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New members joined the celebrity soccer team FC MEN, a team which Kim Junsu and Kim Hyunjoong is a part of.

The news that actor Park Gunhyung, comedian Park Sungkwang, and Beast’s Yoon Dujun and Lee Kikwang have joined FC MEN are grabbing people’s attention.

The new members trained on March 24th in Suwon World Cup Stadium to prepare for the celebrity soccer league which starts in April.

FC MEN is a celebrity soccer team created last year by JYJ’s Kim Junsu and SS501’s Kim Hyunjoong. Park Yuchun, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Bum, Song JoongKi, and Lim Juhwan are members of the team.

After hearing of the news, Netizens reacted by stating, “this really is a luxurious group of stars,” “it’s a celebrity soccer team that makes you happy just by looking at them.”


Source. http://news.nate.com/view/20110325n07202

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JYJ’s Park Yuchun and Lee Dahae are grabbing attention by showing off two straight couple-fashions.

During the recently revealed script practice reading of MBC drama “Miss Ripley,” Park Yuchun and Lee Dahae displayed matching fashions of white t-shirts and black outer jackets.

The two grabbed attention by wearing similar fashions, as if they purposely wore matching outfits.

Furthermore, the Park and Lee’s on-location drama shoots were revealed on the 25th at a search site. Again, perhaps for the drama’s concept, both wore plaid shirts. Park Yuchun wore blue and Lee Dahae wore green.

Netizens reacted by stating things like, “it’s strange to be a coincidence,” “the drama will be a hit with the two who are similar even in their outfits,” “are their fashion senses similar?” and  “that’s interesting.”


Source. http://news.nate.com/view/20110325n17255

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Source. 411ent

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Comprehensive Account of JYJ vs. SM March 15, 2011 Court Hearing

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Compilation and explanations by: Inklette@DNBN
Sources: 1, 2, 3, withJYJ and @inhye87 of withJYJ, DC TVXQ Gallery, esc님
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T/N: Before proceeding to read the article, please note that Cyzo is one of the most notorious tabloid publication in Japan, and has written some very nasty gossip/rumour articles on many celebrities, including JYJ before. So, please take this article with a huge grain of salt. Also, per fans who have contacted CjeS, CjeS said that JYJ had not planned to take part in the charity event (that will be talked about in the below article).


[Tabloid] “Will not even allow the report of relief live” Avex has begun its work to thoroughly crush JYJ!

On the wake of East Japan’s earthquake that has caused unprecedented damage, not only Japan’s own entertainers, Korean stars such as Bae Yong Joon and Lee Byung  Hun who have many fans in Japan have one after another given relief donations (to Japan). Among the names credited, was the unit name JYJ formed by Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu who have split from Tohoshinki.

“The three members of JYJ have donated through the international relief and development organization, World Vision $600 million won (approximately $43 millon yen). They have also revealed that during the world tour starting from the 2nd of next month, they will also be informing (concert goers) the severity of Japan’s earthquake disaster among other long term efforts to support the rebuild (of Japan).” – Per certain sports newspaper. (JYJ3 note: this is true, as seen here)

“The three members of JYJ along with Yunho and Changmin, who are now still active as Tohoshinki members made their Japanese debut as a five-membered group back in 2005. “They were under Avex, and domestically were treated completely as J-Pop artists. Media reporting that cover them as K-Pop artists was disallowed (by the management company).” –Per the same source.Just for that, they blended themselves into the Japanese music scene, and obtained humongous popularity. And even just for the fact that there are many (of their) fans in the affected areas, it’s said that they have decided to take part of a charity event in Japan.

“The event will be held at the Yokohama Arena on June 7th, and it’s expected that part of (their) performance fee and revenues will be sent to the affected areas. Even though it would be JYJ’s first live in Japan since Last June, and for the many fans that have been waiting and wishing for (a JYJ live in Japan), it would have been good if this news were widely spread…” – Per certain sports newspaper editor.

The organizer of this (charity) event has sent press release to each newspaper publisher, and (the event) was supposed to be reported by these newspapers on the 23rd, however an unexpected interruption has occurred.

“Because Tohoshinki’s record company Avex has contacted each newspaper publisher and said, “we hope you will pass up the report”, the newspapers did just that. Speaking of JYJ and Avex, after the split of Tohoshinki Avex obtained (JYJ’s) management right in Japan, yet it cited the fact that the representative of JYJ’s Korean management company had been arrested and sentenced prison terms for coercion of one certain Hallyu star as the reason that “it created a compliance problem”, and unilaterally announced it will halt JYJ’s activities in Japan. In response to this JYJ’s side accused among other things that Avex knew about said representative’s criminal record even before the contract was signed, and that they were being used. From the perspective of Avex that has been aggressively pushing the two membered Tohoshinki, it will be an eyesore should JYJ with Jaejoong who had taken part in Japanese TV series and was the most popular in Japan resume their activities in Japan, (for this reason) it has set out to thoroughly crush (JYJ).” – Per a record company personnel.

As evidence, on the Daily Sports site passed 5pm on the 22nd, an article that reported on the charity event with the following comment from JYJ, “This recent disaster is not only the sorrow of Japan, but the sorrow of all the mankind. We believe that if everyone holds on to hope and courage, then the clouds will soon disappear and the sun will shine again.” was uploaded, but it was deleted a few hours afterwards.

Even with such interruption, it’s expected that the charity event in June will still take place. JYJ fans should by all means go (to the event).

Avex is dirty! (T/N: These are the exact words in the article, not mine >_>)

T/N: If you click on the Daily Sports site (that was referred to in the article), http://www.daily.co.jp/newsflash/2011/03/22/0003885293.shtml, It will tell you that the page you are looking for cannot be found. I have personally read the news before it was deleted.

JYJ3 Note: This is true. We had personally seen the news before it was deleted. See our post on it here.


Source. CYZO, JYJ3

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While we’re all waiting for the start of JYJ’s World Tour, let’s enjoy some of their performances from last year’s Showcase Tour :D

I can’t wait to see them live again!


Source. Billboard.com’s Youtube Channel

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