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What I’ve gathered about JJ’s OST so far:

1) The title of the song will most likely be something like “I want to protect ____” (from the PD’s first tweet)

2) JJ wrote the lyrics for his song! >_< (from Director Lee’s tweet)

3) JJ’s song will most likely be a ballad (from what Director Lee said about how JJ’s song will make the bright comedy become more romantic)

4) The thing JJ is wanting to protect in his song will most likely be Chae Kanghee (Noh Eunsul)? Since the PD tweeted that we’ll have to wait a bit before we can hear JJ’s song, I’m guessing that his song will be played once the love triange bw the three characters really gets going~ :P

Of course, all of my predictions may be completely wrong and we might just end up with a crazy-loud dance song~

…but I know one thing for sure… I really can’t wait until the song is released!!!!! T_T


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This is why I speak out against the “stalking pics” and the stalkers (FYI, Jaejoong was really upset when he wrote these tweets. The tone he used here is a tone he RARELY uses on his fans).

To those that stalk JYJ and/or post and share the “stalking pics” light-heartedly: JYJ themselves have spoken against stalking many times. Jaejoong is condemning it on twitter again. Can you not hear the pain in Jaejoong’s voice?! PLEASE STOP. STALKING IS NEVER OKAY. NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE AND WHERE YOU ARE FROM. Jaejoong himself has just said it. How can you so easily step on the freedom of those that you claim to like?

And no, being an i-fan does not make stalking okay. Unfortunately, i-fans have learned the worst things from korean fans. I am seeing “stalking pics” more and more from i-fans these days, not only when JYJ is visiting other countries, but also from i-fans who decide to stalk JYJ when they’re visiting Korea.

Therefore, i-fans need to understand that now, when JJ is referring to the “stalkers,” he is now referring to ALL STALKERS, not just Koreans. Please understand that more and more, i-fans are becoming a considerable part of the stalking problem in Korea. YES, KOREA.

I understand the feeling and desire to see JYJ as much as you can, but are you so heartless and selfish that you are willing to steal their freedom and make them suffer?

Fans, both Korean and international, need to take a stance and respect JYJ’s wishes. Fans should be the first to protect the star they love, not hurt.


NOTE: I am NOT saying that i-fans are the only ones to blame. We all know k-fans are the ones that started the stalking and those that continue to be at fault. I’m just trying to emphasize that more and more i-fans are starting to part-take in the stalking and that i-fans, ALONG WITH K-FANS, need to take the problem seriously and take action against it.

In summary, ALL STALKERS (korean and international) are at fault here and should not be tolerated/encouraged by k-fans and i-fans alike.


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Trans: Ya-ung (T/N: he’s trying to say that’s the way his cats say “hi”? ^___^ Jun-chan so cute!)

Source. @0101xiahtic of Twitter

Translated by. inhye87 of withJYJ

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Why is it so noisy…

Source. @mjjeje of Twitter

Translated by. inhye87 of withJYJ

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Now this boy really did put in a lot of hard work practising English.

Please give him all that credits!

Way to go Jun-chan!


Source. @0101xiahtic and @beyondmonica on Twitter

Shared by. withJYJ

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Oh Yes!

Our lovely Junsu did tweet in English. :)

Your eyes aren’t playing  tricks with you.

Please give the boy some credit!

There’s no mistake or whatsoever!

JUNSU! Way to go! Go! Go! Go!

Source. @0101xiahtic on Twitter

Shared by. withJYJ

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Note: Translation from bottom to top

Junsu: Ra-on~~~~~~~~~~

Junsu: You’re well right??^^


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