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In his appearance in a recent Korean program, Yunho claimed that he “had no idea the three members were filing a lawsuit” (source. Nate News)

Many JYJ fans who’ve watched this entire process know that this is a lie. Here are the evidences refuting such a statement.

Evidence #1. All five members, not just JYJ, originally planned to leave SM

[From an article in Sports Nichi on January 1st, 2010 – source http://yfrog.com/h0mliufj]

DBSK are disbanding…. Do the two members not even have the drive for their appearance in Kouhaku uta Gassen (紅白歌合戦)?


According to a representative from Korea’s SM Entertainment, relationship between Yunho, Changmin (who have decided to remain with the company) and Jaejoong, Yuchun, and Junsu (who filed a lawsuit requesting invalidation of their contract with SM), cannot be recovered. The five members appeared in Kouhaku uta Gassen for the second time in two years and sang their hit song, “Stand by U.” However, unlike Jaejoong and the two other members who sang enthusiastically, Yunho and Changmin clearly had no drive. In fact, Changmin didn’t even say goodbye to the audience and refused to look at the members.

[as a side note, this also disproves Yunho’s claim that “I sang the best I could because I didn’t want to accept that this might be our last performance” – source Nate News].


Meanwhile, Avex, the Japanese record company for the group, and SM has talked about solving the issue, but confirmed that the disbandment of the group was unavoidable. Their single “Break Out!” being released this month will most likely be their last single, and afterwards will release a best album on February 17th.

AVEX’s contract with SM doesn’t end until Novemeber, and there is a possibility that the three members will hold activities as a new group after [the release of Tohoshinki’s best album in February]. However, according to one rep, “Last August, all five members communicated their intent to leave SM, so they all have the same beliefs on their mind. We can’t completely exclude the possibility that the five will come together again and resume their activities.”


Evidence #2. All five members, not just JYJ, originally planned to leave SM 2

[From an interview with the Sejong lawyer representing JYJ on December 3rd, 2009 – Source http://j.mp/h16e1n]

Q: Did you know who DBSK were?

A: “(laughter) this can’t be reported but… I didn’t know their faces. They told me that they were coming to see me and I spent the entire morning memorizing their faces by looking at their music video and pictures on my computer. I kept getting confused between Changmin and Jaejoong, but fortunately(?) Changmin didn’t show up.

[This suggests that the lawyer, in fact, expected all FIVE of the members to show up in his office, making the need to memorize faces of ALL FIVE members necessary]

Evidence #3. All five members, not just JYJ, originally planned to leave SM 3

[During JS & YH’s couple talk in “All About DBSK Season 3” – see video here http://j.mp/ewyXyJ]

준수: 저희 요즘 또 특히 그런 미래에 대한 얘기를 많이 하잖아요.

JS: We’ve especially been talking a lot about our futures recently, aren’t we?

윤호: 많이하죠, 아주많이하죠.

YH: Yes, we are. We’ve been talking about that a lot.

준수: 특히 동방신기에 미래에 대한 얘기를 많이하는데, 우선은 뭐 동방신기가 계속 함께하자 이런부분에 대한건 얘기할 필요도 없고 그건 당연한거라고 멤버 모두 인지하고 있고, 그런 얘기에 대해서 토론을 벌인다는것 자체가 저희에겐 되게 우스운 얘긴데, 그냥 계속 이대로였으면 좋겠어요. 이대로 쭉 가는데..그 중심에서 윤호형이 가장 큰 역할을 해야할 사람이고 가장 중요한 부분을 맡고있다고 생각하는데 뭐 지금 대로만 된다면 동방신기는 참 가장 오래오래 장수하는 그룹이 되지 않을까 생각하고 꼭 그렇게 되고싶고..이게 생각보다 어렵나봐요. 저희가 그거에 대한 흔들린 적은 없었는데 일에서 이게 어렵구나 라는 생각을 받은적은 있어요. 받은적은 있지만 지금 저희라면 할 수 있을것같습니다. 되게 감사한 부분일수도있는데 저희  많이 봐왔잖아요. 그게 저희에게 많은 힘이되고 생각할수있는 포용력이 생기게 되는거 아닐까  생각합니다.

JS: We especially talk a lot about DBSK’s future, and first, we don’t even have to talk about DBSK always being together….

Because that is something that’s obvious and what all the members recognize, and it’s actually funny for us to even debate on that topic, but I really hope everything will continue to be how it is.

We will keep going forward… and in the center of all this, I believe Yunho has the biggest role and is in charge of the most important part

[Junsu is referring specifically to Yunho and suggesting that he has the biggest role in the upcoming lawsuit… “in charge of the most important part….”)]

…and if we remain like this, I think DBSK will be a very long-lasting group and I really want to be like that…

But I guess this is more difficult that I thought it would be. We never swayed in that point (staying together as DBSK), but I did get the thought that this might be difficult in our work.

[Junsu hinting that staying together as DBSK and continuing DBSK activities for a long time may be difficult in SM Entertainment]

I have gotten such a feeling, but I think we can do it in our current situation [“it” referring to the lawsuit]. It might be something that we should be thankful of, but we’ve seen a lot.

This really becomes a great strength for us and I think it allows us to develop a broad-mind.

As you can see, this interview strongly suggests that Yunho was quite aware of Junsu’s plans to leave SM and, at the time (after all, he doesn’t seem to be confused at all with Junsu’s very suggestive statements), agreed with Junsu’s decision.

Evidence #4. YH’s father claims that he knew JYJ was leaving.

[From an official statement made by YH’s father on November 1st, 2009 – Source http://j.mp/hQ8lD2]

The following article is an official letter from YH’s father, claiming that JYJ left SM Entertainment solely because of their investments with a cosmetics company.

However, we know that the courts recently ruled that the cosmetics company was not responsible for SM & JYJ’s dispute (Creabeau found not responsible , SM’s counter suit against Creabeau dismissed) once again proving this “official statement” completely without basis.

However, what this statement proves is that YH’s father and the members were quite well aware of the three members’ intent to leave SM Entertainment.

[Translation, Box 1] The two members are aware of the truth behind [the members’ lawsuit against SM Entertainment].

The “truth” here is referring to the three members’ involvement in a certain cosmetics business. Again, from recent court rulings, we know that the “truth” wasn’t a truth at all. However, this statement proves the fact that the two members were aware of the three members filing a lawsuit, whatever the reason might have been.

[Translation, Box 2] Once President Kim YoungMin left the room and only DBSK parents were left, a certain father of Jaejoong, Yuchun, or Junsu, claimed that “we will no longer stop working with SM.” Changmin’s father and I tried to convince the remaining parents, but their points of view were firm.

Here, Yunho’s father then claims that during a meeting, one parent of Jaejoong, Yuchun, or Junsu told him and Changmin’s father that they will not work with SM Entertainment (supposedly because of their cosmetics business, but we already know that the courts have already ruled that the members’ lawsuit has is NOT BECAUSE of their business ventures). Once again, this proves that YH and CM’s father (and we can only assume that the two members knew if their fathers knew)were aware of the lawsuit before it was filed.



As you can see, YH and CM knew quite well that JYJ was planning to leave SM, and at one point, even agreed to leave with them. It really disappoints and angers me that they will use the current unfortunate situation to make these false accusations (after all, they do know that with JYJ being blocked from appearing on all broadcasting networks, JYJ has no power to say anything against them).

I do not blame YH and CM from staying with SM. It was their choice to make and I respect their decision. What I will NOT respect, however, is their decision to continuously tell lies and make false accusations against JYJ.
Please, spread the word and help clear JYJ’s name.

(Part 2 should hopefully be uploaded sometime later today)

. DC TVXQ Gall

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Lawyer Park ChanJong criticized QTV’s cancellation of JYJ’s cable TV program.

QTV’s “JYJ Real 24,” which had been scheduled to air late last month, has been completely canceled. On the cancellation, a JYJ rep revealed, “the program has been canceled because of the reason that everyone already knows. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened and we do not blame QTV.”

On this matter, lawyer Park ChanJong tweeted a message for Choi ShiJoong Broadcasting and Communications Commissioner (BCC) on the 2nd.

Lawyer Park ChanJong scolded, “despite the courts ruling that the contract between JYJ and SM is invalid, the television networks continue to commit unjust acts by refusing or cancelling JYJ’s appearance on their programs. The BCC must justly rectify this. Follow the rule of the law!”

Meanwhile, fans are holding a firm position on the cancellation. Fans are refusing to give up broadcasting, stating “I should have known since the postponement,” “does this even make sense?,” “if you can’t air it on television, produce it as a dvd and sell it.”


Source. Nate News

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Source. Nii & wickedinutopia2

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JYJ’s (Jaejoong, Yuchun, Junsu) reality program has been canceled. Large implications are expected.

CJes Entertainment, JYJ’s agency, notified fans of the cancellation through their official web site.

CJes revealed, “JYJ’s Real TV, which was intended to show JYJ’s real life to bridge the gap between JYJ and the fans had been canceled… today we got a notice from QTV that they cannot air it.”

“JYJ’s Real TV” had gathered a lot of interest because it was a reality program that covered members’ every day lives by closely following  them 24/7. Cable channel QTV had announced that they would air the program mid-February, but postponed the date until they finally decided to cancel. The recordings by QTV have been handed over to CJes.

During an interview, CJes reported, “we thought the program was only being postponed and was shocked when we received their cancellation notice. We were especially surprised because it was an unexpected result.”

QTV has stated that they canceled the program because it did not fit with the scheduling of QTV’s own productions. The result is a stark contrast to the active promoting done by QTV, which had distributed reports about the program before the air date.

This cancellation of JYJ’s program is expected to arouse great controversy.

Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Jusu, ex-members of DBSK, had filed a lawsuit against their ex-management company SM Entertainment on July, 2009 and stopped their activities. Afterward, the three members created group JYJ in September of last year and released their first album, “The Beginning.” At about the same time, KFCAI, a federation composed of Korean Entertainment Producers Association and 7 other groups, requested national broadcasting networks, cable networks, music businesses, and music distributors to regulate (prevent) JYJ’s activities.

After releasing their album, JYJ has continued to run into problems with their broadcasting activities. They could not appear in music programs on national networks and couldn’t even appear on cable programs.

At the end of last year, JYJ appeared for the first time on national television through KBS 2TV “News Time.” Since then, they have appeared only in a small number of programs, such as “2010 KBS Acting Awards,” KBS 2TV “Sang-Sang Information,” KBS 1TV “News at 9,” and KBS 2TV “Entertainment Note.” Excluding “Acting Awards,” all the programs are news or information-based programs. The same fact applies to cable programs.

Furthermore, JYJ’s appearance on the SBS talk show “Bae KiWan, Chae YoungAh, Jo HyungKi’s Good Morning” was also continually postponed until it was barely allowed to air.

Which such a situation, JYJ has received a new nickname. It’s “Idol of the News.” It’s a nickname from fans lamenting the fact that JYJ can only appear on News or information-based programs.

Meanwhile, JYJ has filed a lawsuit against SM confirming the illegality of their contract with SME on September 2009. At the time, the courts ruled that the contract between SM and JYJ is invalid and ordered SM to allow JYJ’s independent activities.

SM filed injunctions against the court’s suspension of its contract and the courts have dismissed the charges. Afterward, the courts ruled that “SM cannot stand in the way of JYJ’s activities and for each time they fail to comply with this order, they will have to pay 20 million KRW.” JYJ and SM are currently in a legal battle over the original lawsuit regarding their contract.


Source. http://news.nate.com/view/20110302n00237

Translation by. withJYJ (@_withJYJ)

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