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[Must Read] Who is JYJ?

Believe many people will be very curious about who is JYJ after they had won the Shorty Awards!

We want to let you know how talented JaeJoong, YuChun and Junsu are.

Thus, we combined a list of videos that was specifically chosen to allow you to have a better understanding of their talents.
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JYJ Videos

[JYJsubs] Eng Sub 110414 JYJ Interview


[Engsub] 110211 MBN Entertainment Magazine – JYJ Interview


[EngSub] 110225 JYJ mbn VIP Undisclosed X-File 720


JYJ – “Ayyy Girl” LIVE (Billboard Magazine)


JYJ – “Empty” LIVE (Billboard Magazine)


[HD]101231 JYJ – 찾았다 | Chajatta | Found You@KBS Drama Awards



JaeJoong Solo Videos

[110318] ELLE Movie Still with Jaejoong: Perfect Day (Eng Sub) 1/2


[110318] ELLE Movie Still with Jaejoong: Perfect Day (Eng Sub) 2/2


[HD] JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul – For You it’s Separation, To Me it’s Waiting (Jaejoong Solo) (Fan-cam)


It’s Only My World by Jae Joong [Subbed] (Fan-cam)


(HQ) Maze by Kim Jaejoong (Romanized & English subbed)


Jae Joong Crying Solo [eng sub]


[HQ] Jaejoong – Forgotten Season (Eng)



Junsu Solo Videos

[HD] 100607. Kim Junsu – Can’t Escape My Destiny (The 4th Korea Musical Awards)


JYJ Concert Junsu – Too Love (Fan-cam)


[CLIP] 110201 JYJ’s JUNSU Tears of Heaven #3


[HD] JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul – Fallen Leaves (Junsu Version) (Fan-cam)


[HD] JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul – I Can Soar (Junsu Solo Orchestra Ver.) (Fan-cam)


101127 JYJ Seoul Worldwide Concert ~ Intoxication (Fan-cam)


101009 Kim Junsoo musical concert – Because I miss you


Junsu – My Destiny



YuChun Solo Videos

101128 JYJ World Wide Concert Yuchun 취중진담 Drunken Truth (Fan-cam)


101127 JYJ Concert. I LOVE YOU – Yuchun (Fan-cam)


JYJ 2010 NY Showcase Yuchun Ayyy Girl (Fan-cam)


[FANCAM] JYJ – 101128 MICKY ‘Be The One’ @Concert in SEOUL (Fan-cam)



These are what we want you to remember them of…
not for any other reason but for just how talented these 3 people are…
for the kind of credit and recognition they deserve for having such talents…

We, as JYJ fans, love them. And we hope that you will too and spread their wings further, wider.

Source. http://shortyawards.com/http://www.youtube.com

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Videos by. jyjsubs, theM2Ugab, OurJYJ,  Billboard Magazine, Snowpaladin,  carmelrocks,
paintedmemories01, JYJ3SG, ammicky1, angelholicx, X1ahJunsoo, Hwabyul57, naneunnamja, CHIXJIRO,

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This video shows the start of “Angel Xiah~”

It’s from “the Way U Are” days on a show from a cable channel >_<

…so here’s baby Junsu!!


Click on the image to play


Source. 분빠 in DC

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Here’s a beautiful moment of Junsu singing his part in the song, “Forever Love.”


Click on the image to play video


Source. 펫또 in DC

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Park Yuchun, Lee Dahae, and other actors grabbed attention by maintaining a serious yet friendly demeanor while attending the crank-in ceremony [T/N: the Korean word used in the article is “gosa,” which means “a ritual in which food is offered to the spirits in order to avoid misfortune and bring good luck”] for MBC’s new Mon-Tues drama “Ripley.”

Park Yuchun, Lee Dahae, Kim Seungwoo, and Kang Haejung, the main actors in “Ripley,” and producers Hanhee CP, Choi Leesup PD, Writer Kim Sunyoung wished for the drama’s success on the 21st by attending the crank-in ceremony held on MBC’s set in Young-in, Kyunggido.

The oldest cast member, Kim Seungwoo, hosted the ceremony by channeling his inner MC and providing witty remarks. After looking through the donations made by the main cast members and presidents of management companies, Kim made everyone at the scene laugh by saying things like “I know everything,” who actors who paid less.

Park Yuchun and Lee Dahae showed unique passion about this project by quietly exchanging opinions about their characters and focusing on their acting even during the ceremony.

[Omitted – summary of Ripley]


Source. http://news.nate.com/view/20110330n05402

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Source. Nate

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The following is C-Jes’s response on the World Tour Facebook page to DCI’s outrageous claims made recently. Please note that C-Jes tried everything possible to organize the event, but it was DCI that was irresponsible and inexperienced. They made the best decision they could under the circumstances.




I let you know some details regarding to the cancellation of Indonesia concert.

As Cjes Entertainment(hereafter Cjes) announced previously, DCI, Indonesian promoter did not fulfill the article of the contract we made several times.

DCI kept missing the deposit payment dates and showed inexperienced attitude on process of preparing the concert. Cjes visited Indonesia trying to solve this problem with extra fee but Indonesian Promoter seemed not to be ready to organise the concert. Followingly, Cjes decided not to keep this which will be apparently finalised with mess.

Knowing how fans in Indonesia are in pain and sadness, JYJ feels hurt and wants to say sorry for you. Please do understand this incident for both JYJ and you guys, JYJ’s lovely fans.

Thank you for your concern and all your cares.



Source. http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=203589306331750

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Korean celebrities win big at the ‘Shorty Awards’!

On March 28th, the “3rd Annual Shorty Awards“, which honors the best of Twitter and social media, announced their results for the winners and runner-ups. With Korean celebrities gaining much popularity through their Twitter accounts, it’s no surprise that many of them were nominated for the awards.

In particular, JYJ’s Jaejoong took a big win in the “Best Celebrity on Twitter” category with 5,668 votes, beating out the ever-popular Justin Bieber, who had 5,136 votes. Super Junior’s Heechul also made some noise in this category as he placed 3rd with 2,990 votes. Indeed, many Korean celebrities ranked high for this catagory, such as singer Jay Park (6th) and JYJ’s Yoochun (10th) and Junsu(11th). Super Junior’s Leeteuk (24th), Eunhyuk (39th), and Donghae (47th) also ranked in the category as well.

Korean celebrities also stood strong in the “Best Music on Twitter” category. JYJ’s Junsu came in 4th, with fellow groupmate Jaejoong following behind at 11th. Meanwhile, Jay Park was 13th, Heechul was 26th, and Yoochun was 36th.

As for the “Best Actor on Twitter”, JYJ’s Yoochun, Jaejoong, and Junsu ranked 9th, 12th, and 26th, respectively. Super Junior’s Donhae and Heechul came in 28th and 29th, while singer/actor Rain rounded out the top 50 by placing at 46th.

Though Barney Stinson was crowned the award for the “Best Entertainment on Twitter, JYJ’s Yoochun received the most votes with 2221 votes (JYJ3 note– and came in 2nd in the ceremony). Other winners in the top 50 were Jaejoong (10th), Heechul (16th), Jay Park (19th), and Junsu (28th).

The same cast raked in high marks for the “Best Fashion on Twitter” category as well, with Jaejoong in 3rd (JYJ3 note– it’s actually 4th), Heechul in 8th, Yoochun in 11th, Jay Park in 36th, and Junsu in 43rd.



Source. Allkpop



JYJ Kim Jaejoong, #1 in Celebrity Category among the World’s Twitterers

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong (25) took #1 in the “Celebrity” category in Shorty Awards, often called the “Oscars of Twitter.”

The Shorty Awards (ceremony), which selects the best/top-class people and institutions among users of Twitter, the (world’s most) representative social network, was held on the 29th (KST) in New York. The awards ceremony differentiated the best Twitterians in 36 categories, including Celebrity, Music, Media, Actor, and Author.

In the Celebrity category which had 2641 candidates in total, it attracted attention that many Korean stars were in the candidacy. Among them, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong beat out the Canadian-origin idol star Justin Bieber (17) to take #1 in the Celebrity category. He also took #4 in the Fashion category, showing off his popularity.

(omitted) …In Entertainment category, JYJ’s Yoochun took 2nd place, and in Music  category Kim Junsu of the same group took 4th. In this way, (JYJ) displayed its power by having all of its members make finalists.

Each candidate was decided by the participation of Twitter users on the home page of Shorty Awards. In selecting the winners, the Twitter Votes and the Judgment of “The Real-Time Academy of Short Form Arts & Sciences) members were both reflected.

Shorty Awards has a special restriction relating to the acceptance speeches (T/N: literally, “impressions upon receiving the awards”). All winners must have their speeches within 140 letters as if they are writing a mention on Twitter.

Source. Sports Seoul

Trans by. JYJ3

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