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Boy Group JYJ Kim JaeJoong’s  twitter is proofed to be the best popular star.

Kim JaeJoong’s online social media twitter has exceeded 400,000 followers recently.

His has followers from not just Korea, but also from Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, China and many other different countries.

On the 29th of last month, he was chosen as #1 under ‘Celebrity’ category for ‘Shorty Awards’ and thus proofing that he’s a star with popularity.

Kim JaeJoong has garnered a lot of attention from fans all over the world by exceeding Canadian singer Justin Biber and taken the #1 spot.
On another hand, JYJ members, Park YuChun has about 340,000 followers and Kim Junsu has about 320,000 followers.

Source. TV Daily, YuChun Twitter, JaeJoong Twitter, Junsu Twitter

Translated by. inhye87 of withjyj

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The evident feeling of Spring that was felt was override by the Bangkok concert on 3rd April which was held during the hot summer of  exceeding 30 degrees.  Fans are seen entering into Impact Arena every now and then without any complains about the hot weather and about more than 10, 000 fans were present at the venue.

The star that fans have been waiting for was JYJ. On this day, JYJ was to hold their first kick-off of their “JYJ World Tour Concert in Bangkok, Thailand” was part of their promotion for their “The Beginning” album that was released last October and thus marking the returning of the king.

This JYJ performance consists of a vibrant staging with stuctures like the revealing of their new songs which doesn’t allow one to cast their attention to other places other than the stage. The performance consisted of songs like ‘Mission’, ‘Nine’, IDS’, ‘Nameless Song Part 1’ and many more songs from their album ” JYJ Music Essay” which topped chart as best seller for the first half of this year. In addition, they revealed, for the first time, 4 new songs namely, ‘In Heaven’, ‘You’re’, ‘Get out’ and ‘Boy’s Letter’.

The purpose of this concert is more significant with member JaeJoong as the executive director for the concert. He designed the whole performance with the concept of ‘Ingenious Challenge’. For the sake of this performance, he personally directed with a magnificant stage, lightings, sounds and much more, he even went 2 weeks before the concert to Bangkok to prepare and oversee the whole preparation meticulously.

They captivated the attention of their fans with ‘ Empty’, ‘IDS’, ”Nine’, songs from their ‘The Beginning’ album. After having performed ‘Be My Girl’ and ‘Be The One’, they moved on to peform their solo tracks they composed, allowing fans to listen to it live for the first time ever.
There was a performance of  ‘I Love You’ by Yuchun. Fans reacted intensely to the song while YuChun sexily performed it with 4 other female dancers. Fans who watched the every single steps that he took on the stage, reacted strongly and thus had fun. 

Junsu showed off his unique singing talents wholeheartedly through sorrow ballad song ‘I Can Soar’.  Junsu, who gained his reputation through musicals ‘Tears of Heaven’ and ‘Mozart!’ as a musical actor has effectively showed off his solo like he was performing for a musical.

JaeJoong who performed his solo track ‘Still in Love’ after Junsu also sang it passionately. After that song, the next song that was performed was ‘Nameless Song Part 1’ that was sung live for the first time ever. Especially, it is a 8-minute track that showcased the over flowing rapping skills of YuChun and received a lot of applause naturally. Was it because it was a song that speaks about their story? Their sincerity was crammed up through their voices, spilling out all the stories that they wished to tell and it can be easily seen through their faces how peaceful and the importance of stage to them. 

Afterwhich, drama OST ‘SungKyunkwan Scandal’ song ‘Found’ was performed. That song made all 11,000 fans present stood on their feet. Even though the song lyrics was in Korean, fans were singing along with JYJ.

With ‘You’re’ marking the end of the performance, the fans called out to JYJ and refused to leave the venue. At the request of fans, JYJ took the stage again singing ‘Get Out’ and ‘In Heaven’ thus revealing 2 of their news songs for the first time and the 2-hour long world tour kick-off concert ended successfully with that.

At the venue on this day, about 11,000 fans from Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and other parts of Asia have come to watch  their performance. A total of 22,000 fans watched this sold-out 2-day performance.

[…some parts omitted…]

About 30 reporters from Korea and some 300 reporters from Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, China, Japan, Hong Kong and about 40 foreign reporters have attended this concert, wanting to have first hand reporting about the concert.

One staff commented, “There are many other reporters who had come to Thailand to get reporting materials but it seems that this performance is the first time that attracted so many foreign reporters.” and “You’re able to tell JYJ’s popularity though this.”

[…some parts omitted…]

Source. Asia Today

Translated by. inhye87 of withjyj

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Interview with JYJ: Thailand Concert– the Concert in which We Felt the Most Comfortable


The following is the Question and Answer Session with the members of JYJ.

Q: How do you feel after the kick-off concert yesterday?

Yoochun: After it was finished I felt satisfied. During the preparation of the concert there were some parts that were lacking due to my schedule and I did not feel very confident. Normally when there arises occasions which are wanting you feel anxious because you know that such mistakes will happen. Yesterday, however, there were of course mistakes but I think it was a concert that had a high degree of completion.

Junsu: I wish that we had more room time-wise and on that I feel regretful. Because I had been doing musicals and had been preparing for many things there was some stress and I felt pressured. Even though the duration of the preparation was not long, because I had discussed a lot with Jaejoong Hyung on the phone as he prepared for the directing of the tour, and because I had such direct conversation (with the director himself), I rose to the stage with the full understanding of the concert at large. Because I did that, I felt so comfortable. If I recall my memories of kickoff concerts, this was the concert in which I felt the most reassured and comfortable. Among our kickoff performances, this was the best.


Q: How do you feel after having finished the first concert in Thailand as a director?

Jaejoong: I feel moved anew and because this was my first challenge as a director my heart fluttered and I felt tense. Because this was the first time I was in charge of directing I also learned very much. It was also a chance to experience firsthand the agony and the hardship of the directorial staff and other staff. In terms of scale, it is probably smaller than when we were debuting. But I tried hard to reinforce the aspects which, I felt, were uncomfortable for singers. I think one can tell that “he prepared quite hard.” The members themselves were satisfied.


Q: Was there a particular background or something that prompted you to take charge of directing?

Jaejoong: Until now many people took charge of directing the stage but I feel that there weren’t people who knew the best the mind of the singer. The (typical)  method was to set the stage and then to tell (the singer) to “follow,” and I thought that such was not the answer. I thought the stage in which the singer and the director adjust to each other was the ideal one, and I wanted to make such a stage. It is not yet on the final level of actualization (of that ideal), but I think that it was a satisfying stage.


Q: How do the other members feel about Jaejoong’s directing the stage?

Yoochun: I totally love it. Even when I just heard that he will take on the role of the executive director I thought that “if it is Jaejoong Hyung he will surely do well.” He himself prepared all of the stages (of directing)– the songs, the singing, the choreography.

Junsu: Jaejoong prepared everything himself—even the fabric of the outfits. Actually, if you stand on the stage, there are some aspects which only those who stand on the stage themselves can feel. Jaejoong Hyung knew well the know-how that he had felt so I felt comfortable. He had always been very interested in such directing and therefore had a nickname as “Kim Direct,” and this time he really became Kim Director.


Q: Are there episodes that happened in the preparation of this concert?

Yoochun: In fact there was one yesterday. Because Jaejoong was paying attention to his role as director he couldn’t pay attention to his role as a singer. *laugh*

Junsu: When you change the outfit and there is a minute you should prepare your performance, but he was thinking only of the stage directing. “The light was wrong in this way,” and such—he paid attention to only those things.

Jaejoong: In truth, because of the detailed aspects of the stage I wasn’t able to pay attention to the songs and the dances (as much as I would have liked). Because I was the director the range of the areas that I needed to do was wide. The design of the outfits and such aspects, I have to pay attention obviously. But because the mixing, writing of the songs, and the composition of the songs, each of them, were not up to my liking I paid even more attention to them, and it is also true that there was no room in terms of time.


Q: Was there something that prompted Thailand to be the start of the World Tour?

Jaejoong: There is no particular reason. For any country (in which we had performed) there are memories of its own.


Q: In the concert you show off four new songs. What kind of songs are they?

Jaejoong: Among the new songs, Yoochun and I wrote together the lyrics of ‘Get Out.’ ‘Get Out’ means ‘Piss off’ in Korean and the lyrics occurred (to us) while I was working in Yoochun’s house. The lyrics are very direct. I see right in front of my eyes the scene of love between the person I love and another man, and I put the words that I want to say to those two. The listener first gets the feeling that the song may be a ballad but then it goes to a high tempo dance beat. It is an upbeat, fun song.

Yoochun: ‘In Heaven’ is extremely moving and the harmony of the three members is very good. The lyrics are meant to be sent to a girlfriend who has died and is in heaven—it is a song with sad lyrics.


Q: The meaning of the current ‘World Tour’?

Jaejoong: Because over 80% of the songs of the concert are songs in which the members themselves participated to create, there is much meaning. If we are looking at just the performance itself, it is not a fancy one that has been created with immense investment of funds. I wanted to show the other side of JYJ’s appeal to the fans. I didn’t do any work that was meant to disperse the sight. I tried to create a stage in which one could concentrate on the songs, in which we could become closer to the fans.

Yoochun: It is JYJ’s first tour abroad. The pride at the fact that ‘now we have enough songs that allow for a concert’ came to me first. I want to leave a strong impression unique to three of us to many fans and also want to show us as competent. I think this concert is going to be one in which I can evaluate for myself—‘I myself am currently at x stage (of life/career) and can go and reach x.’ I think this will be an opportunity for us to grow as artists.


Q: Things that were disappointing or felt difficult while you were preparing for the World Wide Album that was released in October of last year or the showcases abroad last year?

Jaejoong: It was very difficult. That we did not have enough time and the situation that existed were so difficult that it drove one insane. If we can be said to have done the work of putting on the spoon on a set table, this time it was the work of creating something with the staff—it was the first time that we were attempting those things and the process of such creation was difficult. Because the staff and the members did their best I think we have done well so far. There must be many more stages (of these processes) left but I don’t care if the future is even more difficult.

Junsu: What was great about ‘World Wide Album’ was that we went outside of Asia. LA, New York… those American regions were a first for us. Even though the album itself is not even released officially in the United States, it became #5 in Billboard’s Album of the Year and I think that is a big achievement. I felt happy.


But if there is a regret, it is the fact that no one knows of these feats except for us. We received a song from the world-renowned artist Kanye West and released an album, but so many people who were not fans were unaware. We feel confident about the quality of the album but it was regretful that we could not show those good songs on stages of Korea. I think that these aspects are mountains that we will need to climb in the future. We will do our best.


Source. EDaily

Translation by. JYJ3

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JYJ who ended successfully their first World Tour Concert exclaimed satisfyingly, “We’re glad that our foundation for music has gotten stronger.”
At the press conference after ending their 3rd April concert, JYJ expressed, “Although there were parts that was lacking, it was satisfactory in comparison with any other performance. It was a stage that brings out what JYJ is all about.” and “Above all, we’re grateful that it was a performance that’s made up of our songs. ”

– Member Kim JaeJoong specifically wholly took part in directing. Was there any reason why?
“For the reason that I am the one standing on the stage and singing, I can be assured that I can look into detailed things that even staff could have overlooked. Because I have an understanding of both sides (T/N: the staff and the singers points of views), so I took up the position of directing thinking that the best stage could be created.Luckily the members seemed to be satisfied about it too.” – Kim JaeJoong

– How does the other members feel about Kim JaeJoong directing?
“At the stand point as a singer, it felt great that we are able to 100% showcased our ability. With an earnest manner, JaeJoong Hyung even go to the extend to go to DongDaeMun market to pick out the clothes material personally. I am grateful and reassured.” – Kim Junsu

“He created the stage meticulously, giving attention to details. Initally we called him Kim directing and eventually it became Kim Director naturally.” – Park YuChun

-Wasn’t there any episode?
“Because JaeJoong Hyung put in so much efforts into directing, it slipped my mind that he’s a singer. During the performance, he even looked at the cue sheet even though we need to change the clothes and giving his attention to the directing, looking at the monitor. He even forgot that he needs to change.” – Park YuChun

-This world wide tour also marks the last promotion for the album. Please address the significant.
“In the past, all that’s need to be done is to put the spoon on a table set up with food. However, this time, I’m overseeing a lot of things, it felt so crazily tedious. But, during the process, I am reminded of the progress we made.” – Kim JaeJoong 

“It felt satisfying that we are able to perform with the songs composed by us. But, there are still many lackings of the worldwide album. It was an album that widely known producers like Kenya West and Rodney Jerkins took part in. Last year, it even charted #5 in the Billboard chart for album of the year chosen by Billboard. However, there wasn’t an opportunity that we can showcase that music and make the music known locally in Korea. It makes me think that there’s still a mountain that we need to conquer. But, I feel that through all these issues, through the means music and personally, the members have become stronger. And my gratefulness towards the members have yet become stronger.” – Kim Junsu

Source. Daily Sports

Translated by. inhye87 of withjyj

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These are the photos of JYJ Park YuChun who was singing “Nameless Song” on the 3rd April at JYJ World Tour Concert at Bangkok at Impact Arena.
When he lay on the sofa and rapped, fans go wild with “gwah~”

T/N: tell me! Who else can do so with such charisma?

Source. Daily Sports

Translated by. inhye87 of withjyj

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Source. Credit photos as tagged
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How does JYJ looks like in those pictures to you?
Won’t you want to see it yourself live?
Come on! You know you need to watch them sing live!


2nd & 3rd April : Bangkok(Thailand)

23rd April : Taipei (Taiwan)

7th May : Beijing(China)

11th & 12th June : Busan (Korea)

Picture Source. Daily Sports
Concert Details. CJeS
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