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Gunyoung: I felt this before too but I feel it again…
In the end when I, Jung Gunyoung, need someone and want someone there is no one next to me…
Dang it lol Well I guess I’m like that… I don’t need anything~!!
Do I have to get used to this mood/atmosphere? Lol dunno, argh.

Jaejoong: @zerotic0124 Take heart / Feel better!
(Jaejoong uses a variation in the ending that sounds like a cat’s meow in Korean but it can also be just a random variation intended to make his words, otherwise serious like the tweet of his friend, playful.)


…Is it any wonder that this sweet person has many friends?


Source. @mjjeje; @zerotic0124
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Photo Credit. Star Today
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JYJ, “This Time, It’s Beijing!” Continues World Tour with Beijing on the 7th

JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) which has successfully finished its World tour Concerts in Thailand and Taiwan, will decorate a splendid stage in Beijing, China.

JYJ holds the “JYJ World Tour concert 2011” on the coming 7th, 7:30 PM, in Beijing’s Shaotuji Gymnasium and plans to make the harmony of enthusiasm once more with the fans of China. This concert is the last concert in the Asian region excluding the concert in Pusan.

JYJ, in anticipation of the Beijing concert, revealed their determination: “We have come to meet the fans of China for the first time in 6 months, after our Worldwide Showcase in last November which was held in Shanghai. The Beijing concert holds a special meaning for us because it is the last concert in the Asian region. We will make this the best concert that does not shake (T/N: have mishaps in some way).”

JYJ, after catching their breath for a little while after the Beijing Concert, will spur onto the preparation for the concerts in the Americas that will begin in Vancouver, Canada on May 20th.

Kim Jaejoong, who has taken charge of executive directing of the Asian region concerts of the JYJ World Tour, while preparing for the remaining concerts, is considering/examining an appearance in a domestic drama. Kim Junsu will begin appearing in the musical “Mozart!” starting in the middle of June.

At the same time, the DVDs of the KBS 2TV drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” the drama that Yoochun who is right now absorbed in filming the MBC drama “Ripley” appeared in, is stirring up a storm of demand in Tsutaya, Japan’s well-known DVD/CD sales store.

Source. Sports Chosun; Myokelyrics
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The musical portal Bugs held a survey for a week of April 26th to May 2nd with the theme of “Who is the Idol who has a high likelihood of becoming a mentor of “Star Audition Great Birth”? (…) The result was that Sonyuh Sidae’s Taeyon took first place by obtaining a total of 45% (2,487 persons) of the vote.

Following, JYJ’s Xiah Junsu was selected to be 2nd with 41% (2,261 persons) of the votes. Xiah Junsu has been acknowledged in his abilities, to the degree that vocal trainers picked him as “the artist with the best singing abilities among idols.” In the bulletin also, the majority (of posts) were words that complimented Xiah Junsu’s singing ability. They expressed a variety of opinions: “There is no idol that can compare to Xiah Junsu’s sining ability,” and “Junsu, who pulls off live while dancing, is also suitable in Star Audition, Great Birth.” Currently, Xiah Junsu has been cast for the musical “Mozart!” which performs from May 24th to July 3rd and is concentrating on practicing.

(Parts irrelevant to Junsu omitted)

Source: Edaily and Newsen
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With the cancellation of JYJ Park Yuchun and MBC’s new Mon-Tues drama “Ripley’s” lead actors’ appearance on entertainment program “Come to Play” causing controversy, the controversy has become even greater with the revelation of the fact that previously, Park Yuchun had been rejected from appearing in KBS2TV’s “Seung Seung Jang Gu” as well.

According to the [facts] verified by our newspaper through many entertainment representatives, Park Yuchun was supposed to appear in the “Kim Gapsu [T/N: an older Korean actor who is known to be friendly with Yuchun] Episode of Seung Seung Jang Gu,” which aired on April 12th, but received sudden notice a day before shooting that his appearance would not be possible.

Park Yuchun, who was invited as Kim Gapsu’s “Guest who came secretly,” had shown enthusiasm for the program and adjusted even his drama “Ripley’s” shooting schedule for it, but his appearance was ultimately canceled due to the program staff’s rejection.

With such facts being exposed one after another, suspicions that SM’s influence is being in effect are being brought up in broadcasting circles. JYJ members along with Park Yuchun have been unable to appear on network entertainment programs since their lawsuit on unfair contracts against SM Entertainment.

Previously, [JYJ] was to appear for the first time since their debut on one cable network’s real documentary, but even this was canceled without reason and could not air, causing confusion for fans.

Because of this, in broadcast circles, suspicions and speculation is increasing about whether this is due to a large management company’s influence being in effect or a network, busy to read the face of management companies, excluding [JYJ] on its own.

Meanwhile, on the reasons behind why Park Yuchun’s appearance did not occur, “Seung Seung Jang Gu” staff stated “we cast Yoon Doojoon and Jo Gun who could speak well about Kim Gapsu’s “middle age idol” image. On Park Yuchun, we predicted that there would be too much [recorded] content and so unfortunately [had to cancel].”



Canceling because of a fear of having too much content?! What kind of an excuse is that? These idiotic networks should just say it–that the MAJOR network companies in Korea, those that air and produce the shows/dramas/news programs that are MOST watched in Korea, are frightened of a certain management company… that instead of thinking about the interests of the viewers, they are thinking of the interests of a third party. (ahem. SM.) This is simply ridiculous. Actually, the fact that the networks believe they would meet their end if a certain company decides to pull out its idol stars is just idiotic. I’m sorry, but as popular as some of these stars are, it is just too easy to re-create such stars if you give them enough TV time. As much as many major management companies would hate to admit, these “important idol stars” are in no way irreplaceable. History of Korean entertainment has proved it. MBC, KBS, SBS, and everyone else–wake up and stop being drones for these corrupt individuals. Or just f*** off and stop canceling on JYJ. I can only imagine how hurt and disappointed Yuchun must have been when his appearance on an entertainment show was canceled, yet again. Urgh! He had even adjusted his schedule to ensure that it was possible!


Source. Today Korea
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Source. DC TVXQ Gallery
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