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[Translation] JYJ, we support your youth

When the darkness like that of the inside of a dark tunnel pass,
like you know for sure that there will be a dazzling crack of dawn
I know that for all the sweat and tears of your youth will bloom into a glittering flower.

“I look forward greet you in this dazzling world .”


[Translation] The more the darkness creep into the night, the nearer the break of light.
We believe that there’s alawys an end to all tunnels.
I look forward greet you in this dazzling world

“Spring days that’s full of sunshine is getting closer.”

JYJ, we support your youth


[Translation] JYJ, we support your youth

look closely at the world, it is so amazing
I want to live under a wider sky
I want to know what’s freedom
FLY FLY way up high
(Lyrics of Pierrot)

“I will be your wings”


[Translation] JYJ, we support your youth

Will you be able to trust us until the end?
Will you tell us that you love us?
We will always keep trying so will you always stay by our side?
(Lyrics of Nameless Song Pt1)

“together until the end, because I believe”


[Translation] Oh! Come on! (we’re) ardent, ardent!

Take the express train to national broadcast!


[Translation] (Lyrics of fallen leaves)

“thank you, for singing for us”


[Translation] Can you hear the sounds that we’re walking with you?
Even if you fall or hit urself against something or even when you feel fear about something,
it’s just that you can’t see what’s in front of you.
we are walking beside you.

“You are my youth.”


[Translation] (Lyrics of mission)

“Junsu, YuChun, JaeJoong! Shall we start the party?”


[Translation] Start again…

JaeJoong, YuChun, Junsu
we will support their youth that has start over.


[Translation] “why can’t JYJ be seen on national tv?”


[Translation] send away the chillness of winter,
spring full of warm sunshine is approaching.
even if it’s the start of a new season,
I will not let go of the hand that hold you.

“there’s spring at the end of the long tunnel.”



Translations by. @Inhye87

Picture source. DC TVXQ Gall

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(forgot to upload these yesterday~)


Credits. 멜리데히어로, 낙원

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A rep for JYJ’s Park Yuchun revealed the real reason why Yuchun departed for Japan on the 7th.

A certain news media reported that “Park Yuchun went to Japan with Kim Seungwoo and Lee DaHae for MBC’s new drama ‘Goodbye Ms. Ripley’.”

However, a rep for Yuchun revealed, “Nothing is decided for the drama casting. Yuchun left for additional filming for the documentary ‘Three Voices.'”

Furthermore, he added, “Kim Junsu and Kim Jaejoong are also scheduled to leave for filming.”

Meanwhile, ‘Three Voices’ is a private documentary about JYJ’s independent travels.


Source. http://tvdaily.mk.co.kr/read.php3?aid=1299487740137758003

Translation by. withJYJ (@_withjyj)

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[News] The lineup for “Ripley” becomes clearer… Yuchun go to Japan with Kim Seungwoo and Lee DaHae

Published 2011-03-07 16:27

Casting lineup for MBC’s new drama “Goodbye Ms Ripley” has become clearer.

Producers of “Ripley” have placed Park Yuchun, Kim Seungwoo, Kang Haejung, and Lee DaHae as strong candidates for the main roles of the drama, and left for Fukuoka together on the morning of the 7th for a meeting.

A drama rep carefully stated, “I think the producers will talk with the actors about the drama at Fukuoka, a filming location for the drama. The publicized candidate actors have yet signed their contracts, so they are avoiding exposure.”

However, Park Yuchun, who is about to confirm his next drama only six months since the popular “SGK Scandal,” has maintained a careful position on his appearance in “Ripley.” The atmosphere hasn’t changed since news was released about his role in “Ripley” late February. At the time, Park’s agency saved its words, stating “Yuchun is considering ‘Ripley,’ but it is premature to confirm his appearance on the drama.”

If Park Yuchun, Kim Seungwoo, Kang Haejung, and Lee Dahae confirm their appearance and the drama starts filming, another Korean Wave drama will be born. ‘Ripley’ is scheduled to air in May after the drama “Jakk-Pae.”


Source. http://news.nate.com/view/20110307n19818

Translation by. withJYJ (@_withjyj)

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There have been a lot of artists that use SNS (Social Network Service) like Twitter and Facebook these days to connect with fans.


For Korea itself, JYJ’s Kim JaeJoong has topped the list at #1 spot, with #2 for 2pm’s Nickhun, #3 for JYJ’s Kim Junsu and #5 for JYJ’s Park YuChun. With JYJ being the top few on the list, it has caught much attention (of others).


Source. http://news.sportsseoul.com/read/entertain/923182.htm

Translation by. @inhye87

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Credit. 동경THE박유천

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