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[T/N: Bba is a term used like die-hard fans. Eg JYJ-Bba (die hard JYJ fans)]

Veteran musical actress Shin YeongSuk, highly praised Kim Junsu who performs in composition musical .
On 12 March, Shin YeongSuk took part at the fan meeting that was held at Seoul Jamsil Stadium said, “In one words, Junsu is a genius.” And added on that after last year’s musica <Mozart!., she became a die-hard Junsu’s fan. She expressed her infinite love towards Kim Junsu who had once again become a musical actor.

[Omitted part about Musical Mozart]

On the day of fan meeting, Shin YeongSuk greatly gave her high appraisal of Junsu, saying “Junsu is someone who has a real sense of sensitivity of which cannot simply not everyone has.” and “And that is the ability to move people’s heart. But it’s not everyone who’s has this kind of ability.”

She also chose Kim Junsu as her ideal man and added that, “There will be an encore for soon. I will be performing so I hope that Junsu can perform too.”

[some parts omitted]

Kim Junsu received praises from his fellow members. Kim JaeJoong said, “He’s better than when he was during . Ad-lib was reaaly good. And he might be able to become a big musical actor in the musical field.” Park YuChun on the other hand commented, “The more he performs, the more he was able to show people what he’s made of.” He even gave a thumbs up while commenting.



Source. http://www.todaykorea.co.kr/news/contents.php?idxno=137813

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It’s a fashion photo no matter what they wear! JYJ’s picture showing their recent day has been catching Netizen’s eyes.

On March 17th, JYJ member Kim Jaejoong revealed a picture on his twitter account with the words “let’s practice hard!”

JYJ’s appearance in the photo caught people’s interest because they were all wearing tracksuits as if showing off that they took the picture while practicing. However, their model poses and individual charm that are radiating from the photo proved that they are popular celebrities representative of Korea.

What especially caught people’s eyes was Jaejoong standing in the center. Jaejoong created laughter by waring black sunglasses indoors while holding up a fist. Furthermore, Jaejoong was waring tracksuit full of Hello-Kitty characters, a look that men can’t easily try, showing off an unexpected charm which contrasted his charismatic expression.

After seeing Jaejoong’s tweet, Netizens reacted saying “it’s been a while since we saw a picture of the three together. The tracksuit is awesome,” “hahaha you’re posing on purpose, right?” “It’s Kitty! Kitty is awesome. Not everyone can pull it off, but [Jaejoong] looks cute,” “I want to see you on broadcasts quickly. Hwaiting!”


Source. http://news.nate.com/view/20110318n03836

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World Vision Japan expressed its gratitude towards boy group JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun, Kim Junsu).

On March 17th, words expressing gratitude toward JYJ’s good deed for victims of Japan’s massive earthequake were published on World Vision Japan Twitter Blog.

World Vision wrote, “boy group JYJ, who has been working as supporter of children, has sent us a donation of 600 million KRW and a message of support for all victims of the massive earthquake which occurred on the 11th in North Eastern Japan.

Furthermore, they also conveyed JYJ’s video message which stated, “our heats ache and we are extremely sad that so many people suffered from the unexpected massive earthquake. We hope everything will become stabilized as soon as possible, and JYJ will pray that everyone in Japan will stay safe.”

After seeing the video message, Japanese fans expressed their thanks saying, “I was moved by their heartfelt worries” and “they were even supporting children secretly, I can only be very thankful.”

Meanwhile, JYJ caught attention by donating all of World Vision’s goal of fund-raising 600 million KRW for the worst-hit areas from Japan’s massive earthquake.


Source. http://news.nate.com/view/20110318n03392

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@mjjeje wrote on March 17 at 11:01 pm (Korea time),

연습열심히하자! yfrog.com/hsr49vxj

[Translation] Let’s practice hard!

(T/N: looks like the boys are busy practicing for the upcoming world tour! :D

..lol and I love the hello kitty look on Jaejoong….^^;)


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