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Who, indeed, is the best idol of the Republic of Korea chosen by her netizens?

MstarTV, the audition website for new entertainers and entertainer-hopefuls (www.mstartv) “conducted an unusual survey with the theme of “(who is) the best idol singer of the Republic of Korea?” from March 10th through March 20th,” and revealed that “JYJ won the survey with an overwhelming number as the best idol (group) of the Republic of Korea.”

In the survey, a total of ten teams of idol singers – Big Bang, TVXQ, JYJ, Shinee, 2PM, 2AM, B2ST, MBLAQ, Infinite, Teen Top – were selected as candidates and furiously competed.

A total of 3642 netizens participated in the survey. The votes were counted as follows in this order: JYJ, 1612; 2PM, 1459; TVXQ, 350; Big Bang, 80; Infinite, 57; Teen Top, 44; Shinee, 10, B2ST, 9; MBLAQ, 9; 2AM, 6.

In this vote which attracted much attention from the netizens as the battle of the popular idol singers who represent the (Korean) music industry, JYJ ascended into the throne to claim king of kings as the best idol of the Republic of Korea.

On the other hand, MstarTV which conducted this survey is also the agency of the new singer IAi (real name Zhang Zi Woong), produced by the famous songwriter Brave Brothers.


[T/N: Great news! =) The number of 3642 is actually quite large for the typical netizen survey. ^__^]


Source: NewsA

Translation Credit: JYJ3

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[News] Yuchun confirmed to star in “Ripley”

MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama set to begin airing in May, “Ripley,” has confirmed casting for its main characters.

According to MBC on the 21st, “Ripley” will star Kim Seungwoo, Lee Dahae, Park Yuchun, and Kang Haejung. “Ripley” is a traditional melodrama about a woman who falls into a endless pit of lies by telling an unintended lie which leads to another lie, and two men who falls in love which such a woman and go through conflicts and reconciliation while stand between love and ruin.

[Description of other characters omitted]

JYJ’s Park Yuchun has been selected for the role of “Yukata,” the son of a president of famous Japanese resort and will complete the triangle-love between Kim Seungwoo and Lee Dahae [T/N: meaning Kim and Yuchun will compete for the love of one girl, Lee].

[Description of other characters omitted]

“Ripley’s” producers, Curtain Call Media, stated, “the strongest lineup consisting of the casting of Kim Seungwoo-Lee DaHae-Park Yuchun-Kang Haejung is increasing our expectations for end quality of the drama. Strong and structured script, fine and sophisticated production will become one and create a new drama that’s never been seen before.”

Meanwhile, MBC’s new Mon-Tuesday drama “Ripley” is planned to air at the end of May after “Jjak Pae.”


Source. http://news.nate.com/view/20110321n16661

Trans by. withJYJ


[News] Yuchun confirmed as cast  for one of the main characters in traditional melodrama “Ripley”

The actors Kim Seung Woo, Park Yoochun, Kang Hye Jeong, and Lee Da Hae formed the “Ripley Line.”

They have confirmed to appear in the new MBC Monday-Tuesday drama “Ripley” (working title; writing Kim Sun Young, directing Choi Yi Seob) which will first air in coming May.

Ripley’s storyline is: A lie accidentally made by a woman bears yet another lies, and as a result the woman falls into the pit of lies, and in the end faces the risk of losing everything (and have everything disappear into naught) due to the lies. Also, it is an authentic melodrama in which two men who comes to love this woman of greed and desires struggle and reconcile between love and destruction.

Kim Seung Woo was casted as the hotel manager Zhang Myung Hoon with cool sensibilities who was born in a poor family and has lived recklessly with becoming the #1 as his goal.  Zhang Myung Hoon is a man who faces the risk of having everything that he’s worked hard for to become #1 crumble as he comes to love Zhang Miri. He plays the role of a hotel manager for the first time in 10 years after the 2001 drama Hotelier.

Park Yoochun of group JYJ is generating high expectations by having been chosen as the son of the CEO of a famous Japanese resort agency, Yukata. In the drama, Yukata comes to know true love through Zhang Miri but also is of the tragic fate of having to become subjected to the risks of total destruction due to her. It looks that “Yoochun-Illness” which was set afire by the “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” will be re-ignited through Yoochun who will reveal himself as a true man.

Kang Hye Jeong steps forward as the kindhearted and innocent sister of Zhang Miri from an orphanage, Nha Hee Joo. In the drama, Nha Hee Joo comes to know her older sister’s corruption and fraud and in attempting to bring this to light falls into danger in the end by Zhang Miri. She comes back to the Television Screen 4 years after the 2007 KBS 2TV drama “I came to find the flowers.”

Lee Da Hae comes back to the Television Screen after appearing in the KBS 2TV’s “Chuno” in 2010, 1 year and 3 months ago. In the drama she will play Zhang Miri who, due to one lie, falls into a fatal (bottomless) pit and will show off her charms as a femme fatale.

The production company Curtaincall Media said: “The (most) powerful lineup of Kim-Seung Woo, Lee Da Hae, Park Yoochun, and Kang Hye Jeong is heightening the expectations of the drama’s degree of completion. Ripley will unite in one a solid and well-put-together screenplay, and sensitive and fashionable directing. A new (kind of) product which has not been seen before will be born.”


Source. http://osen.mt.co.kr/news/view.html?gid=G1103210190

Trans by. JYJ3

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@KungChalermchai, CEO of 411 Entertainment in Thailand tweeted the following today:

Jae-joong Hard at work :) http://yfrog.com/hsd9reqj


Looks like Director Kim is checking out the venue~

We’re all looking forward to the concert, director! :D


Source. @KungChalermchai’s twitter

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According to numerous fans who have called C-Jes today, Yuchun is confirmed to star in the MBC Drama “Goodbye Miss Ripley.”

In fact, during one phone conversation, when a fan asked why C-Jes hasn’t released any news articles with their official statement, C-Jes replied, “well, they’ve [referring to MBC] already gone ahead and released so many all this time.”


Plus, there was also this recent tweet from a “Miss Ripley’s” staff:

[Trans] I’m at a meeting for drama “Ripley”~ He’s handsome~ Mickey Yuchun~ of course he’s DBSK~ It’s like light is coming out~ I’m purifying my eyes by comparing manager and Mickey Yuchun~^^


Looks like we’ll see actor Yuchun soon! I’m definitely looking forward to it!


Source. 유동, 돈잘나$ of DC동방신기겔러리

Trans by. withJYJ

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There are alot of talks about Xiah Junsu taking part in musicial ‘Tears of Heaven’, is there any pressure for you to act in the same character as him?

“There wasn’t any pressure. Because the viewers have different view points of me and Junsu Hyung-Nim is what I think.

What kind of person is Xiah Junsu like since you have seen him up-closed?

“He’s really like a easy-to-get-along elder brother from the same neighbour. Although he’s 2 years older than me, he takes good care of me.”

You have a character that likes to win, so do you find that Xiah Junsu is your rival in terms of ticketing power and awareness?

“Nothing of that sort. In comparision to me, Junsu Hyung-Nim has started out his activities from when he was young and he has a lot of experience. I don’t have much experience as compared to him and I don’t have much on stage experience. I still have a long way to go in future.”


Source: cnbnews

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The power of Park Yoochun was immense.

The (write-in) impressions by the viewers of the KBS drama Sungkyungkwan Scandal which aired last year was over 401,000 as of the twentieth. Viewer Ms. Son Sukja became the 400,000 person to post the impressions with the words “So-sang left the place for a bit. (T/N: So-sang is a word which students use to refer to oneself; the phrase that Ms. Son used is one that Yoochun used in role.)” on the 18th. The die-hard fans of Sungkyunkwan Scandal poured out words such as “Sukja sangyu, congratulations” and “Son-sahyung, congratulations at 400,000.” (T/N: Sangyu and sahyung are both words used to refer the four leads in the drama. The meanings are explained later in the article.)

The viewer (write-in) impressions of the SBS drama “Secret Garden,” which went through the (ceiling of) the 30% ratings and was a sensation, is currently about 404,000. This allows the reader to guess just how heated the response of the viewers who liked Park Yoochun and others. Sungkyunkwan Scandal’s average ratings stayed at about 12.8% (according to AGV Neilson Media Research) but the loyalty of the viewers were so high as to be unmatched.

The viewers have had fun with “living the Sungkyunkwan life,” for instance greeting each other with words “Sangyu” and “Sahyung” which mean “student” and “sunbae.” Sunkyunkwan Scandal has long ended but they’ve become so immersed in the drama as to make the Viewers Posting Room as their main room of the house.

The Executive Producer of the KBS Drama Productions Lee Kang Hyun explained: “Among the many dramas that KBS produced last year, Sungkyunkwan Scandal was a success because the viewer response was so heated, and “King of Breadmaking Kim Takgu” and “Chuno” were successes because they had high ratings.”

Park Yoochun plans to appear in “Miss Ripley” (working title), the MBC Monday-Tuesday mini-series that is to air in May.


[T/N: C-JeS hasn’t made public its “final answer” on ” Miss Ripley even though it said it would last week (see here).]



Source. Sports Korea

Trans by. JYJ3

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With the debut broadcast of Jaejoong’s ‘Killer J’ movie still, ELLEatTV’s number of viewers increased by seven times, with the total number of website hits totalling to five times the normal average.

In addition, ELLE’s Youtube channel uploaded the PV, which had around 10 000 views in less than a week.


Source. baidutvxq
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