s a target for K-Chart, they may become candidates for appearing [in Music Bank].

T/N: Oh, believe me KBS. We will hold you to that word… or embarrass you once more for your hypocrisy and stupidity in the process. (more…)

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JYJ’s official statement regarding KBS’s ban of broadcast appearances

[Park Jae Duk] First of all, in the case of lawsuit that KBS has made an issue of, the court already ruled last year that SM’s subordinate contract with JYJ was invalid as the court judged that the contract was unilateral and unfair to JYJ. Also last February, the court also acknowledged SM’s interference of JYJ’s entertainment activities and has issued an indirect compulsory order in support of the invalidity of the contract. Thus, KBS’s insistence is not logical.

In addition, as known, the court has dismissed SM’s application of provisional injunction regarding the ‘dual-contract,’ and also issued a judgment saying that SM should not interfere with JYJ signing a contract with C-JeS Entertainment and continuing their activities.

We believe that it was an inappropriate remark of KBS as a public broadcasting company, saying something is far from objective facts, as if JYJ, who have been in this lonely fight against a giant management company demanding a reasonable contract as an artist, have caused a social problem.

We strongly request that KBS formally rectify remarks to the public who’s not aware of the situation may misunderstand. (more…)

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KBS is severely criticized for its remarks regarding JYJ.

On May 17, 2011, KBS posted a response to a post titled ‘Request for an explanation why JYJ cannot appear on <Music Bank>’ on on KBS’s online production crew message board[on their official website.]

KBS remarked, ‘JYJ have been in the process of lawsuit with their former management company[SM], so KBS is closely monitoring the result of the lawsuit from an objective standpoint. It could influence on the current case if celebrities under lawsuit who is in the legal disputes appear on TV.”

JYJ instantly refuted this argument saying, “in the case of lawsuit that KBS has made an issue of, the court already ruled last year that SM’s subordinate contract with JYJ was invalid as the court judged that the contract was unilateral and unfair to JYJ.” They also emphasized that the court has acknowledged SM’s interference with JYJ’s activities and have been issued an indirect compulsory order.

Those in the judicial circles point out that KBS’s argument has many rooms for misunderstanding. Regarding SM’s insistence about ‘dual-contract,’ the court ruled that ‘in accordance with the judgment from the provisional injunction, SM, at this point in time, do not have any authorities to manage and/or administer the duration of the contract in Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun, and Kim Junsu’s entertainment activities regardless of the validity of contract.” (more…)

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