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This is why I speak out against the “stalking pics” and the stalkers (FYI, Jaejoong was really upset when he wrote these tweets. The tone he used here is a tone he RARELY uses on his fans).

To those that stalk JYJ and/or post and share the “stalking pics” light-heartedly: JYJ themselves have spoken against stalking many times. Jaejoong is condemning it on twitter again. Can you not hear the pain in Jaejoong’s voice?! PLEASE STOP. STALKING IS NEVER OKAY. NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE AND WHERE YOU ARE FROM. Jaejoong himself has just said it. How can you so easily step on the freedom of those that you claim to like?

And no, being an i-fan does not make stalking okay. Unfortunately, i-fans have learned the worst things from korean fans. I am seeing “stalking pics” more and more from i-fans these days, not only when JYJ is visiting other countries, but also from i-fans who decide to stalk JYJ when they’re visiting Korea.

Therefore, i-fans need to understand that now, when JJ is referring to the “stalkers,” he is now referring to ALL STALKERS, not just Koreans. Please understand that more and more, i-fans are becoming a considerable part of the stalking problem in Korea. YES, KOREA.

I understand the feeling and desire to see JYJ as much as you can, but are you so heartless and selfish that you are willing to steal their freedom and make them suffer?

Fans, both Korean and international, need to take a stance and respect JYJ’s wishes. Fans should be the first to protect the star they love, not hurt.


NOTE: I am NOT saying that i-fans are the only ones to blame. We all know k-fans are the ones that started the stalking and those that continue to be at fault. I’m just trying to emphasize that more and more i-fans are starting to part-take in the stalking and that i-fans, ALONG WITH K-FANS, need to take the problem seriously and take action against it.

In summary, ALL STALKERS (korean and international) are at fault here and should not be tolerated/encouraged by k-fans and i-fans alike.


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Summary of “JYJ-KBS incident”

[The below facts are presented in chronological order.]

1. On February 18, 2011, the court issued a judgement that ends JYJ’s dual-contract controversy. The judgment indicated that the subordinate contract between SM and JYJ had been invalidated by the previous ruling on the provisional injunction[on OCT 27, 2009], and thus SM cannot get involved in JYJ’s contract with C-JeS, which is not of an exclusive contract with subordinating nature.

2. On February 25, 2011, a viewer asked why JYJ still is not appearing on KBS programs despite the ruling from the court on KBS’s audience service’s inquiry board on its website.

3. Since then, there were many theories proposed as to why JYJ has not appeared on television, followed by heated controversy. However, for the first time, entertainment department directly expressed its stance on May 18, 2011, and the post seemed to be speaking on KBS’s behalf.

4. KBS’s official statement “The reason JYJ cannot appear on ‘Music Bank,’obstruction of order in Culture industry” (To read the full text translated, Click )

– The essentials of the statement were: 1) JYJ is in a legal dispute with its former management company, 2) there seems to be a dual-contract problem, 3) under the current circumstances, JYJ’s appearance on television will obstruct the order of the culture industry.

5. In regards to this statement, JYJ strongly refuted.

– “Dual-contract?” JYJ strongly refutes KBS’s response to a viewer that ignored the court’s decision. (To read the full text translated: Click )

– C-JeS refuted that the subordinate contract with the former management company already has been invalidated by the court, and the court also judged that there is no dual-contract. Also, it expressed its disapproval of KBS’s expression! of JYJ as an artist who aroused criticism, despite the fact that JYJ have been in this lonely fight against entertainment giants to protect rights of artists. (more…)

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JYJ3 NOTE: This is the most thoughtful and the most informed article on the JYJ issue that we’ve seen in a long time. Please read to better understand JYJ’s place in the history of the Korean entertainment system, why they are being blocked so thoroughly, and why they must not fail.

The 101 Methods With Which to Drive Out JYJ from Broadcast?
“You say you’ll sing on TV”? JYJ Fanclub Publicizes a Parodying Advertisement


At the situation in which Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong, and Kim Junsu, who have withdrawn from TVXQ and are newly active as JYJ, cannot appear on Television, JYJ’s fan club ‘DNBN’ has printed a full-page advertisement in a non-fee newspaper and is becoming a topic of conversation.

This advertisement, which is in the form of a parody of a book’s introducing, is formed in the structure of introducing an imaginary book titled “The 101 Methods With Which to Drive Out JYJ from Broadcast.” The advertisement used phrases of irony such as “You say you’ll sing on TV?” and “Entertainers Who’ve Forgotten Their Place as Contractees, the Perfect Method for Blocking Them from Broadcast, All Revealed” to describe the situation that JYJ currently faces.

JYJ fans are arguing: Through the court decision in 2010 JYJ received the judgment that JYJ must be “guaranteed of freedom in activities without interference,” but that due to the interference of mega-entertainment company SM Entertainment (hereafter, SM) and the Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industry (hereafter KFPCAI) which is at the beck and call of SM (T/N: literally, “tries to figure out SM’s mind and be self-conscious”) JYJ is unable to appear on TV.

It is true that KFPCAI is interfering as an association with JYJ’s activities, doing such deeds as sending letters of official demands/requests for its member companies and each broadcast companies to refrain from casting or airing JYJ. Further, is the reality that the broadcasts agencies, at the beck and call of the mega-entertainment companies, too avoid JYJ’s appearances, so that JYJ cannot appear in any proper broadcast programs even though they record #1 on digital music sold. The court commanded that if an entity interferes with JYJ’s activities that it pays 20,000,000 KRW (approximately 20,000 USD) per instance, but it is that the mega-entertainment companies and broadcast companies are not taking it seriously (T/N: literally, think it light-weight).

JYJ is the first case that has quit the current system of mega-entertainment companies. The question of what kind of activities they engage in is an issue that can act as the standard that can change the treatment of many idol stars who are groaning under the so-called “slave contracts,” and as such is an important question for the normalization of the entertainment industry.

However, paradoxically, this has been felt as an anxiety to the entertainment companies who believe that “if JYJ shows the appearance of achieving success outside of SM, it may cause cracks in the current “trainee” system,” and is creating a consensus that whatever it takes, they must“block” JYJ from appearing on TV. This is evaluated to be a kind of a cartel/collusion with the aim thatJYJ must be forced to not succeed so that they become the “example case” with which to clamp down on the trainees and the affiliated entertainers.

It is an issue of attention whether due to the active activities of the JYJ fandom in society that JYJ will step over the contradiction of the entertainment industry and be able to meet with fans on a proper stage in a broader way. JYJ fans have continuously raised the problem of JYJ’s lack of appearance on TV through bus advertisements, subway advertisements, and the like. No matter what happens to the future activities of JYJ, the activities of JYJ fan clubs such as DNBN is worthy of being called the most active and passionate fandom (in history) after the “Seotaiji and the Kids” fan club, and will remain as an important signpost in its recording of the fandom’s societal activities.

Source. Mediaus
Translation by.
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You may not have ever met someone like him: When he is quiet, it seems like all the darkness is gathering around him, when he smiles, all the light in this world is shining on the very same person.

People who like him will accept him all, including his fatty cheeks, and also the “surface of the moon” that even he himself disliked.

Sometimes, he will show his lazy side, but when stretching and yawning he will wrap his upper body up warmly while wearing the slippers for his barefoot, so that it will give him the stimulus of contrast temperature difference. It seems that he cares about nothing, also seems like he cares about a little about everything. So he will turn his all energy into power, moving forward without stop.

See you again as a chaebol

After a long time struggling between “Yoon Eun Hye” and “Lee Da Hae”, Mr. Park finally choose the latter, and he will have to show his acting along with the seniors. Maybe because of his aristocrat aura that writers want to set up an image of “chaebol”, “master”, “noble man”, or any other words that that we can see on him. Whether it is “Lee Sunjun” or now “Song Yuhuyn”, he all benefits from this treatment, to a newbie like him, this is already good enough.

First time when I saw the casting list, I was scared. Except Park Yuchun, no one in the three leading actor/actresses are amateur. I can’t help but feel that towards works, this rookie guy is brave. Normal people, who have already had a good start, will pick up an easy-to-do drama with popular taste, so that they can protect their popularity. In contrast to those people chasing popularity, he chose to learn the real skills that will last long enough for him to perform in this area.

“Before I became an singer, I always wanted to act. When I filmed for Sungkyunkwan Scandal, someone asked me: “Why did you wait till now to decide to act?”. But I feel that, even now, it is a little bit early for me to act.” No one can deny Park Yuchun’s capabilities, on stage, he is an outstanding singer, off stage, he is a flawless idol who knows how to manage his image.

I do not know if Song Yuhuyn is a bad man or not, but for Park Yuchun, this is not an easy role to play. Not to mention other things, this Song Yuhuyn is supposed to be 32 years old, 7 years older than Park Yuchun. So when you see some initial information, you can imagine a story like this, deceiving or being deceived, two men around a woman, one man is tangled between love and hatred, while the other man is a good man like a good rain after the long drought. I do not know among them who will be the final winner and who will be the cannon-fodder, but according to my past experiences, none of them will be ugly (laugh). This time Song Yuhuyn played by Park Yuchun is a full package good guy, he can cast aside himself to chase after the person that he likes, he can often put some thoughts just to have a little romance. In business, he is a charming, witty and humorous gentleman, but at the same time a firm decision maker with unlimited power. (Does this writer know Park Yuchun personally?) This does not say that he is the second lead, but of course, the script can be reversed at the last minute (see “Dream High”), let alone it is not even launched yet.

Originally I did not think that Park Yuchun would pick this project, because in 2010 MBC results did not look good, although there were some hits, but low ratings pushed writers to tears. Now looking at the list of MBC, there are two names that should not be missed, one is Park Yuchun whose drama will start airing in May, the other is Park Yuhwan, his younger brother. We can not judge anything yet, but we can hope that the two brothers can attend the ceremony at the end of the year together.

As long as the road is still ahead, he will not stop chasing

Park Yuchun is very honest when it comes to his goals. Even if the title “artist” today is extremely heavy on him, he does not want to break away from his initial goals to walk another path. “I’m still busy the same as before, carries along with it the burden. From the beginning, I has understood this point, and has always been burdened with such burden, so to me, it is not important.” The burden of being a singer, for Park Yuchun, pales when compared to not being able to see his most beloved mother and brother. Not being used of getting up early has long ago melted in the endless missing of his family, until the missing gradually became his power. Leaving the company that trained him indeed made him disturbed, but seeing the situation now, I feel that it was the right choice. Jaejoong said that he now smiled more than before, Yuchun also said that he was happier, that is it, let’s support their choice.

When “The Nameless Song” came out, I was shocked. In my initial impression of Park Yuchun, although he was not a person to hide his emotions (or to say he himself does not want to hide), but this way of venting his anger with such an upright manner through music all of a sudden shocked people. It’s not that he is the kind of person who does not dare to rebel, it’s just that he has always been regarded as an absolutely lethargic one. Let’s say if you poured a drink on him, he would simply unhappily sweep his eyes at you, then brush off his stained clothes, and slowly walked out of your sight. It’s not that he cannot quarrel, I just feel that someone with a refined life like him will not bother to argue with you. But when other people asked him about his feelings when he wrote this song, he was surprised, or he just simply was not aware that he was getting such a hot attention from people, even one smallest gesture of him could be the next headline, many people are waiting to see his stuck-in-panic appearance, and of course, there are also many people who are looking forward to his success.

Real warriors dare to face their bleak life, moreover, their life has anything but bleak. That so-called case of justice, no matter how the other party was crushingly defeated under the daylight, it did not mean that they would be abide by laws and not intervene in their activities like before. So when the TV directors explained to them the decision to cancel the programs , it was not something too difficult for them to accept, because they have experienced the same situations before. From the first day that they stepped out of that door, they had known themselves that they would have to face this painful situation. But they had not known that this struggle in muddle, would lead to respect and admiration of so many people.

Organizing activities at their own expenses, by now they have been used to it already, however when they see the support from their fans, whatever pain will be cured in a blink of an eye. Park Yuchun has always been a person who treasures hearts, although occasionally he appeared as a carefree one (laugh). When the program meticulously prepared for fans got cancelled, somehow he felt powerless and could do nothing, felt like crying, but actually wanted to laugh at it. He wanted to move forward regardless of all these, but there are always someone who are eager to show off their weakness. All kinds of barkings and shouts are nothing but to cover their inner fears. Therefore, you’d rather pass by them and throw a smile with contempt.“We made up our mind, and we were even prepared of abandoning all the glory we owned. At that time, we did not consider that such situation would happen, but now, despite of that, we still want to leave.” So, being that aware, are there still things to be afraid of?

A fatherly brother

One said: “I regret of posting my bother’s picture, I’m afraid that my situation would bring troubles to him.” while the other said: “I want to become a younger brother that he will be proud of.”, for fear that other people do not know how close those two brothers are. In Park Yuchun’s heart, family is the hardest lock to open. In the early years, he always hid under the covers crying because of homesick, forcing other members to give him the overflowing maternal love. Now his family is around him, he has more things to worry about, for instance when his mother wanted to open an ice-cream shop, or when his younger brother wanted to start his own career, not wanting to live under his halo for his whole life. The broken family since he was small left Park Yuchun an childhood that was not as happy as it should be. A kid stuck between adults became of victim of marriage phobia, and the father in Park Yuchun also had to mature. Children usually have to bear their childhood fears for their whole life, so even now when he has grown up already to become a mature man, we often see his not bright and cheerful expressions, no matter how many pains his heart has to bear, it is his habit that can not be changed anymore.

Originally Yuchun opposed Yuhwan to step in this circle, but eventually failed to beat his brother’s insistence, so he just gave up and let his brother do as he wished. At the press conference, seeing his younger brother spreading his wings from his coverage, a paternally proud smile never left his face. From the appearance of Park Yoochun, maybe many people will not believe that this guy is the backbone of a family, because he seems to “follow his heart” too much. But the truth is, he is not really a carefree person. He has responsibilities as a son, responsibilities as an older brother, and responsibilities as an idol if you want to take it up. “Last concert in Japan, I suddenly thought of something, until when can I keep holding on. First of all, I want my mom, my brother, the fans, the staffs and all people around me to be satisfied, and then, one day, by then perhaps my mom will have difficulties to walk, I want to stay by her side for her.” We rarely heard Yuchun talking about his father, many speculations were made about him, but all ended up in failure. That time when he was awarded, he said while choking down his tears that he wanted to be a filial son to his father and stay by his side, it was one of a few mentions about his father. And when holding on his hand the shining starlight trophy of “Newcomer Award”, he said that his father was watching the TV, his expression at that time was so happy. “My father is sick, so far he has not seen me with my girlfriend. I hope that before his conditions deteriorate, I will be able to bring my girlfriend home.” Whether career or family life, Park Yuchun is currently moving in a good direction. And maybe soon, the actor Park Yuchun will climb on another peak.

Source. COOL light music magazine, April edition
Translated by.  @JPhylls
Thanks to. @ifMickycomes
Shared by. PYC Soompi
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The following is a post by JYJ3 against the ridiculous tweets and rumors speard earlier today by a certain idiotic person from AVEX. Please read.


Earlier today Matsuura of Avex generated and spread the false rumor that JYJ’s Saitama Concert is actually a misappropriation/embezzlement in the guise of a charity event. This is ridiculous because all proceeds from the Yokohama/Saitama events were marked to go to charity, to help those in need in Matsuura’s own country. (See here)

The person who aided greatly in doing so by articulating the nonsense and allowing Matsuura to RT (and then “running away from the scene” by disappearing from Twitter)  is a Japanese fan of an SM group. A JYJ fan from DC TVXQ Gallery wrote up an explanation of how rumors are generated. Please read beyond the cut and click to enlarge to 100%.

Source. DC TVXQ Gallery, 느루 님

Comments from JYJ3

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Rogers Arena, Vancouver BC

Prudential Center, New Jersey
5/27 FRIDAY, 8PM
Nokia Theatre LA Live, Los Angeles
The Event Center, San Jose

Source.  @POWERHOUSELIVE, Powerhouse website

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Per JYJ’s request, JYJ 3hree Voices II lowered their price by 30% compared to 3vo I, so more ppl can watch it. But with the same quantity (running time) and even better packaging and content.

Source. 3hree Voices

Translated by. Spring Breezes on twitter

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